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  1. I will let the organisers know, they had a sign to welcome the ‘Krankies’
  2. I was parking next to all my friends...., and there were no 'Écossais' signed areas!
  3. I arrived early for the 1st January car meet in Bergerac
  4. I saw Wendy’s artwork at Goodwood back in June and it was incredibly good
  5. Only the footprints Barry....?
  6. A cheeky visit to a vineyard a few years ago
  7. I almost feel guilty Bibs....honest....
  8. First wash in 2021 and first wash in six months
  9. Merry Christmas from the Dordogne 🍾
  10. obione

    15 today!

    Bon anniversaire TLF 🍾
  11. Joyeux anniversaire Kimbers de nous tous dans le chapitre de la Dordogne de propriétaires de Lotus fous!
  12. Q gave me a pair of sunglasses…. It makes the clothes disappear on pretty ladies, very distracting when driving
  13. Two grainy photos of this car at Brands Hatch in 1980. I recall being evicted from the Williams pit as i was in there with my camera!
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