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  1. Last weekend I had two occasions where I could not select 1st or 2nd gear, first time was after driving 120miles so car was hot and second time was first thing in the morning so car was cold. I had the issue looked whilst the car was having a service but no issue was found. Today it happened again after 20min driving I could not select 1st or 2nd and had to pull of in 3rd. Then suddenly 1st and 2nd came back, then went again..... came back and went again. Anyone else had this issue?
  2. I'm probably going to put my 2010 Evora in for a full detail including correction but wondered if anyone here has had a full respray? I was wondering about the cost for a full respray over that of a professional detail as I have a few chips that could do with being sorted out and also a scrape on the wheel arch. Had a good chat with James from Ti22 in Newport about correcting the very tired marked paint on my car and after a quick test he was confident that he could get a great finish. The problem is that I'll still be looking at the stone chips, 2 which are fairly big. I could just get the front clam done where the worst chips are but wondered if I should bite the bullet and get the whole car done.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have a dry place to store the car, worst thing is I'm due to go away for a few days at 7am. Looks like I'll be parking it on the drive and ask my friend to put some plastic sheeting over it so I can sort out after xmas. My insurance runs out in Jan so might sell and either go back to a Cayman S or try a MkII Exige. Is the 2012 Evora any better?
  4. Just had the same thing happen to me this morning, it continued to do it driving down the road! Though now I have a service light on and the window does not fully shut.
  5. Whop Whop, now I have a service light on and the drivers side window won't shut fully!
  6. This is the headlight on a good day!
  7. Just put a claim in with Auto Protect, the 3rd Party Warranty supplied with the sale of the car, for the Radiator. We will have to wait to wait and see if they will cover it. I've asked the garage to see if they can bleed the condensation out of the Headlights for now with a view to making a separate claim later in year.
  8. New Radiator required, awaiting to see what can be done about the headlights as I don't want to replace them.....
  9. I know you end up paying more for the car to have a factory warranty, but its worth much more in the overall experience and something people are used to now.
  10. 2010 Yellow, 2+0 Sport pack rev camera, cruise control, upgraded Alpine 920 with DAB,
  11. Had an email reply from Brandon this morning and it contained a few points that made me question the service I got from Williams Autos even more! I have to remember that I was one who chose to by a car from a dealer 400 miles away and that any follow ups would have to be dealt with locally, I just hoped that buying a car from a Lotus dealer it would have had less issues. At least It had some kind of warranty and so far has not cost me more than £1000 of own money, but this could have been much worse. I know 5 year old cars have issues but just expected them to be ironed out buy now. My previous car, Porsche, was without any issues but also had a great warranty that covered me at any Porsche centre in the UK. I think Lotus should be looking down this road to cover the dealer sold used cars.... I suppose this is probably a long debated issue already? I feel better today with the car after my little moan on here! Oh and also watching a few kids stoping to take a picture of me stuck in traffic...... It reminded what I loved about this car, it makes other people happy to see it. Fingers crossed that next week will be straight forward
  12. Unfortunately the delamitation was not covered by the '3rd Party' warranty from MMC and it took about 3 - 4 weeks to get authorisation for the aircon, but even then it did not cover the full cost..... I had to get the import part from the USA to come within the amount on the warranty. I had that work done by a Lotus dealer near Bath and can quite honestly say they were pretty useless in they're communications and the work was not great. I had to have a tweak done by a new Lotus dealer in Cwmbran to get the car through MOT, headlamp not aligned properly. The window issue strangely went away by it's self the day I took it to the garage but for a week and a half it was a total pain! The other headlamp has massive condensation (sorry not exactly water pouring in....... but looks like it!) and unlucky for me I use the car everyday and don't have a nice toasty garage to store the car Then about 2 weeks ago i noticed the car getting hot when in normal traffic, checked the coolant reservoir and it was empty, filled it back up and after a week the car was overheating due to empty reservoir. Hope the reservoir is the issue and not the engine...... I'm going to drop Brandon a message and see what he can do to help but fear it won't be much. Grrrrrrrr, this car has truly divided me. Nothing but a pain in the bottom but absolutely love the look of the Evora and the attention you get driving it. and at the same time! It's like being married..........
  13. I'm getting towards the end of my first 6 moths of Lotus ownership with a NA Evora 2010 purchased from Murray and I'm very tempted to sell and walk away. Out of the 6 months the car has been in the workshop for 5 weeks and looks like its going to be in for another week. First off was a headlight de-lamination, then failed aircon, drivers side window not closing fully, water getting into headlight and now the engine coolant is lasting a week (booked in next week for investigation along with headlight/water). I have never known a car with so many issues after purchasing in such a short space. I'm wondering if Murray sold me a duff car or its just bad luck, but I've kind of had a enough of my Lotus ownership.
  14. If you see a Yellow Evora in the area then it's probably me
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