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  2. Agreed. I'm only passing on the info I was given by the dealer who sold it to me, who was pretty nearly the horses mouth himself. I'd love as much as anyone more confirmation in the event I have to sell it in the future, so please, pass along anything anyone digs up - and again, enjoy!
  3. Confirmed my car is part of the aborted/paused Mansory GTE project - there weren't two Mansory kits back then, mine is part of the development. A handful of cars, including the number 10, were part of the project. Mine is not an S with a paint job, it's the lighter, more powerful, different exhaust, wider, etc, etc. It was meant to be a gift, much like a few of the others (a noted former driver has one in a garage on the Cote D'Azur), but for known reasons plans changed. But no worries, enjoy your cars - I'm glad for everyone that Lotus didn't mothball them!
  4. That's excellent. Congrats. Help us clear this up, does it say 'GTE' on the title? What year was it first registered?
  5. Thanks Kevlar kid, I'll confirm what Mansory sent me shortly.
  6. Hi All, been reading this for ages, now finally joined. Have an Evora and a Eclat. Can never decide which one to drive! Looking forward to reading and now being involved in the conversation. Jack
  7. Got them in the box, they're they ones like on the "number 10 car", stored with the tail which I haven't put on due to contemplating going for the 400 tail which is a bit more subtle.
  8. But it's also the car from the carbuzz link I posted, which you'll notice has the identical upper bonnet as mine. As I said, I was shipped all the additional body parts seven months later. And you'll notice that in the carbuzz article they call it a GTE even though it wasn't branded a GTE, it was branded a Limited Edition. It's a GTE. My car and the car in these pictures are from the original GTE's that didn't make it, then the 30 that became 20, that are available now.
  9. This is from the lotus forum itself and uses the word 'badging'; Back at the Geneva Motor Expo in 2012 Lotus unveiled the ‘Lotus F1 Team” Evora GTE, dedicated to and inspired by the F1 team and Kimi Raikkonen. With an unpainted high-gloss carbon-fibre body, carbon interior with copper inlays, gold-piped black leather bucket seats, and Lotus F1 Team Limited Edition badging the GTE was to be the most powerful Lotus road car ever. Kimi said at the time: “If the Lotus F1 Team Evora GTE is as quick as it looks then it is going to be absolutely incredible. I would love to have this as my company c
  10. It's the sister to this car (the first one)
  11. Are you talking about the new GTE or the original GTE? It has the 10mm wider ass. I don't think its any different. I found it while trying to buy an original GTE.
  12. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Evora S GP Limited Edition with the premium pack, tech pack, sport pack Larini Manifold and D-Cat, a GTE spec?
  13. That's an old pic. They shipped the new body pieces once they had them.
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