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  1. Starting the boys early in their Lotus education.....
  2. Thanks all 200 miles today to Doncaster which even keeping below 4K was fun. The amount of attention you get is astounding!
  3. After today i can now be added to the list: JayEmm - 2016 400, Solid Yellow + Black Pack, Black Leather Interior, Black Forged Wheels GM77 - 2015 400, Metallic Grey + Black Pack, Red Leather Interior, Black Forged Wheels Stuart (Sorry can't remember username?) - 2015? 400, Solid White + Black Pack, Black Alcantara Interior CocoPops - 2016 400 Hethel Edition, Essex Blue, Red Leather Interior (On Order) MCX - 2016 400, Metallic Orange + Black Pack, Black Leather Interior, Black Cast Wheels Mawheele - 2016 400, Solid Red, AUTO Tris - 2016 400 Hethel Edition, Motorsport Black Andrew C - 2016 Essex Blue Hethel Edition, Silver Forged Wheels Trevor Jordan (The Playground) - Metallic Grey, Black Leather, Black Cast Wheel, AUTO anthonyyule - 2016 410 Sport - Sky Blue, Aircon, Auto blindside - 2016 400. Metallic Black, Black Alcantara Interior, Black Forged Wheels Colin G - 2015 400, solid red, black pack, forged black wheels, black leather Fesuvious - 2016 400, metallic black, red alcantara, black wheels Frickin_idiot - 2016 400, White, black pack, black leather, black forged wheels waofner - 400, silver, black alcantara, silver forged wheels DanChantler - 2016 400, Racing Green Hethel Edition, Black Forged wheels, Red Calipers, Manual
  4. So about 6 weeks ago i was extremely happy with my S1 Evora NA that i had purchased from B&C only 7 months earlier. I loved how it looked, drove and most of all how my boys loved it as much as me. I then made the first of three decisions that has changed everything. Decision 1 - i decided to go to the Lotus International meet at Brooklands more to show my two young boys the other cars than anything. There i first saw in the flesh a number of cars i hadn't before - Exige cups, Evora SR and Evora 400. Loved all i saw but wasn't enough to take my attention from my current squeeze . Then i heard the 400 on the track for the concurs and thing made some racket. All of a sudden , the S1 (even with the 2bular i fitted) wasn't ticking all the boxes.....hmm Decision 2 - after a week or so i decided out of interest, and more in hope that the answer would kill any further attraction for me, to contact Jamie at B&C to see what kind of package we could be looking at if i was thinking of moving the S1 to a 400. Knowing they retailed around the 75-80k mark i was hoping he would kill any idea by saying i had to fund the full balance (less part exchange). Jamie's reply included the words "50:50". Oh...... Decision 3 - After a few more mail exchanges i made the drive down to B&C to "just have a look" and maybe a little test drive. Unfortunately the manual 400 was out of use so i got to drive the auto they had. Even as i started it i really wanted to not like it. For the drive to be no better than my S1. For the sound to be quieter than the S1. failed.....on everything. What a machine.....the sound on start up, the torque in every gear, the handling......everything was bigger and better. I was truly smitten and totally screwed...... To cut to the chase from here.......5 weeks after the test drive i made my way to B&C today to pick up the beauty below. Hethel edition with a few spec changes by myself (black alloys, red callipers, black signage on the back) as i thought the original look with silver alloys, the stripe no body seems to like and black callipers did not do the car justice especially with the red leather interior. To say i am happy is an understatement. I'm hoping the 1,000 mile run in period goes quickly (a 350 mile round trip to Sheffield for a wedding tomorrow certainly helps!) but even running it below 4k revs, it is still a joy. I'm only 80 miles in but so far the only niggle is that the new sparco seats seem to reduce the back area slightly so that my two year old in his car seat has a little less room than before. I'm going to play with the seat angle or look at the John Lewis seat mentioned on another post as it seems to have a smaller base, to solve that issue. Worse case he can learn to sit cross legged A massive thank you to Jamie at B&C. As with the first Evora i bought, he was extremely helpful and open. He even sweetened the deal by throwing in a few things for the kids. I would thoroughly recommend dealing with him and i imagine i will again in the future. Also thanks to JayEmm for his very helpful and insightful "Lotus Diaries". I recall one of the videos said he hoped it inspired one person to buy a 400.....well it did with me.
  5. I love the Essex blue colour but I have always had a want for a racing green car which handily B&C had (Hethel edition) on order already for their own stock. Making a few amends to the current set up (removing the stripe for one!) but hopefully will have a few pics on Wed when I am due to pick it up. As for S1, real men use them as a warm up before they graduate to the real thing ?
  6. Congrats! Stunning car. I should be joining the 400 fold on Wednesday when I chop in my current Evora NA for a nice little number at Bell and Colvill. That will be my second Lotus and the only car brand I have ever bought a second time.
