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  1. I have a white 400 with black wheels also. I’ve always been anti black wheels but it does look good in person. Hard to take a good photo of it though. I’ve been considering changing the wheel colour for a while and if anything that video has put me off the silver. Just doesn’t look quite right to me.. tempted by anthracite or maybe even gold
  2. Friend of mine bought a generic 997 for high 20’s a couple of years ago. He sold it just before Covid crisis for 21k having had it advertised for 6 months with minimal interest. His money would have been much safer in an early Evora
  3. It’s a 110 apparently - down with Rockets and Rascals in Poole
  4. I’ve been eyeing one of these racks for my Evora. The local bike shop has an retro lotus race bike and I was planning on borrowing that for a few photos on the roof of my car!
  5. I’m pretty sure this is the same car that was for sale with Howard’s last summer. I test drove it before I bought my 400. It was nice but I didn’t Personally like the colour combo and I’d already had an auto in my sports racer so wanted manual this time. It was up for 58k last summer. I was hoping the stripes could be removed but they were painted I was told as someone else mentioned there was a weird fault on the test drive where it wouldn’t let me use the paddles in some situations but Howard’s promised it was an easy fix - didn’t pursue this of course as I found an alternative car
  6. Me too. I’ve emailed Greg for some info
  7. The autoblip is now for sale on Gregs Race Parts
  8. Hi there I got these ones when I got them fitted I also asked for the drilled disks to be cleaned out (as suggested by someone above) so that could have been contributing to the problem
  9. Thanks for that.. they are pretty cheap so think I’ll get them done and hopefully that does the trick Got the car back from snows yesterday and they couldn’t find anything wrong annoyingly
  10. Hi team, I think this has been raised before but my issue seems slight different so starting a new thread.. hope that’s ok? For some time my 400 has been making a sporadic clunky twang type noise over some bumps. It is worse when going over a bump only on the offside or the car. This lead me to believe it might be the ARB bushes so I had these changes to the upgraded ones. However the problem still remains.. I’ve had Bell and Colvill look at this as well as snows lotus is hedge end (they have it now). Frustratingly it only seems to happen every now and again but when it does happen it will be present for a day or two then disappear for a few weeks. Of course whenever I get anyone to look at it they can’t hear a thing! Any suggestions? link to a recording of the noise. It sounds twangier (Is that a word?!) in real life
  11. Hi all - I had my pads changed and discs cleaned up. seems to have improved it quite a bit. There’s still a tiny bit of lag but it doesn’t feel scary like it did previously
  12. Made a little list of all my cars a while ago - I can add the 2016 Evora 400 to that now. Bit sad but I also ranked them all from favourite to least favourite. At the time my Evora Sports Racer was my favourite and my least favourite was an old punto I owned for about 2 weeks! Notable mentions: 2010 E90 M3. Very fast but the engine wasn’t the masterpiece that I’d expected from the reviews. Bad ride at low speeds but far better at pace. Manual gearbox rubbish - dct the one to have. Would have loved to have taken it on a track but never got the chance. 2013 bmw m135i. I’ve had two of these. The first one was brand new and was my first properly fast car. I loved it at the time but when I bought another after my first Evora it made my realise how numb and boring it was. 06 Alfa Brera and 159. Both rubbish but were very cheap and had been neglected by previous owners so not fair to judge. Both looked the part though! 2017 mx5 Rf. Fantastic car. Shame lotus don’t make something basic at this end of the market. A little slow and really small inside but great to razz about in. A bit too noisy and uncomfortable for long distance motor way driving though. 1991 Elan m100 - awesome car. So fun and love the front wheel drive handling and boosty engine. I want another one ASAP
  13. I wonder if it’s this one? It’s got a private plate on it now. I see it parked at Bournemouth train station quite often. Looks a bit sorry for itself as the wheels are a little curbed and the font bumper looks like it’s dropped a bit. Love the colour though
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys. Good to see it’s not just me! I’ve gone ahead and bought some new ferodo pads from seriously lotus so will swap those over and see if it makes a difference.
  15. That sounds very similar to what I’m getting. I’ll do a gunge check later!
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