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  2. oops... sorry! but I'm sure his will work way way better!
  3. well, yes... He has shipped to Italy without any comment just consider a couple of weeks to receive them By the way, I also ordered 4 of these: A121G6001F (nut, conical seal, TPMS transmitter) I believe they are needed for mounting the sensors
  4. I have recently ordered a set of these: have yet to mount them, so I cannot guarantee (at least, the code should be right)
  5. Thank you for clarifying this! I indeed have some issues with my lock... hope to be able to sort them out soon
  6. You are right about the taxation issue in Italy. This, and the ongoing economical situation, has generally caused a decrease of the value of used or very low mileage "sport" cars (personally, I took advantage of it when buying mine a couple of years ago). Unfortunately, I cannot be of much help about technicalities of buying from outside Italy...
  7. Hi Zbe, Since you are after an LHD one, there are some decent offers here in Italy (you may browse these offers on "") good luck
  8. It's been a while that I wonder if it is normal that the internal handles do not release the door lock... As far as I remember, in other cars that I had, pulling the handle would cause opening of the door, even if locked In the Evora (at least in mine), I first have to lift the pin and then I can open the door with the handle I know this is a rather silly question, but doors lately are giving me a lot of troubles and I am starting to question everything...
  9. Same problem here, for the driver door. Pin does not move at all when pressing the fob; it moves only with the key inserted in the lock (at least I can lock the door). Mine is a year 2011 model; apparently, previous owner already had the lock mechanism replaced with the recall (at least this is what the dealer told me)
  10. Guys, that is so good to see we all have similar experiences! Now , about those venom red seats...I was wondering if they could fit in a paprika red interior..I guess not..any thoughts?
  11. Hi, Sorry to reopen a long-dead post ... but I have this problem with the door sensor not recognizing that the door is closed (this is quite serious, since I cannot close with the fob and the satellite-based alarm cannot be activated) Is there someone who happened to have this problem and had it solved, who knows which exact part is to be replaced? Unfortunately, I cannot rely on dealers here in Italy for any kind of advice... Thanks a lot!
  12. I really like the look of the new front bumper, but I guess replacing it, provided it is possible, would be way too expensive The white 400 in the photo looks so good! Hadn't see many pics of the new car in white, yet...
  13. I guess you are right, they seem to have removed it from the website. I assure you there was one, though, specific for the evora.. You may still find it on the eBay, see e.g. In any case, at the end, I opted for the boe; at least in my car, the induction sound is quite loud (I like it, but I guess it may be a problem for some). I plan to check the AFR together with a re-map in the very near future
  14. Hi, don't know if anyone already mentioned it, but the service parts list for the Evora 400 is on-line: cheers
  15. Hi Pete, I have the Nokian WR A3 as winter tyres for my EVORA NA (18/19, in the same size as the summer tyres) they are good winter tyres and come quite cheap I had them on during winter time also for my previous car (Megane RS)
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