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  1. Hi Chris - I’ve seen that car. It’s much more silvery grey in person. It’s been for sale for at least 18 months.. I don’t think the beige tinge suggested by those photos haven’t helped that!
  2. There’s a 6% buyers fee to be fair so that would take it over 40k
  3. Yeah not high miles really but so many Evoras of similar vintage seem to have not been driven very much. I was talking to a few dealers about newer Evoras and exiges as I fancied an upgrade and they’d have only been able to give me early 40’s at best for my car. One dealer (not a lotus specialist to be fair) offered me 38!
  4. A whopping 34k! Not going up too fast at the moment thanks to covid and Nissan Leaf daily
  5. I’m on the fence with that colour .. I’ve seen it in person on an Elise and it looks fantastic and not so turquoise as it looks on the above. If it weren’t for the dealer being so far away (and the trade value of my “high mileage” 400 being so low) I’d go and have a proper look!
  6. only a few grand cheaper than this one with half the miles... colour is perhaps not to everyone’s taste!
  7. It gets on my nerves when the rear seating gets criticised - my 18 months year old slots in back there perfectly. You can fit a large suitcase too. Genuinely a practical car compared to a lot of the competition. Agreed on marketing too - I didn’t know it existed until I saw a couple parked up at a car show 5 or 6 years ago and decided I had to have one.
  8. I think hendy Southampton might be a good development for us as they already have Hendy Performance there and a chap from the Exige Facebook group has been using them for setting up his 410 for track stuff. They seem to know their stuff from the looks of things. I need a service soon so light give them a try rather than driving all the way to B&C
  9. That car is local to me and I considered it this time last summer when I bought my 400. It’s been for sale well over a year but for a large part of that time it was quite a bit more expensive than it is now (last summer it was up for circa £57k). I think the price is much more realistic now and probably has a little more room for negotiation @DaveC72 hendy bought the Westover group some time towards the end of last year so they’ve been Hendy Sportscars for a while now. Ben and Alex are still there though and helpful advice ever
  10. No it was definitely me 😉
  11. I can now park in the garage AND get out of the car! Result 😎
  12. I like the sound of an entry level Evira 280 - where can I put a deposit down?
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