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  1. From memory, they drop down to the grilles in the side buttress, the carbs then drawing air from the intake vent on the opposite side of the rear compartment after it has been drawn across the rear luggage area. I recall modifying mine to take air directly from the closest vent (on the offside) so I could hear the induction better. I don’t think they left the factory like this as water could be forced straight into the carbs under the right circumstances.
  2. Agree! I was just discussing with my partner if I’d have traded the latest 911 I have for the Esprit (she used to drive the Esprit) or bought it back outright if the price had been right, but it’s moot now. Glad to see it went eventually to a good home, someone needed to take it by the scruff and lift the body, sort everything and make it good for another decade and it looks like it’s been done. I think while I wanted to be that person reading the blogs on here, deep down I was happier driving it than being under it (don’t get me wrong, I did a load of work such as tank swaps etc on
  3. Turned down an S1 for £1500 at the turn of the century, I think I’d have still been in for £50K with everything it needed! Maybe Esprits were grossly under valued at the time, but the difference between a very average car and some of the top level restorations on here I expect is still not reflected in the asking prices of the top tier. It does make me think how Lotus themselves could make them for what they did, but they only had to put them together. Hope the S2 blogger does the video car proud, always great to see another car being brought back. Does Mark from the midlan
  4. Thanks Paul, Think it’s my old car, ten years owned from 2002 to 2012, dealer was going to restore it but flipped it himself a month after I traded it to him. I can still see some of the leather repairs in the images and the alarm LED someone had mounted in the binnacle before my ownership. Passed a message on if the new owner wants to contact me to discuss the period of my ownership, as it was an interesting car (in a good way) and I have old photos of it I can send them plus other assorted details. Would have loved to own it again, but it’s grown in value 10X since my days, no
  5. Thanks for all the replies! One poster asked what was wrong with my black S2, it went a few years ago as part exchange for a Porsche (we had kids on the way and reality struck me that without a 2+2, my sports car days were temporarily over!) I ran the S2 alongside an SE for around four years, my Esprit ownership in total was around 10 years (which equates to several lifetimes in Lotus years and I hope qualified me as some kind of enthusiast!) They were everyday cars at one point in my ownership. The car I miss the most is the S2 though. I really wanted an S1 but was guided
  6. Thanks, I believe the red car has been there a while, starting out with gold leaf colour scheme. The S2 / S1 look alike appeals being white. I did wonder if it had been subject to any forum posts recently.
  7. Hi, does anyone know the S2 (kitted our to look like an S1) at the above dealer?
  8. That's lovely, I can see where the effort is going. What's the final colour choice?
  9. I keep meaning to check the build numbers of S1 versus the Dvla registry of cars still active and work out the gap of potential cars that could still be found in RHD. Sorry, for scrap heap meant dormant cars that just dropped of the radar but beyond current owners budget or skill set to restore! I have a loving home ready for such a basket case but expect there is a queue.
  10. +1 for the Buckles meet, quick hop along the A64 from North Leeds and the NYLOC group are great bigfella. Fridge, would love to come visit and just stare at your car one day if the opportunity arises, spend some time in Whitby just down the road from you.
  11. That's sad, I wonder if the plate being removed has skewed this though, think the new owner was Birmingham way and the car reverted back to original reg....
  12. Had an S2 and an SE at the same time, they overlapped by around 4 years from memory so I could drive them back to back for long periods. I'm still a huge fan so please take following in context of an ex owner that would get another tomorrow if the conditions were right! SE benefited from the GM 100K mile shakedown tests that GM insisted the SE went through. NVH was reduced drastically for the investment from GM. The car also took the step here from being a sports car to more of a GT / Supercar in my opinion also. The SE looked amazing just stood still. I did a lot of work on mine bu
  13. Thanks Dave, More than happy to chat, drop me a Pm with your details and I'll call you. I owned an SE and S2 for many years running them for a while as daily cars and doing a lot of work myself to keep them going such as fuel tank swaps and charge cooler replacement. I'm not that technical but being hands on is an important part of ownership. Only moved across to four seater German stuff as the family started. I think the trader that I part ex'd must have removed the plate in that case and sold separate. I'd been looking for S1's for ages but got warned off (much
  14. Hi, I'm looking for a former S2 I used to own, buyer would have purchased from Harrogate area in 2013. Just interested if the car is still around and in use.
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