  7. I thought about yellow calipers but the interior is red so thought the red calipers would make more sense. I do like the link to the lotus yellow though although I am pushing towards having no stripe (which would make the red calipers suit more I think). The only issue I then have is am I just making it a non hethel edition?! Appreciating all the comments though guys. Very helpful
  8. Racing Green Hethel Edition that i am looking keenly at buying. Not sure on the wheels and stripes though so would appreciate any comments. Thinking black alloys (even though i agree that these ones show the design better) as i think they suit the racing green better. Also i am partial to coloured callipers (red) but would like to hear opinions. Cheers
  9. I can see both sides. Part of having a genuine sports car is that it's owned for driving reasons and so you shouldn't care how "practical" it is. Then again for those who have these cars as their only car or those who want to be able to enjoy the car for more day to day living such as family trips, shopping and in my case golf, the practicality is key. Everyone on here has commented at some point how much more practical their Evora is to other similar class cars so the golf is just an extension of that. 62Dave what bag is that buddy? Cheers all
  10. Cheers Stu. I may well pop down to Halfords and try one out. Where in Essex are you by the way? I'm Brentwood and i've seen only one more Evora so far. Cheers
  11. Evening all After enjoying the 3 days of this years summer, it got me wanting to dust the clubs off and get a few rounds in. As the wife would need the family car it means i would have to take the Evora (obviously i am gutted by that) and hence got thinking about how. Ideally i would want to stick the bag in the boot and only put the driver/bigger clubs in the front/across the back but my current bag would put some small flats to shame so i am on the look out for a more efficient and fitting bag. Anyone looked into this and can point me in the right direction? Cheers Dan
  12. Hey Stu Does the Monza sit within the seat base or extend slightly over? I went for the Evolva when I got the lotus last year and it's been fine but now the little dude is getting bigger (just turned 2) I'm wondering if I can find a seat that finishes within the seat swell. My wife is 5foot 7 so the extra bit of space that it sounds like the Monza gives would be invaluable. Just to add I can't take out the seat cushions as my eldest sits in the seat behind me so thought fair he had a bit of comfort! Cheers Dan
  13. Sorry for the delay but as requested....
  14. I will have to disagree with you all re TVR. I owned a T350C 54 reg for 3 years only selling due to the birth of my first kid meaning I had to buy a sensible family car (M5....well it had 4 doors). Without doubt the tiv was the best car I have owned. Never had issues with it and was a real event to drive no matter the occasion. Don't get me wrong it had it's "tvr ness" but that is part of the fun of owning such a car. It's actually why I bought the Evora as my next toy as I needed something to give me that event feel (plus the fun of some "lotus ness"). I know I am probably in the minority on this but I can only comment on my experiences. It's also why I had to upgrade the exhaust to a 2ubular to try and match the sound I had on the TVR...! Lovely to drive in the dry. Like bambi on ice in the rain. Never failed to get stared at, commented or let out of junctions with it (all of which the Evora is now doing) . Would I buy one again? No as I need 4 seats to take my boys out with me. If I only needed 2 seats then I would go for the Saggy but the prices are extraordinary. I am only gutted i sold my T350 just before they exploded in price ? Anyway was just a post to give my 50p on my personal TVR experience. They not all bad....a little like some Lotus's!
  15. Bro in law took this today before sampling what the Evora has to offer. He has a M4 and could never understand why I avoided Caymans, M cars for this. Now having driven it, he gets it. He has even asked if I wanted to swap one weekend. I'm still laughing now.... Love his pic thou
  16. I thought about doing this too. Then i decided to let my two boys man up and start learning the sacrifices of owning a toy like this . They'll thank me in the future...!
  17. Even before picking up my Evora N/A last Friday i had been pre warned that i would need a sports exhaust over the stock one and so had ordered a 2bular non-valve system (with carbon tips - much to the dismay of some people on here although i think they look great!) based on recommendations from Jamie at B&C. Having had the car over the weekend without it (much to my initial sulking that the exhaust wouldn't be ready till the following week...) it only confirmed that to make me really really love this car it needed to be louder. In fact as an ex TVR owner, much much louder. Well today i excitedly made my way back to B&C to get the 2bular fitted and all i can say is WOW. It has made the car come alive. Immediately from start up the sound is throaty and gurgles nicely as you pull away. Now the car sounds like it looks and gets people looking at what is coming up the road rather than turning their heads as you go past as they realise how stunning the Evora looks. It doesn't quite pop and bang on gear shifts like the TVR did but it's not far from it (and having kids in the back it is probably wise!) but it has certainly made me totally fall for this car. If anyone is wondering if they should get a sports exhaust and if so what one, well i cannot recommend the work of Jim at 2bular any higher. Cheers (hopefully the attachments below worked and confirm my post!) Stock Exhaust.MOV 2bular.MOV
  18. After months of research and patiently waiting, I picked up the beauty below on Friday from Bell and Colvill. Starlight Black Evora N/A with oyster leather interior and all 3 packs, it has slightly more miles than I originally wanted at 38k but the history is good and it has been lovingly looked after so as only the third owner I am happy to continue this. 150 miles so far and have enjoyed each one so far as I learn more about the car. Only gripe would be it is too quiet but I was pre warned and have already a 2bular non valved exhaust to be fitted on Wednesday by B&C Special thanks to JAWS from on here who has been a real help answering my stupid questions and then looking as much as me for my car! A top lad as many of you already know although my wife now thinks I am having some kind of affair with the number of texts and mails we send!! Looking forward to some more advice and the odd detailing favour going forward Also thanks to Jamie at B&C for a great service and not getting fed up with my barrage of mails... He was very transparent during the whole buying process and I couldn't recommend them high enough for anyone looking to buy from them. Cheers Dan
  19. Cheers guys. Much appreciated. I am swaying towards the evolva and either the rodifix works or I'll buy a booster cushion cheers again
  20. I know this subject has been discussed many times but searching forums and the general web it seems nothing has been updated on this since 2012 (from what I can find anyway).Therefore as I am potentially buying one on Monday I wanted to revisit in case there had been any other seats people had tried that they would recommend.I know the Britax Evolva has been suggested for the group 1-3 but wondered if any one had something more recent? I currently have a maxi cosi tobi for my 18mth old and a maxi cost rodifix for my 4.5 year old. I think the rodifix may fit the back ok (and is isofix) but got a feeling the tobi will be a little tight for the wife to sit without holding her breathe for the entire journey. Apparently breathing is a must have for her....Assuming the rodifix does work (if anyone can verify that it would save an argument with the wife on why we need 4 baby seats...) I am mainly looking for a group1 seat that def works in the back.Thanks and apologies for bringing this up again....CheersDan
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