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  1. I really enjoyed it yesterday, but I do have the advantage of it being only 20 minutes away from me, and I made sure I was there by 0715. I had no queues, and parked up in the paddock. I ignored the expensive food, and was away by 0930 - a great start to the day! As far as I could see, there was only one other Esprit there - at least we did not look common....
  2. Those listed prices....are they 'real life' prices?
  3. Star Trek - Into Darkness. 6.54 / 10.00...Enjoyed this, I doubt it will win any Oscars, but it was great escapism
  4. He really needs to get off that fence and speak his mind...
  5. I think most people in the know will be amazed that Lotus has lasted this long. A great shame for all us Lotus nuts!
  6. Sorry - I have had to pull out of this one 1. Sparky + missus, GT3, yellow, S75 LCF 2. Sonny - V8 - Reg tbc 3. Barry Sheraton, Elite, Yellow, 296 WKM 4. Paul Sheraton, Europa, Black, RUW 762L 5. gt111 + Ivo - S1 Elise, Yellow, S108 ACG 6. Steve Murnane- S2 Elise, AO51 NTW 7. Stuart Barnes - V8GT yellow,V390EAN 8. SteveSmith + 6yo daughter, SE, blue, G282UFM 9. Roy SE 11. Martyn SE, White, G950 EOV 10.Mattthesparks + misses , Stevens ESPRIT X180 turbo, blue, F265 UPA
  7. Thats a fab write up and great publicity for Lotus and the Evora!
  8. I decided to pay up - its only £2 a month for the telegraph, thats about the same as the running costs on my Esprit...
  9. Thats rather odd, apparently I am one of the new 'Scum' classes. Very proud
  10. obione


    Thing is...Is it our dear leader that is in charge, or the military? I think it may be the latter and our dear leader is merely a puppet
  11. Its a brilliant series and really looking forward to season 3
  12. How much did you spend getting your Lotus wrapped Simon..?
  13. Looks too good to miss... 1. Sparky + missus, GT3, yellow, S75 LCF 2. obione + my missus!, Turbo, black, K85 OAG
  14. There are far too many complaing far too much of the time - I try to ingnore them, but they still insist on posting up nonsense on a daily basis on facebook Still, musn't grumble eh...
  15. Glad you enjoyed the evening Matt, its just a shame that there was not enough room on the cake for all the candles...
  16. Why thank you Bibs...being 50 means that I cant remember who that girl is in the picture...
  17. Is it illegal to place some mines around the oil tank?
  18. Indeed, at least he had a good life
  19. I can make the 19th...come the 21st I will be too old to remember how to get there!
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