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  1. Pretty sure I have items 11 and 12, or at least one of them... will have a look tonight.
  2. Tony I wonder if yours is missing a little U shaped spring. Here's a picture of mine, my car is 1976, it has the microswitch with 2 pin plug. As you said the lever is pushed down by the pointy bit mounted to the glass tailgate. The U shaped spring bit is constantly forcing the lever up, so as soon as the tailgate opens the lever flicks up and completes the circuit. Does seem a pretty fragile setup!
  3. Hello, my Elite engine came to me in bits and I'm not sure how to tell which camshaft is for the exhaust and which is the inlet... they are still fitted in the cam carriers but I can't see anything stamped on either one to say which is which. How can I tell?
  4. Great, thanks for that. Thought that must be the case as there's no mention of seals in the manual either, but thought I'd better check before I get the engine back together again!!
  5. Hi, I'm rebuilding my engine and currently fitting new exhaust valves. The valve guides on my cylinder head don't have rubber seals like other marque engines i've worked on, is this right? The valve seems like a good fit in the guide but what actually seals it?
  6. Hi, does anyone have a picture of the correct power steering pump for the Elite and/or know if it is a Ford item? I've read on here the PAS steering rack is Ford. Also a picture of the belt and engine mounting arrangement would be useful. I bought my car in bits, I have the PAS steering rack and reservoir and pipes but no pump!
  7. You're right, clips for sunvisor
  8. Charlie504


  9. I'm quite interested in the various different interior trims as well, red is unusual I've only seen a few pictures online, got any pics of your car interior? My Elite interior is identical to this photo below apart from the steering wheel. The roof edge/roll bar trims on mine are the same cream fabric as is on the door card inserts and seats in the picture, not sure if this was the same as the roof cloth or not as my roofcloth was completely missing.
  10. Be careful, the nut is very thin and fragile, easily snapped if you're not careful... ask me how I know!
  11. Engine mounts are almost certainly British Leyland, I'm just not sure which models. I've got a parts catalogue handy for the Metro so I had a quick look. There's a couple of different part numbers listed, NAM1975 looks very like it based on this ebay pic Small detail but I've updated the spreadsheet with the slightly obscure bulb used in the console illumination lamp based on this discussion
  12. Ahh thanks yeah that's the bulb, mine says 2.2v on it. Seems like it's a common one for older torches, here's a guy selling a pack of 10 for £4.38 The manual shows the power to this lamp going through a resistor. I think I found it in the drivers footwell behind the trim panel on the right. Anyone got a picture of what the cap or lens for this lamp looks like? Mine is missing but it could well be in the box of odd unidentified bits that came with the car.
  13. Hi Dave thanks for that, that's cleared up what it's for. Yeah it's an odd looking bulb that's for sure!
  14. Right next to the front interior light on the roof above the front seats is a tiny round light, what's this for? Mine is missing its front cover and had fallen back into the roof lining.
  15. Hello, does anyone have a equivalent part number for an Elite clutch cable? I've done a search and heard it's the same as a Bedford CF, but on all the cables for a CF I've seen the internal cable is much too short. For the Elite the internal cable needs to be significantly longer than the external shroud as it goes through the bulkhead, round the plastic wheel on the pedal box then down to the pedal. The Elite cable is very similar to a Vauxhall/Bedford clutch cable but which one?! Cheers
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