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  1. SCC082910MHD10166 (shh...don't tell Barrie or we will get another blinder...)
  2. Sounds like we have the same car, but, does your car have TWO factory fitted radio ariels like mine? Must have been a stereo radio...
  3. Mine is the only Carb Turbo I have seen that left the factory looking like a NA car
  4. Indicating is optional, and the round signs with the speed are advisary...
  5. It's been flagged up for a while now...
  6. 1. Bibs - Camembert, Turkey, Xmas Pudding 2. Laura - Camembert, Turkey, Xmas Pudding 3. gt111 - Pate, Turkey, Eton Mess 4. Kimbers - Pate, Fillet Steak (Rare if poss), Eton Mess 5. Mike6 - Prawn cocktail, Turkey, Xmas Pud 6. obione - Camembert, Turkey, Plumb Crumble mmm....hungrier than Mike!!!
  7. Eh? What was that Kimbers?
  8. It's a marriage, till death do us part... Thats the one I chose, and when I lost my last Esprit I cremated her beside the road. That was four years ago. Hopefully this marriage will last a little longer than the last...
  9. 'e's not the messiah, 'e's a very naughty boy!
  10. Add me in, happy do do as you suggested Bibs, but equally happy to go with the flow
  11. obione


    I have a bit of catching up to do...
  12. Brilliant. It makes it all worth the effort you put into this Bibs - well done :B)
  13. It was a brilliant event and well organised - looking forward to next year Bibs & Laura!
  14. I bet you had the wrong key in the wrong way round. Very understandable mistake when down under
  15. I was parked up next to a stunning black Elan at the weekend - do it !!!
  16. This will be the blue car you were going to show me Bibs...
  17. Most of the people where I live are too old and blind to see the nice 'safety officers' so it would be wasted here...
  18. The Worlds End Dont bother with this one....this one only gets 3.24 / 10.00
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