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  1. Volunteer driving - This is a local thing probably started off via the local surgery, I know there are several other local groups near to where I am in deepest Sussex. I try to do one run a week, but often turn down requests due to work commitments. I know they are always looking for new drivers. If you are interested I would think a good way to enquire would be the local surgery
  2. If I can spare the time I do volunteer driving, taking the old folk to see the doctor, hospital etc – not in the Lotus though…
  3. Thanks Guys - now I know why I like Birthdays. Bibs - I know there is a 32 in there somewhere...
  4. You could turn them up and zap cyclists
  5. I would watch the olympics if they introduced that
  6. Wow - I'm not sure I can eat all that but will give it a go...
  7. There are some amazing sights around just now
  8. 2pm 1. Piggy - Lotus Esprit S4 - N880 UOP - BRG 2. Stubox - Exige V6 Pearl White 3. Al. - Red Evora S. SR 4. V96GLF - Black Europa S 5. Gasmangt3. Esprit GT3 6. Nigeninja Europa S 7. Andy Esprit SE (red 1989 SE regB6 LOT) 8. AndrewC Esprit V8 9. Delands Exige S 10. MalcolmS -White Turbo Esprit, red decals 11. obione - Black 1990 Esprit Turbo 3pm 1. The Pits - White Turbo Esprit, red decals 2. Bazza - Essex 3. MDE - Stevens Esprit 4.Dodge 1979 S4 5. Caulkhead68 - 1988 Esprit Turbo
  9. I lived in Fife for 21 years and my opinion remains unchanged... Alex Salmond = Nationalistic idiot (but a dangerous one)
  10. Haha - the prizes are all mine! 21st February (the best people have birthdays on this day) and the exact time will be 21:12
  11. obione.... A star Wars fan that likes to be different!
  12. Its always been an interesting site Mark and well put together
  13. Its all about team spirit, and bonding...
  14. obione


    Completely ruined - where are the pop-up headlights?
  15. 1. Trevsked - Esprit Sport350 2. Bazza - Essex Esprit 3. Hopo - Esprit S3 4. The Pits - Exige V6 5. TomE - Evora S 6. Justin Pressland - 340r 7. GT111 - S1 Elise 8. Mayesprit 9. Sizona - Evora or Esprit 10. (Seven S1, could change!) 11. Mike 6 - Esprit carb turbo. 12. obione - Esprit Carb Turbo (Very last one registered)
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