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  1. obione

    Jasons S4S?

    Hi Glyn / Jason, Glad to hear you are both up & running again. I have just been discussing with Simon about doing a local run. Any ideas? Andrew
  2. I have P6000 on the back of my S3. Great in the dry & good conditions, but horrible in the wet or when it’s greasy – just like this morning! I can’t wait to drive home tonight...
  3. There is a tenner on its way from me as well. Keep up the good work Kato
  4. Main dont really care car, Nissan Primera, about 15,000 miles per annum. Would like to change it, but it just keeps going... Fun car, S3, about 4,000 miles per annum.
  5. I have a N/A S3. However, the V5 simply states 'Lotus Esprit'
  6. Just over 18 months now, and around 6,000 fun miles. Andrew
  7. I have been trying his phone for over 2 weeks. Not a very helpful message stating 'call back later' Fortunately I am not in a hurry...
  8. obione

    Oxford Meet

    At event that does not clash with whatever rubbish is already on my calander. I will be there.
  9. You are all wrong. Its Septermber 27th, just before Tea.
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