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  1. Dave, Thanks for your response. Problem solved. Electrical connection to MAP sensor was not secure. This was discovered using FreeScan softawre. Thank goodness because I was just about to remove plenum to access IAC valve.
  2. HELP! My 1998 V8 car will not idle when started. Problem occured after bleeding air from cooling system and allowing radiator fans to cycle a couple of times...everything normal at this point. Three hours starts as normal...everytime, but will not idle. I have since determined that once started, if RPMs are kept high and gradually lowered, the ECU figures out how to idle. The car can be driven but any acceleration above gentle results in a huge bog. When the car stops, the engine may or may not die depending on whether or not I maintain a higher RPM and gradually lower it. On
  3. I am new to this forum. I can sympathize with Chris Weeden and fully understand what he is going thru as I and a few others are currently caught up in this JKD fiasco. I don't have enogh time to tell you all how pissed off I am right now. My issue with JKD is now in it's 10 month...yep you read that correctly. I knew something was wrong back in March...I oredred my upgrade kit in January...was promised it by the end of Feb, and demanded they (JKD) return my original parts and a full refund and they never did. JKD never once returned my calls. Instead, 6 months later My gear box arrived i
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