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  1. I think hendy Southampton might be a good development for us as they already have Hendy Performance there and a chap from the Exige Facebook group has been using them for setting up his 410 for track stuff. They seem to know their stuff from the looks of things. I need a service soon so light give them a try rather than driving all the way to B&C
  2. That car is local to me and I considered it this time last summer when I bought my 400. It’s been for sale well over a year but for a large part of that time it was quite a bit more expensive than it is now (last summer it was up for circa £57k). I think the price is much more realistic now and probably has a little more room for negotiation @DaveC72 hendy bought the Westover group some time towards the end of last year so they’ve been Hendy Sportscars for a while now. Ben and Alex are still there though and helpful advice ever
  3. No it was definitely me
  4. I can now park in the garage AND get out of the car! Result
  5. I like the sound of an entry level Evira 280 - where can I put a deposit down?
  6. Looks fantastic Nick! I like that you’ve stuck with the “Daytona” colour scheme.. even if it’s not Daytona blue!
  7. Good work! That car was a bargain I think. Nice to see one that had been driven too. I was thinking about chopping my Evora 400 in for the Exige. I loved the test drive but came away thinking I need to be a better driver to be able to fully enjoy the Exige!
  8. Hi Nick - was that the one for sale at Williams? If so I test drove it a few weeks ago. It’s a cracking car!
  9. Sadly I’m not thin at all! To get it in I had to reverse in so it was all perfectly lined up then drive out and push it back in! I’ve since ordered a shed so all the crap on the right hand side can be stored elsewhere
  10. I really want this car! It’s Daytona Blue like my first Evora Which I loved and all the Komotec kit is a big plus for me. I gave them a call last week but they were extremely uninterested in my 2016 400 as a potential part ex. I suppose having this one in stock for well over a year has put them off a bit!
  11. Jealous of some of these big garages! Managed to shoehorn mine in yesterday for the first time. Was very difficult getting out!
  12. It’s a pretty amazing spot! Near Shaftesbury in Dorset just before zig zag hill I have to say it was really interesting to see a bit of how the world of YouTube works. From what I can tell it’s all about getting content out there as quick as possible - this was filmed in less than an hour and edited and released the next day. The guy has dabbled with higher quality stuff but the extra time and expense doesn’t result in extra views for whatever reason. The lad Sid is not everyone’s cup of tea but I really like him.. he’s had some cool cars and has some driving ability.
  13. Yep you’re right - I just didn’t notice much difference in practice. I only meant the auto gear change. The 400/410 is a fair bit quicker than the S.. even I could notice that difference!
  14. It think this is true of the S1 but doesn’t seem to be the case with the 400. I was told by a couple of the dealers the 400 autos have to be priced a little lower than the manual for them to sell. When I bought my 400 last summer I could have got a better deal on a similar age auto
  15. I could be wrong or maybe not skilled enough to notice but the IPS in Nicks car (my old car) seemed pretty quick to me. I test drove a 400 auto and it didn’t seem that different to the sports racer. I know it’s supposed to be much quicker and sharper but I didn’t really didn’t notice
  16. That’s a tricky one.. when I was buying my latest car I was just as excited as I was when I bought the sports racer. I think you really have to be positive about such a large purchase... the fact that you’re not suggests maybe it’s time for something different.. how about an Exige?!
  17. Have you seen the Daytona Blue 400 that’s been advertised for a while? Has the komotec 460 kit I believe
  18. Did the 400/410 you tested have the leather or alcantara interiors? Just my opinion but I really think the alcantara in the 400/410 really lifts the interior. Your SR interior is great though I have to say.. I still miss it!
  19. They bought them from Elise-Shop I believe. I think if you order the correct combination of indicator colour and reflectors then they are road legal in the uk. I have my mot next month so I’ll find out then! The fitting was literally the easiest car related thing I’ve ever done! 2 little nuts per light and a plug and play connector
  20. I just fitted some the other day. Mine are the previous version (the v2) which I bought from a forum member. I think they look awesome!
  21. I have a white 400 with black wheels also. I’ve always been anti black wheels but it does look good in person. Hard to take a good photo of it though. I’ve been considering changing the wheel colour for a while and if anything that video has put me off the silver. Just doesn’t look quite right to me.. tempted by anthracite or maybe even gold
  22. Friend of mine bought a generic 997 for high 20’s a couple of years ago. He sold it just before Covid crisis for 21k having had it advertised for 6 months with minimal interest. His money would have been much safer in an early Evora
  23. It’s a 110 apparently - down with Rockets and Rascals in Poole
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