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  2. thanks for all of the advice, i am currently trying to convince my dad to put it on his drive untill the garage is clear, and then i can have a good look at her ! if i deside to sell it, i woudnt be looking at a big figure so would much rarther keep it and store it in alot dryer place untill i deside to take it on, if anything changes i be sure to post it up
  3. i will have a nose about and see if i can find some threads of other peoples what would be the best order to do things if i went ahead with it ?
  4. okay thanks guys !! i will have a good long hard think about it, but its good to know if i go for it there is plenty off help out there ! would be nice to get the little beut back on the road again! if i do i will be sure to put a thread up on hear, is there many people on hear who has restored one ??
  5. My dad brought it from a local man in Exeter for £900 he replaced the windscreen and all of the exhaust! The water pump went on it and it was put in the garage then moved down the field and with five kids I geuss he had trouble finding the time for it ! I understand that it woodent be a simple job and then engine would most likely have to come and rebuilt and cleaned as god knows what's it like in there !! The body it self is actully pretty good No cracks just a couple scratches, but there could be more once it's washed down! The paint work on the Bonnet and roof the laquer has peeled badly. I jacked the car up and had a look under neith the rear end and there was a lot of surface rust but nothing that seemend bad, read in a couple other posts that the rear cross member tends to rust so that would mean the body would have to come off ???. I would like to keep it in the family just for dad's sake as he seen it wasting away ! As for time and money, I don't go out much and the misses lives up in Thame (her dads just finished restoring a 2cv) and I'm a full time chippy so funds for the restoration could be done over a lengthy period. Sorry if I went on about it . I And thanks you all a brilliant ! I didn't think I would get such a warm welcome !!! Also the interior is good the seats are good the head lining isint so that would be replaced ! Along with some carpet and a few wooden knobs in the seats
  6. Hello, im new to this site and forum i have a lotus elite 502, its been sat in a field under a (leaky) shelter for over ten years! non runner and a seized rear end along with every other cable in the car, apart from the bonnet relise. i have all the v5 and all the service history along with the car as the previose owner was my dad. so it brings me to my question! im 19 i would like to think im good with my hands and with some help, would it be a monster of a task taking on restoring the elite seems such a shame to sell it ? opinions welcome. im sorry for any incorrect spelling and any questions please feel free to ask. i will also attach some photos thanks in advance will would also like to add that it would not be quick rough job !
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