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  1. That’s a great idea, thanks for that👍
  2. So, you might have 3 spare 😁
  3. Thanks Dave, It would be the relatively local Lotus historic guy I would use for pressing new bearings in etc, I’ll see where I am after the parts are cleaned up, he knows Esprits so if it can be done without breaking, he’d be the person. Good advice regards that stud, hope it can be saved!
  4. Nipped to the garage at lunchtime, he spent longer finding the socket than freeing up the nut! No charge as well but they get all my daily cars to spanner so happy with that. My efforts before have created a flat on one of the wheel studs...... Should I replace the total wheel carrier or have this machined / new stud added? There’s a lip behind the other side, awkward..... Its one of the reasons I’m using specialists, my brute force blundering is ok for saving £££ on disassembly but I lack the engineering skills when it comes to reassembly or more difficult tasks.... I’ll n
  5. Had a scaffold pole over this, the hub just laughed at me.....
  6. Thanks for that, viewed the article and with hindsight should have cracked the castle bolts while car was assembled, but the braking system was already long deactivated. May use a local firm to carefully drill out the old stud once it’s been cut, don’t want anyone to be using a hammer anywhere near them. Article mentions the incredible fusing force the stud could have become subject to, beyond my limited capabilities to resolve at home!
  7. Hi, no, this is just trying to crack off the castle nut holding the wheel carrier on! Haven’t got to the lower stud yet...
  8. Thanks for responses, I’m resigned to having to cut the stud, the garage is just freeing off the hub nut!! Good idea on cutting it off though, I may follow that route for the other side. I’ve a dremel with cutting wheels that would sort it in 5 minutes. I was concerned about doing any (further) damage to anything on the assembly, the UJ’s were flexing something chronic! What counters 200lb on the other side of the assembly without damage when tightening?!??? Regards the glass, definitely as above (thanks for the pics) these are different, the S2 used bonding with a very cheap v
  9. Yes, had a soak and got a little heat on it but felt the bar flexing too much! Local place will crack them and do either the same or less damage than I would have done in a small percentage of the time. Might need a new wheel carrier now anyway due to rounding off one of the studs!
  10. Well, I don’t know what torque the castellated nuts holding the rear hubs were set to, but I’ve had to pack the whole thing off to the local garage from them to free it off. As I can’t free off the hub, I can’t separate the trailing arms, so the thing has gone as one whole assembly with a warning as to how fragile the hub is. Got a Halfords 34mm socket, 1 metre breaker bar and scaffold pole extension, barred the wheel studs but just flatted the threads on the studs!! I was more worried about damaging / breaking something if I continued, reckon I will need a new stud where this one wa
  11. I’m investigating a new S2 loom from a U.K. supplier, they only have LHD and would like to see my original RHD before quoting, mine is so badly shot I’m not sure it’s a good example to even pass them. I offered them the wiring diagram but they said it wouldn’t be much use with out the actually loom as a comparison. I was surprised at this as the LHD version can’t be that different to what I need and could even just be flipped over possibly. So not as straightforward as I had hoped.....
  12. I might have an issue with the rears as the hub assembly is off the car on one side! Thanks for the rear 3/4 shots, I might reintroduce the framed quarter lights based on this closer to the time.
  13. Are the castellated nuts holding the hubs on held under massive torque or just nipped up to hold the bearings in place? This is the next task but wanted to check if it’s a scaffold pole or normal breaker bar to free off the nut!
  14. Thanks Dave I’m looking to see if the S1 frames would drop into the S2 3/4 aperture. If they don’t, I’m going to live with S2 items. Looking at your image, they may drop straight in and follow the curve...
  15. Does anyone have an equivalent photo of this area on an S1? I’m seeing how the frame / window works on the three quarter area. Are the S1 metal 3/4 window frames flat?
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