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    77 Elite Air Ride "Red Panther", 85 Turbo Esprit, previously S4, S1, V8GT, GT3, V8SE, Elan plus2, Elan M100, Elan M100 preproduction Earl’s Court car, Elise S1
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  1. Thanks Rob, all good advice. i can see the motor and manual lift winder (such as is on my Esprits - but on the Esprit it’s easily accessible obvs) by looking through from behind the light pod with the bonnet up... with the motor in the pod tho you can only wind it so far before raising it cuts off the access! i am wondering if I undo the mounting bolts either side - the rad and wheel arch I might be able to somehow pull the pod out carefully? Problem I envisage with that though is the lift rod mechanism will still be attached and I don’t want to break or bend it!
  2. Hi all - I’ve trawled the searches to try to find any thread that can help but I’m drawing a blank! My problem is my left light won’t pop up - the lights are on - so I suspect it’s either earth or power to the motor But how on earth do I get access to it if I can’t get the light pod to pop up! Everything I’ve read is about either the conversion or starting from a pod that’s either up or already taken apart! any ideas? much appreciated cheers jim
  3. The black S2 has been around for about a year...up for private sale twice and at two auctions. I went to see it at kings lynn and it made 18.6k if I recall - but it wasn’t particularly impressive (see the eBay/for sale section on here) looks far better now in the photos but you never can tell, still tho a good looking esprit none the less
  4. Ah! Mr Croker! Good to see you back on the forum... Apologies for the lack of detailing I was just excited at getting the Panther out for a well deserved blast! We have never met in person as far as I know, but rest assured I am a big fan of your work and will never stop publicly congratulating you on your creation! Short of a recon steering rack and a new master brake cylinder it’s more or less as you left it, as far as I can tell and I am privileged to be benefiting from your vision. I will do my best to white the walls at the next opportunity... respect always jim 👍
  5. Took the Esprit for a trip down memory (Potash) lane! 😁
  6. Saw this today posted on a Facebook group called Gemspotting...S4 and an Essex on the ramp! (And another Gturbo in the shadows below)....
  7. They are.... I can’t claim credit for the good taste - I’m just benefiting from Charlie’s excellent choices... search for the build thread on here somewhere... still can’t give the man enough credit.. I am very lucky!
  8. Hi - they are Raydyot - one of my original pair was floppy so bought the same from eBay if I recall - about fifty quid for a pair in mat black (as per what was already on). I know a couple of other local elites have the same mirrors but they are chromed... Cheers! ive been tinkering today and discovered that the dipstick in the Esprit appears to be two inches too short! Had a nervous moment when I put a glug in and it still wasn’t registering... Lucky my dad had an idea and we used the far longer stick from the V12 E type and sure enough it bottomed out on the sump and read plenty.... I will post in the Esprit G section to ask if anyone has come across this before or of its just me having to relearn esprit stuff after a ten year break! 😬
  9. Wedgey goodness! 😝 Nice and dry out this afternoon so gave the Elite a blast to get the oily bits moving - started fine after working the choke and getting fuel flowing for the first time, after at least 6 weeks standing! 👍
  10. I regret selling nearly every car I’ve ever owned Paul! But you are correct this one is particularly irritating these days...I have remedied the situation with the Panther and now the white Turbo, 😉 so things aren’t all bad! 🤔 Feels like there must already be a thread on here for “if only I’d kept that til now I’d be ££££££s better off”???? another example here, to keep on topic...
  11. I used to own ULO658R - imagine my surprise when watching Alan Partridge earlier this year! I didn’t know it had made its way back here from Jeff in the US... pre restoration (that it didn’t really need tbh) pic;
  12. Here you go Barry, Jason, people....a known car I think?
  13. Hi - I was the “winning bidder” on the now white 343G... the German fellow was telling me the same story re a €30k buyer - I said good luck and let me know if it falls through etc...I’d been following the car (and JPS13) for a long time through ads he had placed and as usual he’d started off at ridiculous asking prices - I too felt bidding higher on an unseen car that might not be complete as a bit risky... However I’ve consoled myself subsequently, 😉 and The Panther now has a garage friend! Only downside is the E-Type probably has to make way, as 5 cars, and Harley, while walking to work, is a bit extravagant. 😬
  14. Just asking.... Don’t “need” the hen’s teeth or lottos tickets, but if you want to chuck them in with a deal on the slightly rarer the blue steak, Five Stud Compo’s pm me, it’ll be much appreciated... cheers jim......
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