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  1. Taken last Sunday at Nutbourne Vineyard
  2. I did this job on my last car is its pretty easy to do. I got the headlining and glue from SJ Sportscars. The only thing that is grim is removing the old glue and you must remove it all otherwise the new one will not stick properly.
  3. I took this photo in July last year, but I cannot tell you where...
  4. That was five years ago last June, and I have now owned my present Esprit for five years, no fires yet...
  5. Only if he drives the forklift...
  6. I was in France last week and made sure the Union Jack was flying....
  7. I had to turn back before getting there – unfortunately there is something wrong with my steering….another job to do
  8. When pointing the nozzle at a jaunty angle, is it best left or right handed?
  9. I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.... Aliens
  10. I'm not sure that I would be happy putting my glass roof in the boot - I think I will keep it on the roof
  11. obione

    TLF Summer BBQ?

    Yes please - I will bring a brolly
  12. I can't make this one which is a shame as it was great last year
  13. That’s a great picture of Bibs trying to grab a Cornetto… Stunning picture Malcolm of the Esprit – I have emailed you my details, I had to use Gmail
  14. It was really good to see both these cars together, a great achievement and well done for organising
  15. What a fabulous day out! A huge thank you to Bibs and his team of helpers for organising this – already looking forward to the next one.
  16. Nissan Leaf in bright blue
  17. I just want to make sure my car is on the master list as it has dropped off, it was... 12. obione - Esprit Carb Turbo (Very last one registered)
  18. All the engines sound awful, and if you are a fan of Lotus, then its pretty dire...
  19. I will be doing a quick hit and run job as I will have to leave Newlands Corner before ten, see you all there
  20. obione


    So it’s okay for the West to invade Iraq, but it’s not okay for Russia to invade Ukraine…
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