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  1. 22 hours ago, franjipane said:

    Cheers mate! Going to drop it back to B&C next week to change the lettering to black gloss, Jamie's idea, should look awesome. 

    Was certainly getting more attention driving through town than my esprit se, jaws literally hanging open haha.

    I can vouch for Jamie's good idea....



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  2. On 24/03/2017 at 23:36, Colin P said:

    So basically I have the rarest of the rare. :thumbsup:  2 of the 3 other owners also on here.

    I thought the Hethels were UK only.

    Surprised so little but as Colin says, happy days having something so rare. Especially when it has the black forged alloys instead B-)

  3. I've made that jump and for my 5 year old I would agree and say there is slightly more room for him. However for my 2 year old who is still in a seat (5yr old uses a booster cushion only), I sadly have to report that there is less room for him. This is not due to the back seats - all the above comments are correct regarding size and depth etc, it's actually due to the sparco seats. They are thicker than the recaro ones so take up more of the area than previous. It's not a massive difference but one I have noticed and had to rectify by keeping the passenger seat more upright than is ideally comfortable for anyone sitting in it. Usually I have to let my son have his legs down the centre if my wife is with us. It's nothing really new to how it was in the S1 just that it is noticeably tighter for my youngest.

    Saying that, my youngest loves the 400 (and Lotus actually - see pic wearing his fav t-shirt this Xmas) and in 6 months he'll prob be ok in a booster seat so then he'll be fine. 



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  4. Haha. Older and wiser and even more convinced the black alloys were the perfect finishing touch! :) I did love the detail of the silver alloys but for me it made the 400 look too soft. The black really makes it look more aggressive and fitting (in my eyes) of what the 400 is.

    Plus being from Essex, as @JAWS pointed out, I had to make sure I fitted in with the locals.....:lol:

    Oh reason for the poorly blurred reg in the first pic was due to the valet company using it for their website


  5. I had a similar issue. Hesitation in some low revs and almost stalling at times. Mentioned the MAF issue at my 1,000 service (I had been keeping B&C in touch with my issue while I waited for the service to come up so they were aware) and B&C said Lotus had now issued a MAF bulletin which I'm pretty sure was as @JAWS has described. The fix was quick and easy and I have had no issues since. 

    @Henrique Vilar Gomes - ask your dealer about the Lotus bulletin for the known MAF issue

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  6. I too made the S1 to 400 leap and like everyone else i have been more than happy with the change.  I do have one little niggle that i am sure is just my imagination but, in the old S1, the difference between touring and sport mode was night and day.  So much that i often thought the S1 was broken if i started driving it in touring!

    For the 400 however, i am not seeing a noticeable difference between the two modes (ignoring the obvious exhaust valve opening).  I wonder if it is due to the touring mode being that much better now with the super charger vs the NA.  The car doesn't feel materially sharper in throttle response or quicker but part of me thinks i am just imagining it now especially as i don't feel it lacks power in the sport mode.  Has anyone else who has made the jump noticed a similar thing or is it just me?!  i am told the difference is less pronounced in the manual vs auto but that could have been said to just keep me quiet...!


  7. Yep that my old girl. Cracking car and the reason why I bought for the first time ever, the same brand of car again. I added the 2ubular exhaust system and it was a total garage queen in my ownership although I got her out for a good blast regularly. I look after my cars so can vouch it is spotless (had front end repainted as part of my purchase) plus it also has the latest alpine unit after the old one died as I was about to buy it. 

    Will be ideal for someone's first Evora/Lotus 

    Any questions I am am happy to answer (although I have no idea why Jamie has advertised it as a S! Will be just be a genuine error as Jamie and B&C are a pleasure to deal with - they just cost you more money every time you go see them ?)

    Oh I also had it armour fended so it will keep looking as lovely as it does now 

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