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  1. Thank you, re-read that thread after your image above Dr D. Thanks Giorgio regards PNM, I’ll check with Pete, Best Regards, Jon.
  2. Happy New Year! Minimal jobs on the car over Christmas, phone calls to specialists regards carb rebuilds / shell transportation and such though in readiness. Few questions if anyone can help! I’ve procured some scaffold boards to build the body dolly and as mentioned before got some lovely castors off eBay. I was going to mount via the seat holes but these are quite close together front and rear and I’m concerned regards the stresses, even though I would spread these loads as much as possible. What is the best solution you’ve found for dolly mount locations? The body
  3. Hi, Lovely car! Foulds Motors in Huddersfield are well versed in the older cars, I’ve taken my cars to them from Leeds in the past. Best Regards, Jon.
  4. Hi, It would have been great if this was the actual car your dad owned as it would have been lovely to build the history, but I don’t think the number of owners, colour dates, VRM and date of first registration match your vehicle (the GCF car was kindly shown on my thread as it was a similar looking vehicle to mine originally but isn’t related). My car was originally bronze, then red and black though in the past but it’s most recent DVLA description is black, a colour it’s carried I believe for around 20 years or so now, but definitely since last SORN in around 2013. Looking
  5. Thanks for this. I intend to buy two new window switches and a fan switch in the original style, ideally for when the loom is ready (but I’ll live with these replacements in the meantime if I can’t find any). Thanks for the dash info, once that and the heater matrix and fan are out and the sills off, the body is ready to be sent for grp and paint prep.
  6. Forgot my tapping stick was in shot! Luckily not needed thus far. A bit of a closer look at the loom..... Many breaks / taps that are loose. Ignition butchered for remote start. Evidence of a couple of cuts for immobilisers. Multiple junctions added for modifying different switch types. Window lifter switches and heater fan switches replaced for non original and masks also cut to accommodate them. Horn button hot wired in to dash. Fog light circuit added. Seat belt light circuit missing. Some additional relays buried deep behind the
  7. Back inside the car today to further disassemble the binnacle with a view to getting the lower dash off for the matrix (otherwise wouldn’t be going this far in!) The instruments were held in with a metal mask, not sure if original but it wasn’t fixed. Deeper investigation of the loom and it’s really been hacked around, possibly with one wire melting that runs across the central tunnel. Was glad to see the instrument bezels rotate off to allow access to the plastic or glass screens, I’ll be able to clean them up without needing to send them away. Based what I discover regards the
  8. Thanks for the responses regards paint. I’ve been investigating chassis treatments this weekend, I’m swaying towards hot dip galvanisation after having the chassis blasted and repaired where required. What is the process for fixing the jacking dents under the front 2 ply box section? Do you unpick the folded metal sleeves / flaps and then replace them? I’ve seen ones repaired where they look lovely and flat, that’s the finish I’d like to achieve.
  9. Thank you both for this. I’ll be doing this (if I do take it on) by hand only to prevent any over zealous incursions into the GRP. How will I know if I’ve gone too far into the top coat and is the remedy to add resin cure back to the compromised area? The PO must have spent some decent hours removing several paint layers and I don’t think the GRP is compromised but a couple of panels have been redone in primer which I want to gently remove again. I tried some 120 gently and this gives a good rate of removal of some of the guide coat and plenty of notice when it goes cream c
  10. Outstanding levels of finish, truly amazing! The transition to this stage must be so exciting when on a restoration project.
  11. I had a quick look at the various paint I currently have on the car. This is with a view to very carefully hand sanding down the body to save the eventual painter some trouble and also for me to see what condition the body is actually in to help assess it. I’ve not started this as I don’t have the expertise, but would do if I knew I wasn’t going to damage anything. From what I can see, the flesh coloured layer appears to be the true bottom layer, would that correspond with GRP? If I do decide to tackle this, as I would do it over time by hand (so speed won’t be the driving
  12. Cheers, spotted them, will add them to the list.
  13. More of a research day (ie - sofa day). Going to take the fuel tanks, heater matrix and radiator to Northern Radiators in Leeds for assessment / work. The tank in the SE to expand on the previous photo had started to weep from below. From memory I’d sorted the breather pipe which was much broader bore than the S2 type and fixed the rollover valve etc. Still smelled of fuel. Checking the void beneath tanks via the inspection hole (should these have a large grommet in them btw?) and the area was damp with fuel (right next to the manifold area which could glow red hot after a good run
  14. Not much progress since the last post, but have received the Kangol belts from an MG parts supplier for a reasonable price for the condition. Gave them a good clean to get all the inertia gubbins working OK and definitely did not remove the panel that said “DO NOT REMOVE”. So didn’t then need to spend a happy evening getting the spring back into place, phew. As the above theoretical event would have taken more hands than I had available, no photos, so thought I would share the following after digging some pics out last night after a chat with a forum member. The first is m
  15. Good luck and welcome in! Take your time, document with photos, enjoy yourself and don’t put yourself under too many deadlines would be my advice. They are just large toy cars assembled imperfectly a long time ago, that with a little care and attention, you can make good (or even better than new again if that’s your thing) as a rewarding hobby. Do you have any other experience of restoration? Given the choice I would probably take the body off the car as whole as possible and fix all the mechanicals first, replace the body then enjoy the car for a while as a scruffy
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