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    Dave Devine
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    Exige S260
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    TRD ind kit, Triple pass rad, RadiumAuto expansion tank, Apracing 2piece disks, Oem Exhaust because 2bular Re-pack 8x22 H1 was noisy & shit!
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    Ashford, Kent

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  1. Atak

    The Roundel Run III

    Sunday for two please Bibs.
  2. Anyone know where I can get a nice Lotus embossed badge like this?
  3. Daring but a lovely shot of my daughter throwing the bouquet over the Exige ?
  4. Hi all, Have got some Reverie mulsanne C seats to fit in so I can use harnesses and wondered which wrap around harness bar is recommended these days as I have read this can be a bugger of a job. Some of the bars now claim they now don't need a relief cutting in the rear panel and the stock speakers aren't affected and some have an option for a motorsport seat giving full travel. Anyone done this lately and wished they had purchased a different one or wonder what's all the fuss about. Any help/recomendations greatly appreciated.
  5. Hope your having a great time. Think I need some of that.
  6. Finally after ANOTHER road traffic accident thanks to ANOTHER twat leaving me in agony and a convertible conversion after jumping the lights I have managed to get myself back in the driving seat again after 10 days thanks to my resilience, todays sunshine and of-course the lure of the Lotus. Well I thought Id better have a little drive as I'm booked in for my all time dream of dream tracks tomorrow and can't wait now Ps. The dashcam got it all this time and an ex copper who watched the guy including family and kids gave a condemning witness statement
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