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  1. And me.... 1. Bibs 2. Laura 3. Trevor 4. SteveSmith 5. obione
  2. Last nights show was...rubbish - thats the kindest word I could think of.
  3. Its was a good turnout - just a shame I had to stay for such a short time. I too this picture on the way in. It's location is of course classified...
  4. I am at work in swimming shorts, T-shirt, and sandals...very tough.... :B)
  5. Martin - you said to hang them. Is that after a baseball bat is used on them?
  6. I failed miserably in my efforts to attend the last two that were organised, so third time lucky…. 1 – obione
  7. That Le Mans flip is pretty amazing / scary...
  8. obione


    Quite clever really, even I could read it...
  9. Just add lightness - remove two wheels...
  10. I have been to his shop in East Grinstead - very impressive and he really knows his stuff
  11. Wow – time goes so quickly….4 years ago today. Good bye car
  12. It does look similar to the Evora, but not in a nice way, and the front end is very odd. Just my opinion, but I know I am right !!!
  13. Looks like I can make one of these days, do you need a Black one driven by a dodgy geezer Bibs?
  14. Shame - I was looking forward to finally coming along after a long absence, but work did get in the way. Fingers crossed for the next one
  15. Only last year...I continually fell asleep at a Metering & Energy Conference, and at one point was woken up by a guy trying to get past me, and he apologised for waking me up. Not very professional !!!
  16. I think these are a great idea...You know well in advance that the driver is an idiot and to be avoided
  17. I would like that done to mine - very nice!
  18. I noticed the the mirror was missing as well - but of course, being a Lotus you have no need to know whats behind you...
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