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  1. Hi Graham. I suffer / have suffered from this issue.. I say ‘have suffered’ as it hasn’t occurred recently. Took it into the dealers for a service and mentioned it. They could not replicate the problem whilst it was in. On collecting the car, I took one of their mechanics out and sure enough, not a single noise was made. A few weeks later, it decides to do it again. Argggggggg! I find it occurs when the engine’s cold so only for the first 5-10 minutes. Usually at a turning point after setting out on one of my circuits around the island. See attached video link below: One suggestion was to give the temperamental girl a jolly good spanking! Possible build up of cr*p on the clutch and a bit of enthusiastic driving may clear it. However, you’ve had a clutch replaced and the problem’s still there, so that would surely rule that one out. My latest noise is when accelerating hard in 2nd and around the time the exhaust valve opens you get a metallic tinny noise which then disappears as you carry on up with the revs. However, on my last trip out, neither noise was made. Lotus ownership. Certainly different..... If anyone else gets this or works out what it is then please do share your experience.
  2. Hi Alex, I couldn’t help but notice two of those shots are in Yarmouth, my stomping ground. Visiting or do you have a place over here? If you’re over much, give us a shout. Would love to see that beasty of yours.
  3. Passed you near the Rose Revised pub. Your blue absolutely stood out. Looked awesome. I was the nutter who flashed and thumbs upped in the Black Picanto (workhorse).
  4. Hmmm. For some reason I thought it was 'Exige Orange'. I could be wrong. Will have to check paperwork. Either way, it's Spacehopper Orange to me! ?
  5. Cheers Mark. Love the 'space hopper' orange. Am I right to assume your avatar is your soon to be? If so, that's a corker.
  6. Now that's just showing off! It's not the size, it what you put in it. So I keep getting told. hmmm double garage. Room for something else as well...
  7. I've had the soft top conversion done so in summer, yep it works. Hardtop goes back on in winter.
  8. Since my last post in this thread, I ended up buying a different house with a smaller garage. Entrance is around the 2100mm mark so tight with the mirrors. I have a side entrance door so I reverse the car in and it allows me to open the passenger door that bit farther. It doesn't work the other way around. I still have to transfer across from the drivers side but hey ho, no pain, no gain.
  9. Sorry to be a pain but still not received mine Bibs. Have confirmation email and funds have been taken from my account. Arg!
  10. Paid up Bibs. Many thanks for your time and effort on this. Most appreciated.
  11. ROJ


  12. Don't wait. Get one and enjoy it. Life's too short. There will always be a new model around the corner. After I purchased, the 360 Cup and 350 came out. Doesn't bother me.
  13. One thing I would have loved to have seen is a different exhaust and something different with the chrome rear badge and side indicators to tie in with the rest of the 'black'. Before you say it, yes I would love a 2ubular exhaust with carbon tips. That's another thread which has been discussed in detail elsewhere on here. ?
  14. For me, it was appearance. Love the Matt black sections on the V6 cup (this is a year ago) but being a newbie and highly unlikely to go on track, the CR fitted the bill perfectly with its paint scheme (as per the 350 that's around now). Love the fact it's stripped out and noisier too. Sense of occasion every time you get in it. As Jeff says, saw the one at Goodwood last year and hook, line and sinker. ? The colour is bizarre. In the shade or on dull days it has a Matt look about it but soon as the sun hits it, 'ping!'. It really sparkles. No regrets on choice of colour. ?? Here's another. Just in case you still weren't sure. ? You can see the ping around the top of the D/S headlight.
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