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  1. Proof that the Esprit has plenty of room in the boot
  2. Yes Please... Bibs JayEmm Elite Arregueti tim_marra gt111 Bjonols Dan E Numanoid TBD NW76 Choppa TomE John Walsh. The Lotus Position Kim Poulsen delands Andmac Jan Blom Jukka mike sekinger ChrisJ Andrew C Frickin Idiot CocoPops Machine7 x2 nigeninja Andiw11 x2 mwl Alfa2Evora Stephen Whyte Nicktype72 LotusLeftLotusRight Bazza Nr2k sizona Obione
  3. It was a fantastic day so a big thank you to Bibs and helpers. The weather was well organised, as was the best bacon roll I have this year from the food wagon! I’m already looking forward to next years event
  4. Great idea, very busy with work just now but just suggest a couple of dates and I will let you know
  5. Here are a couple taken at Amberley Castle this morning
  6. 1. Bibs - Elise S1 2. Snoboardr - Evora S 3. mayesprit - S2 M100 4. Alfa2Evora - Evora NA 5. DaveC72 - Evora S 6 Nigel SD Esprit S2 Gold 7. Kalli - Exige V6S 8. Andrew C - Espige 9. YellowPeril - Esprit S4 10. Slewthy. Black Esprit S3 11. The Pits. Dry Sump Turbo Esprit 12. Barrykearley - Esprit V8 13. Sbfdave - Evora S 14. Dean. Esprit S2 JPS 15. James and Ellie - 1988 Esprit NA 16. 100th_Idiot - Evora S 17. Danny - Lotus MK V 18. Obione - Esprit Turbo
  7. Bibs - Elise S1. theelanman - Evora j141 -Evora S ROJ - Exige V6 Club Racer bingoking - Evora GTE # The Pits - Dry Sump Turbo Esprit Sparky - Esprit GT3 & clipboard Sizona - expect Evora GTE #16 ChrisJ - '82 Turbo Esprit Choppa '86 Esprit S3 (no clipboard, but I'll bring a pen) Royal - '95 Esprit S4S Peapod - Exige S2 UNLUCKY FOR SOME! SnoBoardr & Dexter - Evora S Mayesprit - M100S2 Elan Pig - '95 Esprit S4 (Maybe) Dave Eds. Yellow E.... Kevin E -Elise S2 Red Alex L - Red 2-Eleven DaveC72 - Evora S Bazza - Dry Sump Turbo Esprit Paul-lotusesprit1 Lotus Esprit SE JAWS - Evora Rupert - Elise DanChantler - Evora Gavin '21GG' - Evora GTE #2 Delhard - S2 Exige RGB Steamdriven -'98 Esprit GT3 'the purple one' Alfa2Evora - Evora NA Ian29gte - Esprit S4s Danny (DDubya) ExigeLF1 #27 Danny (DDubya) Lotus Mark VI #66 swindon_alan - Esprit V8 Steve - Essex Esprit Dave & Ann Excell - Excel SE MarkHur - Elise S1 top- plumber Esprit S4 Bobbychewit - Exige V6 Leannestefanie- Evora S MarkW996 - Esprit S4 internets - Evora S Mark Rigby - Esprit V8-GT TrevorB - Elan SE Turbo Nasty - Esprit V8 JG220 - Evora Cocopops - Evora Alan e black elan m100 se Andrew Waite - S1 Exige Cliffy - gghc87 - Esprit mitreklov - Elan m100 se Charlie and The Panther. Shaman. Esprit S2.2 barrykearley - 1991 Esprit S Qwerty123 - Esprit S4 100th_Idiot - Evora S PaulCP -Evora S Colin P -Evora Obione - Esprit Turbo
  8. Another one for Infrequently vile. This is clearly a Lotus thing....
  9. 13 - obione - Duck, Beef, Plumb tart.... Sorry to say that I can no longer come along to this one
  10. Bibs - Duck, Turkey, Xmas PudLauraMike KimberleyKimbers - Mackerel, Turkey, Eton Messinternets - Pate, Turkey, Xmas pudBuddsy - Mackerel - Lamb - Xmas pudHot T Probably not able to come as Buddsy Jnr requires her boobies ;-)KallibingokingAl. - Pate, Turkey, Plum tart.AndrewCadferobione - Duck, Beef, Plumb tart.Dave ExcellAnn - Prawn, Turkey, IcesizonaTom JohnAlex JohnCliff - gghc87 - pate, lamb, Eton messYasuoChrisJ - Mackerel, Turkey, Xmas PudMalcolmGeraldinePaul (esprits2) pate, Turkey, messDaveKarenMartyn - Pate, Turkey, Choc Fudge
  11. 1. Bibs 2. Laura 3. Mike Kimberley 4. Kimbers 5. internets 6. Buddsy 7. Hot T 8. Kalli 9. bingoking 10. Al. 11. AndrewC 12. adfer 13. obione
  12. I have done 700 miles in one day in my current Esprit Turbo, no problems and very enjoyable
  13. I had a really enjoyable day on Saturday. A huge thank you to everybody that organised and helped out and that included arranging perfect weather
  14. 2 tickets for Saturday paid for :B) Looking forward to cake on arrival....
  15. I have a carb’d turbo and I usually have to fill up every 300-350 miles, occasionally on a run its closer to 400.
  16. A very memorable and fun day. Thanks to Bibs and all the helpers. I am already looking forward to next year’s event!
  17. At last....a new Lotus that I actually want. Very nice
  18. obione

    Big Bang

    I have been saying this for years but nobody ever listens....
  19. The winning entry has now been submitted, I did this as soon as I realised biscuits were mentioned!
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