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  1. Thank you Bispal, it was an off market deal and I picked up an orange spider which I am literally still pinching myself about!
  2. A 675 lts, excited just a little bit!
  3. Love that bispal!! I am due to collect my first mclaren shortly (excited a tiny amount), can I ask who you insure with please as have had some strong quotes
  4. agree they are unbelievable cars, I am looking to get into one for next year, the timing isn't correct for me on this one. Out of interest is there much difference on the type 25 to a "normal cup"?
  5. looks like its going to be big money as still 4 days to go and already at 76k incl premium.
  6. Congratulations, it’s going to be a lot of fun getting to know the car!!
  7. @Bernie1806 do you work for the market or are a representative of the seller?
  8. Bonhams didn't do a great job with descriptions but everyone knew about the cars, so maybe that's the level for the quality of those respective cars at this current time?
  9. sport 300 hit 60k which may or may not be the auction company themselves bidding to stimulate activity. They should of done a better job of being transparent about the history and it may have done better.
  10. that is mental, who would spend the money on that car in particular to do that??? Do you know when that was/?
  11. I was heavily considering the sport 300 but didn't know that the car had been damaged, on its own wouldn't be put off, the main issues are really all the aftermarket bits the twin exhausts etc. Also the colour change has put me off, be interested to see what it settles at though.
  12. Car looking in unbelievable shape Barry, testament to your maintenance and to a lesser degree your photography skills. Looks like it’s just rolled off the factory line
  13. Thank you Filip! thought it must have been on here
  14. What do people make of this?
  15. purso

    New car

    Very sad day but the esprit has just been collected and is going to its new owner as we speak. Thanks to Barry and Bibs for your help with the car and Alan for your pointers. Unbelievable car, feel like poop!
  16. purso

    New car

    Thank you both very kind! Also the only pace its advertised so far.
  17. purso

    New car Its up for sale
  18. purso

    New car

    sounds interesting but not really in the market for one of those plus the current model starts playing up when these scenarios crop up!
  19. purso

    New car

    i will accept a house if you want to give me one of them for it Alan Then no need for a divorce!
  20. purso

    New car

    Hi Guys, Not been on here much but I am thinking I might have to sell the esprit, I am due to be moving and the mrs is giving me grief about the size of the garage and the bills we have coming. Anyway I wanted to tell everyone before I start getting pms telling me how stupid I am (I know this already) if they see it advertised in the future. Also in the unlikely event anyone wants it please pm car is now sitting on around 8k miles with full Lotus history last couple of years carried out at Bell and Colvile. Cheers Brooke ;(
  21. If it’s one of those appreciating classic chain saws I’m in!
  22. Sounds fair mate, what do I get though?
  23. I’m now a stunt driver
  24. I would pay to be a fly on the wall for these negotiations *if they ever happen
  25. i have had c5/c7 rs6s, c5 is an awesome car, one thing to look out for is the date the cambelt and water pump were done as these are required regularely. Also brakes are a tad pricey but great cars I love them!
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