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  1. hi i notice recently i have a small oil leak coming from the engine sump, nothing major but does drip when engine is warmed up, tried various liquid metal solution but to no avail! does anyone know if this is an expensive repair to have fixed? thx andy
  2. hi i own an 85 esprit turbo and have a feeling the turbo unit may be on its way out, does anyone know how much a reconditioned unit costs or if there is any other turbo unit i can fit to it ? cheers andy
  3. i have always enjoyed top gear but must say thet the last few series have been boring! who wants to watch a cyclist race a car and the hamster and james may trying to beat clarkson to iceland? these take up a majority of the programe and i find it boring! get back to what top geqar is all about and review and tell us about cars thats what made it so popular
  4. hi i have an 1985 esprit turbo which unfortuntely i dont driva as much as i like but am currently in the process of getting it back on the road. i seem to have a problem which i think is fuel related. when idling the car ticks over fine but when i drive it it seem to cut out like there is some sort of fuel starvation and it wont always start again although does at some point, if i am at standstill and start to slowly rev the enginge at about 4000 rpm it goes spluttery fpr some reason. i have had a new filter amd jets cleaned out but was told sometimes the carbs need to be reset and balanced act? also there is a blow in the exhaust at one of the flexi joints near the back which i will replace!! would this cause it? any ideas would be great thx andy
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