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  1. If you’re serious give me a shout as I’d prefer 19/20s over my current 18/19s.
  2. I would take the new clutch as a positive. The clutch on the Evora is a known common issue which is exacerbated by the amount of labour required to remove the rear clam, engine etc to replace it. I was advised when looking for an Evora that I should budget for a new clutch if there was no evidence of a replacement, admittedly, I was looking at S1 cars older cars rather than a 400 would be, however, the advice proved to be spot on as the clutch needed to be replaced pretty soon after I bought the car but since I’d factored this into my purchase, it was an expected expense so had already been factored into my decision to buy. As an aside, my clutch lasted 125,000 miles due mainly to the fact a previous owner did the vast majority of the cars miles commuting/cruising on a motorway so not really straining the car at all. I’ve not heard of any other Evoras clutch last this long so this appears to be an exception, rather than the rule. My car is a 2010 car, coming up for its 10th birthday this month; I’d be interested to know how long other folks clutches have lasted and how many miles they to covered in the process.
  3. Advice I got before buying my 2010 last year was to budget for a new clutch if it hasn't been done. It appears that the example you are looking at has been done recently; depending on where you get the clutch replaced, that's almost £3k you'll potentially be saving so I'd say that if you're happy with the car, price and and spec you should probably go for it.
  4. In the link above there is no price, only that it's been reserved so can't comment on the 'Strong money' chat but one thing you might want to look at is the passenger airbag cover, is this flush? - Has it ever been replaced? - It's a common fault and expensive fix.
  5. @scotty435 Thanks for sharing your exhaust comparison picture above; would I be correct in saying that the polished pipe at the bottom right of the picture is effectively replaces the third cat? I have a 2010 Evora that still has the third cat and would be interested to know where you sourced de-cat pipe and what the cost was?
  6. Many thanks for the responses, I don’t remember seeing this car before but I’ll go through this thread tonight...... a fair bit of bedtime reading I think!
  7. I thought they looked like the same wheels but painted? - I noticed the exhaust looked crooked, it's the same in the earlier pic as well so I can only assume it's a cosmetic issue or it'd have been sorted over the last 4 years.
  8. Many thanks for the Response Bravo73, what were your impressions of the car when you saw it? I'm delighted to say that you're spot on with the removal of the F1-esq detailing, the car looks much better now...... At least in the pics I've seen:
  9. I've noticed a black Evora S for sale; from the pictures I can see it looks like a nice clean car and has just passed its MOT but the service history is a bit sketchy but mileage of 21500 seems to be in order on the Website. It appears to have had 3 previous owners so was wondering if there was anyone from here who had owned it or known anyone who has owned it previously and could possibly give a little insight into the cars history?
  10. It's definitely the same car that sat for over a year and was the subject of many discussions on here. When it was for sale last, it had covered 3,500 miles so at least it's seen some action over the summer.
  11. Greido


  12. I noticed the White 2013 SR today,my thoughts were exactly as mentioned above, it's at least £4K overpriced when you consider the White IPS took several months to sell at MMC which was the same price and if I remember correctly had less than half the miles, also, the car advertised today appears to be out of warranty. Having said all of that, it looks pretty stunning.
  13. Guys, many thanks for all your replies, I really do appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts, I've replied to a few of the comments below: Jay, if I was going for a Boxster or Cayman, it would have to be the 3.4; I absolutely loved my first Boxster S. Colin, No I've not spoken to Brandon in a while though he mailed me a few times when he had SRs in late last year, I should probably touch base with him and perhaps have a chat with Craig Moncriiff as I've been advised that he may be able to help source a car before it hits the market. Yes, would definitely prefer a manual; been driving Autos since I sold my Elise 4 years ago and kinda miss changing gear, sounds a bit daft but I hired a 1.6 diesel Seat Leon in ireland last year and had an absolute blast on the country roads, not for the noise, handling or performanace, just the novelty of selecting a gear myself. I use my other halfs Merc E350 Coupe which has flappy paddles but it's not the same! If i was offered an amazing deal on an Evora IPS I'd have to consider it but Manual would very much be my preference. I would prefer an 'S' but would consider an N/A, it's the yellow that's the problem.... How much is a decent wrap? Colin, it certainly does take my fancy but I just cannot justify the expense and what would be a huge amount of depreciation for what will be a toy that comes out the garage about twice per week. Alan, please hurry up and make up your mind and sell me your Evora...... Do you not fancy the Carbon Grey 400 at MMC? ;-) Thanks again guys, the search goes on!
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