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  1. Hi all Just had a asbestos awareness course and got talking about asbestos in classic cars told them about the heat shield on top of the rear shock absorber they agreed to test it so went and got a is asbestos full of chrysotile could also contain amosite. There keeping the sample for training as it was heated making it harder to identify. So if you have to handle it make sure you wear a mask.
  2. Hi all I got the sj exhaust it looks like the no.3 pipe that don't line up
  3. Hi Brett thanks for the info wil be doing this after the brands hatch meet.
  4. Hi Brett I have to get this replaced on 84 s3 did they take long and did it fit ok. will be down your way on Sunday so look out for a yellow s3.
  5. Car builder solutions is a good place to look for AC parts.
  6. Hi Chris I will try to get to the next meeting. I know the powder is messy but a couple of hours to clean up was a small price to pay but one i never want to do again.
  7. Hi all All done and back on the road. Was a fuel leak where the hose clamps to the carburettor. It had braided hoes fitted and i fitted black rubber things to finish off the ends. One of these popped off . It took 3 month to come loose. Took longer to get back on the road than I thought as I decided to rebuild the carburettors just in case of fire damage. Road test yesterday and today and all good. Quieter inside the car now the air box is fitted.
  8. I'm sure this is one of the photos that convinced me to fit the fire system that and meeting Henry at the ace cafe and being told when he has passengers he points out the fire exits. Going to look at the car today see what I can find.
  9. Hi all didn't get the chance to look this weekend have new fire extinguishers at the ready and parts on order so won,t be long before it's back on the road.point taken about the air box this will be going back on.
  10. Got mine from demon tweeks powder. Could not find a fuel leak but the distributor cap was loose bottom clip was not in place which may have caused it to run rough on choke and not burn of the fuel when it backfired it ignited the petrol fumes which then melted the oil gauge pipe which is under pressure and this ignited that's the flame out by the rear wheel. Won't do more till I get new fire extinguishers. Have all this at two angles on my home cctv.
  11. Hi all I fitted one of these to my car. when I first got it and saw a website of scrapped esprits and most of the s3 were burnt out. So after fitting new tanks and hoses I fitted a fire suppression system pull handle inside the car and 3 nozzles pointing at the distributor and carburettors and hoped never to use it. Well Sunday I got to use it. Haven't used the car for a couple of weeks so thought it a good idea to start it and let run for a while.started run rough push the choke in backfired and the engine died. About to try again when i see smoke coming out of the vents got out of car and had flames coming out around rear wheel. After a slight panic I remembered the little red handle pulled it and big clouds of smoke and power and its out . Grabbed the small fire extinguisher from the car lifted the engine cover to have a look and a big flame shoots out so i empty small one now it's out. Two hours later and all the powders washed away and to my surprise there is very little damage melted wires at the back of the starter motor and a melted oil pressure gauge pipe.
  12. It's finally arrived heated part of the screen looks very neet. One thing I didn't realise is how curved the s3 screen is I always thought it was flat as a pancake. Here are some picture.
  13. I spoke to pilkington they said that they can do a tinted heated front screen for £485. My screen should arrive 2nd week in January . Ordered this to wire it up. Going to use the old electric aerial switch under the dashboard.
  14. Didn't ask that question just went for the clear they did say they could do a Sun strip along the top.
  15. Don't no if everyone is interested. I was at the classic car show at the NEC and went over to the Pilkington glass stand. mine has a chip and will be replaced when it get resprayed. Started talking to them and they said they can do a heated screen. Got carried away and bought one. Should solve the misting up problems when it rains.I will put up some pictures when it arrives.This is the first time i heard of a heated front screen for a s3 so I thought I'd mention it .
  16. Hi all. Engine went back in two weeks ago then went on holiday so took it for its first test run tonight all looks good will be at brands hatch tomorrow
  17. monkey man

    monkey man

  18. Hi decree I believe it was a turbo s3 hatch with the Louvres removed and the glass bonded on and a lot of filler it weighed a ton.
  19. Hi buddsy Maybe he had a bad day ifsomething small fails on mine it goes on advisory but my mot man is a lotus owner.
  20. Hi Jon The idea was to lower the car 2in all round to make it look like the same ride height as the Essex on brochure when it all settled down the front lowered by about 3in .Henry on here has a s3na has standard springs (I think) and his sit low but i don't no if they're original .
  21. don't do it this is what happens when you try to change a s3 to a s4
  22. hi nigel I got my springs from leda I have on the front 300mm 115lbs and on the rear 300mm 145lbs its a nice firm ride but the front sits a little too low
  23. hi Pete I will try to make the next meet. Am at katherines way end of harlow.
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