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  1. I saw Wendy’s artwork at Goodwood back in June and it was incredibly good
  2. Only the footprints Barry....?
  3. A cheeky visit to a vineyard a few years ago
  4. I almost feel guilty Bibs....honest....
  5. First wash in 2021 and first wash in six months
  6. Merry Christmas from the Dordogne 🍾
  7. obione

    15 today!

    Bon anniversaire TLF 🍾
  8. Joyeux anniversaire Kimbers de nous tous dans le chapitre de la Dordogne de propriétaires de Lotus fous!
  9. Q gave me a pair of sunglasses…. It makes the clothes disappear on pretty ladies, very distracting when driving
  10. Two grainy photos of this car at Brands Hatch in 1980. I recall being evicted from the Williams pit as i was in there with my camera!
  11. And there I was just about to buy you a pair for Valetines Day Ian. I wont bother now
  12. It was another excellent evening and great to catch up with the dodgy geezers.... Thanks again for organising Bibs
  13. Sussex to Fife last year without filling up, I managed 38mpg. Its usualy anywhere between 25-35mpg
  14. I visited the Earls Court motor show in 1975 and saw this and that was it, I had to have an Esprit
  15. A few more from the day, Marcus Massey and Abbie Jackson misbehaving with my car...
  16. My Esprit was recently used in a photoshoot and here are some shots with Serena Deena
  17. 68,968 robbery offences, up 29% 138,045 sex offences, up 23% 37,443 knife crime offences, up 21% 1,291,405 violent crime offences, up 20% I have re-checked the above figures using government methodology and can confirm that serious crime is down by at least 50%.... If you read anywhere that there are hospital waiting lists, this is just fake news, probably the Russians, or North Korea, or somebody.....
  18. Another great episode George, I have finally remembered to giving you some support via Patreon
  19. 26th February 2018 at 14:18 GMT Will I have to be in to sign for my delivery?
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