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  1. Ah, UK Sportscars... That the place I got mine from, I reckon I got lucky. The ONLY thing I asked them to do before I parted with my money was to re-do the roof lining. They did a pretty good job, and off I drove. This was in cold December. The sun came out in May, the roof got nice and hot, and buy buy roof lining. Git! So much for the Club Lotus aproved Lotus specialist... No, I would not recomend them.
  2. I have recently had a new windscreen & new trim fitted on my S3 - got it from Fibreglass services.
  3. Hi Bibs, I had miseed this one and was only tipped off yesterday by another forum member. I will send you the SAE in the next couple of days. Andrew
  4. I would also like to add my sincere thanks to everybody that had a hand in organising this event. What a brilliant way to spend two days, and what wonderful memories. Andrew
  5. Hi Troy, I sent mine through to you earlier today - in fact, I sent it twice! Let me know if you would like a 3rd copy... Andrew
  6. Hi Cliff, 7.40am Arrive BP Wisley Services 7.50am Depart BP Wisley Services gghc87(Cliff + Caroline)
  7. I might be able to join up with you as I am starting off from Pulborough. I will be on holiday the week before, so can only pick this up again late the day before Sunday morning.
  8. I still have a mint condition Amstrad CPC 6128, loads of games, but never use it! It would take 8 (EIGHT) hours to run one picture from a mandelbrot set program I typed in- and that took me nearly 6 months to program and de-bug. Happy days...?. Anybody interested in giving it a good home?
  9. I know this is not a complete list... Rainbow Rose Tattoo Sky Orchestral Manoevers in the Dark Tears for Fears Japan (I fell asleep!) Simple Minds Queen B) Status Quo Genesis Ultravox Capercaille Saxon The cult The Waterboys And, not forgetting... The Australian Pink Floyd - pretty good!
  10. Lotus Esprit S3 1982. Pretty much standard. Good example if you dont look too close. I think its red, but I am colour blind...
  11. BIBS, I can now now make the Sunday charity drive, and below are my original details with number 6 now amended to a yes. Hope this makes sense... 1
  12. 131&132 1 – Andrew Weaver 2 – Yes, Esprit S3, 1982 3 – Yes, Christine Weaver 4 – Yes, Sunday night 5 – No, No, & No! 6 – yes 7 – Yes please 8 – West Sussex.
  13. I will hopefully be able to come along.
  14. Congratulations Simon. Time seemed very respectable to me. Were you able to walk / talk afterwards?
  15. Got mine. 0019 for me. All you have to do is double it, subtract 1, add 007, and you get my age. Perfect!
  16. 177 1. Andrew Weaver 2. 82 S3 3. + 0 4. B&B 5. West Sussex
  17. Assuming the dates are okay, then count me and the car in.
  18. The crack on my windscreen keeps growing ever so slightly... Waiting for the new trim since January, then Feb, then March, I phoned yesterday, and there is still no firm date. I keep planning my route to avoid roads that are full of bumps so my windsreen does not go altogether! You may, or may not, see me at the Oxford run.
  19. If my windscreen holds together, I should be there in my S3.
  20. Thats typical! I let my membership lapse only last November due to lack of Esprit stuff... Maybe I should re-join
  21. I should be there on Sunday - Not been before, so looking forward to it.
  22. obione

    Jasons S4S?

    Hi Glyn / Jason, Glad to hear you are both up & running again. I have just been discussing with Simon about doing a local run. Any ideas? Andrew
  23. I have P6000 on the back of my S3. Great in the dry & good conditions, but horrible in the wet or when it’s greasy – just like this morning! I can’t wait to drive home tonight...
  24. There is a tenner on its way from me as well. Keep up the good work Kato
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