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  1. Okay! We will arrive Friday afternoon. I own a dark red Evora. We have to fetch up our tickets first from Paul directly in the paddock because we booked last Sunday. Hoping there is a supermarket in the near :-)
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  3. TDB, Esprit V8, boston_be, Exploded, Gunter, Sven76, Snoopy1969, JoeV8, Dragon, Pau lito, Shorty
  4. The issue was solved. I drove back to the techcentre this afternoon. The technician is new in this field. He installed the new software again, checked the error codes without any result but the LED are still on. He wants to ask the manufacturer. So I drove back home. Around 40 kilometers later the LEDs go out. I started the car few times to check it. All seems fine. A self healing car ;-)
  5. I fetched up my 2011 Evora IPS after service yesterday midday (exactly 12 o´clock, few minutes after the technician left and my father brings me to the workshop too...). After starting the car all three RPM LEDs in the dashboard are shining. I asked the salesman if the car is still in service mode. He cant answer. So I have to start my ride to a meeting 70 kilometers away. During driving the LEDs are shining/ blinking in different sequences: - only the 1st LED is blinking, - only the 3rd LED is blinking or, - all 3 LEDs are shining. The made an update for the gearbox software at the garage. I have had an issue that the car was not able to found its 4th gear after starting directly (waiting -> higher RPM -> after few seconds of "thinking" switched into 4th gear). Now the car shifts up much smoother, downshifting is still hard but okay. It seems that the car not goes back into automatic shifting mode (not the sports mode) after you use the paddle shifters. There is no OBD error or misfiring. Any idea? Checking a sensor cable for example. If yes which one? Disconnect the battery for few seconds?
  6. Thanks! I will try to find out if the GTE pabbles can be used.
  7. I use the leather cleaner every three months from BMW more than 15 year in many cars. As a result I never had any problems with the leather. I have Oyster in my Evora too. For example I own a 1997 Ford Escort convertible. All older cars i saw on the streets have brittle leather around the gear knob. My one looks like as brand new from factory. I never trust the car industry when the say that you have to do nothing... For example this remembers me to Jaguar or Audi. They said that you never have to change the oil in the automatic gearbox. The manufacturer of the gearbox (ZF) said you have to change it after 80tkm...
  8. Hello! I own a 2011 Evora IPS. The paddle shifters are very short if you really driving sportive. Its difficult to reach them if you turn the steering wheel more than 70 degrees. I saw that the paddles from the Exige are longer (and super long in the 3-11 :-) ). Can the Exige paddles installed in an Evora? Thanks Thorsten
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