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    2. purso


      Very kind mate we need to get the two to meet soon :) thank you for the spot good spot will fire a mail to B&C and ask them to tweak it for me as it should be!

    3. swindon_alan


      Yep, no problem. I am so anal about details :P

      When I picked mine up from the repairers they had done the same and drilled f***ing holes on the brand new number plate and mounting plinth I had supplied too!


      That was off and changed for a new plate within about twenty microseconds. Heh


    4. purso


      So sexy best combo the awi and the emerald green mate looks awesome and all about the small details, the aggregation of marginal gains!

  1. purso

    Thanks Andy and thanks to all the team was a really enjoyable day, if a tad exhausting because as a newbie I foolishly signed up for everything and was sprinting from mbw to brooklands + vice versa but all worth it!!

    1. Bibs


      Good to meet you and the family mate, we should hang around in lifts more often! Well done on the price, well deserved, car looked mint :D

    2. purso
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