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  1. Another cracking evening and a big thank you to Laura & Bibs - its always great to catch up with familiar faces and meet new ones
  2. I will be passing Gatwick - what time do you arrive Yasuo?
  3. In Worthing there is a car dealership called... Pain Car Sales
  4. obione


    10 years for LEF and.... 10 years for obione!!!
  5. Would love to but cannot make this one
  6. I see there is no plumb.... 1. Bibs - One of each 2. Laura - tbc 3. Kimbers - Prawn Cocktail, Turkey, Ice Cream 4. - Prawn, Turkey & Ice Cream 5. obione - Duck, Beef, & Apple Tart I will drive past Gatwick if that helps anybody
  7. obione


    Wow 10 years...a fantastic job Bibs Where did the time go???
  8. This is my car on my last day of ownership... And this is my car on its first day of ownership....and it was red!
  9. If you look hard enough you can actually see me with the photographer beside me and, after she promised me something with her finger, I never did see her again...
  10. Another couple of shots taken at Nutbourne Vineyard last month
  11. It was a photoshoot done for charity, so lots of models and photographers. There are more photos still to come (if I see them), but not sure they can be posted up...
  12. Taken last Sunday at Nutbourne Vineyard
  13. I did this job on my last car is its pretty easy to do. I got the headlining and glue from SJ Sportscars. The only thing that is grim is removing the old glue and you must remove it all otherwise the new one will not stick properly.
  14. I took this photo in July last year, but I cannot tell you where...
  15. That was five years ago last June, and I have now owned my present Esprit for five years, no fires yet...
  16. Only if he drives the forklift...
  17. I was in France last week and made sure the Union Jack was flying....
  18. I had to turn back before getting there – unfortunately there is something wrong with my steering….another job to do
  19. When pointing the nozzle at a jaunty angle, is it best left or right handed?
  20. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.... Aliens
  21. I'm not sure that I would be happy putting my glass roof in the boot - I think I will keep it on the roof
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