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  1. obione

    TLF Summer BBQ?

    Yes please - I will bring a brolly
  2. I can't make this one which is a shame as it was great last year
  3. That’s a great picture of Bibs trying to grab a Cornetto… Stunning picture Malcolm of the Esprit – I have emailed you my details, I had to use Gmail
  4. It was really good to see both these cars together, a great achievement and well done for organising
  5. What a fabulous day out! A huge thank you to Bibs and his team of helpers for organising this – already looking forward to the next one.
  6. Nissan Leaf in bright blue
  7. I just want to make sure my car is on the master list as it has dropped off, it was... 12. obione - Esprit Carb Turbo (Very last one registered)
  8. All the engines sound awful, and if you are a fan of Lotus, then its pretty dire...
  9. I will be doing a quick hit and run job as I will have to leave Newlands Corner before ten, see you all there
  10. obione


    So it’s okay for the West to invade Iraq, but it’s not okay for Russia to invade Ukraine…
  11. You can see the snipper on the roof in the second picture
  12. Volunteer driving - This is a local thing probably started off via the local surgery, I know there are several other local groups near to where I am in deepest Sussex. I try to do one run a week, but often turn down requests due to work commitments. I know they are always looking for new drivers. If you are interested I would think a good way to enquire would be the local surgery
  13. If I can spare the time I do volunteer driving, taking the old folk to see the doctor, hospital etc – not in the Lotus though…
  14. Thanks Guys - now I know why I like Birthdays. Bibs - I know there is a 32 in there somewhere...
  15. You could turn them up and zap cyclists
  16. I would watch the olympics if they introduced that
  17. Wow - I'm not sure I can eat all that but will give it a go...
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