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  1. Thanks everyone!!! I have an 01 so Lotus should do this for free, that is good news!! Lee
  2. I heard Lotus USA was warranting timing belts on V8 Esprits. I was wondering what experience others had. Lee
  3. All the 88 cars in the US did come with Bosch injection from my understanding. When Lotus switched to Delco, they also switched to the Renault transmission for the US. Lotus was kind enough to sell all the Bosch ECUs they had left in the big public sale they had a few months back. I would make a strong bet that Dave Bean Engineering or JAE has a new ECU in stock. If not Sports Car World only has used Lotus parts and a large number at that. All of them are easy to find on the web. Hope this helps! Lee
  4. The turbo I used is not the ceramic ball bearing turbo John sells. It uses a 50 trim wheel, that spools up much quicker than stock(30 trim). The Bosch fuel injection system will not support the turbo beyond 8.5 PSI, but is a definite improvement over stock. No other improvements needed. My intention is to ship the car to John and convert to Delco injection with a chargecooler. Then convert the turbo to a 60 trim wheel and ceramic ball bearing with 10 tp 12 PSI. I can say the turbo is a nice improvment with every thing else stock. It will not cost any where near 15K maybe 2k give or ta
  5. I also have an 86 esprit HCI. I just recently rebuilt the engine and decided to upgrade the one of big headaches of this car. The turbo, wastegate, and the wastegate adapter. John Welch at WC Engineering helped me through the whole process(very noligable about Esprits). He can get you a new turbo with intregal wastegate and all the other parts you need, Jeff a JAE has the new manifold piece instock(the manifold piece is from an SE). My mecahnic welded 3 inches of stainless steel pipe to my exsiting exhaust and welded on a piece supplied by John for the o2 sensor. It also gives you a much
  6. Does anyone in the USA have a Renault transaxle for sale! Thanks! Lee
  7. Anyone put a lightweight flywheel on a turbo esprit, especially an HC USA car. I have been told some disadvantages and wanted to get some other opinions. Does the car need to be at high RPMs to take off from a dead stop. Also does the car vibrate alot at idle. Lee 86 Esprit HC
  8. Looking for a performance exhaust system for 86 HCI Turbo esprit(USA car). I would like to get rid of the catalytic converter. Will the UK system fit and has anyone tried this approach? Has anyone had any problems with the fuel injection after this change? Lee 86 Esprit
  9. Does anyone know an aftermarket replacement number for the alternator on a 87 turbo esprit? Lee 87 turbo esprit
  10. Just wondering if anyone has taken the bosch injection off and repalced it with the delco injection? Just wondering how difficult this is and also did it make a difference. Lee 87 Esprit
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