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  1. Sorry to hear about MJK, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery. Saturday - As I am picking up Yasuo from Gatwick we will be arriving very early...Will anybody else be in the area for meeting up?
  2. Thats me booked, its always a great get together and I'm really looking forward to this
  3. You are spot on Bibs, I have 300+ pictures that I cannot post up. However, for a small consideration....
  4. I got involved in a photoshoot a few days ago at a local vineyard, here are a couple of shots from the day....
  5. If you want a car company run down and shamed, look no further….
  6. I will bring my Esprit along - just dont expect it to be clean...
  7. My sticker arrived this morning - it only took six days after my online application, so thats me okay to drive through Lyon
  8. Bibs does have a point, but when I asked her if she had bought a fire extinguisher with her, this is how she reacted...
  9. After 30 minutes my fire did eventualy go out...
  10. Once again a fabulous evening organised by Laura and Bibs. It was great meeting up with everybody and fascinating to hear the stories from our special guests. And the food was pretty much top notch as well. A great way to round off the year for us Lotus nuts!
  11. Surely somebody on here can be tempted by this rather fetching... Mitsuko Viewt Nadeshiko (And don't call me Surely)
  12. 3 X Mini (My first car was a Mini van and it was the fastest car in the world!) 2 X Nissan Primera 3 X Honda Accord 2 X Lotus Esprit
  13. Bibs Laura Dave Excell Ann Excell ChrisJ James (JayEmm) obione
  14. obione


    Well done Bibs. To help celebrate 12 years I will today start out on a 1200 mile trip in my Esprit See you later
  15. Ive seen it already and it was not as good as the original...
  16. The Lotus meet in Horsham yesterday
  17. My attempt at being arty, this is my car in France a couple of years ago...
  18. obione


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