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  1. That Sports Racer does seem pricey!.. I bought my old 2014 Daytona Blue S SR when it was a year old with 9k miles and that was only £47k. Incredible that it could be worth a similar amount 6 years later!
  2. @C8RKH It was indeed! I don’t know much about those things but it had a very meaty sounding V8 and was going round a a decent pace! Amazing commitment to have that sort of thing as a track car Tr7 owner is andy_aws on Instagram if you want to check out his pics
  3. Lots of fun at Castle Combe last week 😎
  5. Would you consider an Evora 400? Early ones are dropping into your budget whereas the exige 350 seems to be creeping up in price a bit
  6. @Doug Ashley - I’ve got a session in that drift limits Evora at some point (spotted it as a cheap wowcher deal last year for 60 quid I think). Was it a good session? It’s so cheap that I’m not expecting much
  7. It would be really good to know if the DB eater makes enough of a reduction - I’d happily ditch the quiet exhaust for one of those if it does the trick!
  8. @Gadzooks I’ve currently got a hanger111 quiet track exhaust on my 400 ready for a track day in late April. I don’t know how the 2bular compares but the noise is so disappointing compared to the standard 400. In future I’ll leave it to the very last minute before swapping it over for any track days
  9. I recently re-badged my 400 having gone without for a few months. Yours looks much cleaner without I think
  10. There’s a guy on one of the Facebook groups getting replacements done in milled aluminium - might be a nice upgrade
  11. 62dave

    Wanted Evora 400

    Completely agree with Greg - all the pics of my red alcantara look really bright and gawdy. In person it’s a nice dark red - very classy in my view and necessary to lift the Evora 400 interior which is a bit drab in black
  12. 62dave

    Wanted Evora 400

    Hi Eddie - I tried to drop you a message but it says you can’t receive messages. Perhaps your inbox is full?
  13. Hi Chris - I’ve seen that car. It’s much more silvery grey in person. It’s been for sale for at least 18 months.. I don’t think the beige tinge suggested by those photos haven’t helped that!
  14. There’s a 6% buyers fee to be fair so that would take it over 40k
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