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  1. Good Morning Peter, Thanks for your quick reply. I have even tried pulling it with a large ATV and only ended up skidding the tires. I have been under the car and used a hammer tapping on the drum at all the clock positions and still cannot get the drum to rotate. I am really unable to get at the star wheel inside to release the outward tension of the shoes. I can take pictures, but i'm sure that they wouldn't show you anything that you are not completely used to seeing. Just really relegated myself to having to drop the differential and then do all i need to do on the workbench....
  2. Okay Gentlemen. I keep hearing the step to remove the drum brakes..... What if the reason that you need to drop the differential in the first place is that the drum brakes are frozen and you can't get the drums to turn or tap outward to be removed ? ? I am looking at having to drop the differential to have better access to the drums from different angles just to get the brakes off and rebuilt. Am I wrong in my approach ? ? is there a better (EASIER) way to get the drums off ? ? ? The car has only 26,000 miles. Just sat too long in a closed up humid garage.
  3. The cloth portion of my seats had completely disintegrated. I bought some naugahyde that is very close to the original vinyl color and am recovering them using what's left of the original pieces as patterns. Thankfully, my wife has sewing machines and has been sewing for a long, long time. As far as the black bottom material, check with regular upholstery shop, doesn't need to be an automotive upholstery shop. The black material should be the same as what they use for chairs that don't have crossmember support .
  4. I know what you are talking about. They are trim pieces that crosses the top of the glass and then down the front edge just behind the "B" pillar. My Elite has them. They are in keeping with the black "B" pillar cover. Unfortunately, they are only on my driver's side window. Apparently the one's on the passenger side were removed by the previous owner. I also would like to know where I can acquire the 2 pieces I need for the passenger's side.
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