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  1. Not really a surprise....fingers crossed they make it through the next few months
  2. obione

    Alan Turing

    Why has it taken so long? Shameful beyong description
  3. Sounds like he is saying that the Lotus F1 team are in BIG financial trouble...
  4. 'Grandad' sung by Clive Dunn comes to mind... Congratulations to you all
  5. It will be great if you can retrofit it to the Esprit
  6. Back in 1995 I had some weird experiences over the course of one week, not too dissimilar to what you have just described...
  7. Wishing you the best in your new venture Mark
  8. A great night last night - thanks as usual to Laura & Bibs. As always it was good to put names to faces, and thanks to Bibs for organising my Lead Crumble...
  9. obione


    Our 15 year old plastic tree has gone up - no expense spared in our house!
  10. How difficult can it be trying to find your way to a pub..?
  11. A bit of Déjà vu there, or Esprit...
  12. obione


    What was Santa and his Elves doing that they...crashed?
  13. My Esprit sailed through its MOT, but my poor model has lost a wing...
  14. I have had to miss the last three of these, so looking forward to this one
  15. 1. Bibs - Camembert, Turkey, Xmas Pudding 2. Laura - Camembert, Turkey, Xmas Pudding 3. gt111 - Pate, Turkey, Eton Mess 4. Kimbers - Pate, Fillet Steak (Rare if poss), Eton Mess 5. Mike6 - Prawn cocktail, Turkey, Xmas Pud 6. obione - Camembert, Turkey, Plumb Crumble 7. Gghc87 - Camembert, Turkey, Eton Mess 8. Al. - Pate, Turkey, Eton Mess 9. Kim - Prawn cocktail, Fillet Steak (Well Done), Eton Mess 10. Patty: Smoked Duck, Sea Bass, Plum Crumble 11. Bob: Smoked Duck, Steak, Xmas Pudding 12.Yasuo:Camembert, Turkey, Xmas Pudding 13. Martyn Pâté, Turkey, Plum Crumble 14. Dave: Prawn Cocktail, Sea Bass, Christmas Pud. 15. Ann: Prawn Cocktail, Steak (Med/Well Done), Plum Crumble 16. Art Mason (food TBD) 17. Nadine Mason (food TBD) 18. Malcolm (mdw): Prawn cocktail,turkey and eton mess. 19. Geraldine (mrs mdw) Pate, turkey and eton mess. 20. Brian Angus - Prawn cocktail, Turkey, Xmas Pud 21. Lynn Angus - Prawn cocktail, Turkey, Xmas Pud 22. Scott Budds (Buddsy):Camembert, Game Pie, Plum Crumbly 23. Theresa Budds: Pate, Turkey, Plum Crumbly 24. Chris: Soup, Turkey, Xmas Pudding. 25. Andrew prawn cocktail Turkey Xmas pud 26. Paul winter soup roasted peppers plum crumbl 27. Phil - Soup, Sea Bass, Plum Crumble
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