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  2. FWIW....CTEK are very good, though I bought this one (motorcareltd on ebay- £33.99) (not because I think it's better...I just liked the look of it !) : Ring RSCA4 Intelligent Battery Charger 8 Stage charging process Suitable for all types of battery including batteries for stop/start vehicles 8 stage smart battery charger to deliver optimum battery charging. This smart charger has a built in microprocessor that analyses the battery condition and regulates the battery charge to ensure maximum battery performance The charger has specific charging modes for different types of battery. The modes suit lead acid, Gel and AGM batteries. It is also suited to charging more complex batteries fitted to vehicles with Start/Stop technology Includes a power supply mode to maintain a constant battery voltage when devices are connected to a vehicle and draining battery power, this mode enables you to leave the charger connected permanently to the battery to maintain the voltage in a safe and efficient way The RSCA4 features LED charge indicators to show what stage you are at in the charging process, giving you clear indication to when the battery will be fully charged. Temperature compensation is also a clever feature on the RSCA4 which adjusts the charging voltage depending on the ambient temperature. The RSCA4 is supplied with battery clamp leads and also ring terminal leads for a more permanent connection Specification Input Voltage: 220 - 240v AC Output: 7.2v - 1a 14.4v - 1a 14.4v - 4a 14.7v - 4a 13.8v - 4a Types of battery: Lead Acid, Gel, EFB, Calcium, AGM Battery Size: 10aH - 120aH Protection: IP65 Being forgetful and stupid), I've had to use it 3 times on a FLAT, FLAT battery...seems to have done the's on permanently now...
  3. Salut Olivier ... bienvenue à TLF ... je suis un nouveau membre aussi et aime la combinaison grise et orange brûlé trop (je plaisante !!)
  4. Thanks Al and Buddsy...hopefully I can add something positive to the forum in the future. Al, your avatar brings back memories...sorry about the background but at least it was (originally) in Burnt Orange (ish)
  5. Thanks Michael...and yes, Google Translate is a wonderful thing, but I was in a quandary whether to go with Traditional or Simplified Chinese...
  6. Best of British

    © ReganImages

  7. Thanks to all for your kind welcome....I've just read my post again...I sound like Swiss Toni !!
  8. Hi Y'all... ...been renewing my presence on various Lotus Club forums recently, but signed up as NK?OTB here yesterday. Got some great advice from you lovely chaps already ... cheers for that. I've had my S1 Elise for 8 years now and love her to bits...I occasionally think of divorce but I always reach a point where I decide there's nothing that's so much fun, she only let me down once (when she needed to let off steam on the M'way), she's without pretension, she's low maintenance, doesn't argue when I put my foot down, knows exactly what and who she is, and she always looks great (especially topless !!). My other is a Focus and does a job...but I am being drawn to a (2nd hand) 335D Touring...maybe next year !
  9. Thanks Bibs, and thanks for your welcome ramjet...I'll head over to the New Kid on the Block section tomorrow (today even !)
  10. Thanks for getting back to me Bibs I've had the car for 8 years now and got rid of the Pirellis immediately so have always had T1Rs on it. I only use it for the road (and I reach my limits before the tyres do...usually !! )...never been tracked so I didn't want to fork out for Yokos etc. I found the Toyos very good in some of the La Sarthe storms of previous years too...but I don't jump in for a blast if it's already raining at home. I can get 185s for £48 each or £91/pair and 195s for £36 ea or £75/pair (delivered but not fitted)...which surprised me but it seems 185s are less common. Do you know anything about the "re-inforced" wording that I mentioned ? I think it was on Tyresonyourdrive (or similar)...I noticed some of the adverts had "XL" on them too. Cheers for the info.
  11. Hi chaps... just signed up so this is my first (and hopefully NOT my first stupid) post Sorry if this was asked elsewhere but couldn't find anything... 1. Found some good deals online for T1Rs but some say "re-inforced side-wall for better road-holding" next to them...are these suitable, or are all T1Rs (that fit S1 Elises) re-inforced by default ? 2. I have 185/55/R15s on the front and only really need one tyre, but the cost of two 195/50/R15s isn't much greater than the cost of one 185. Is there any difference in handling (wet and dry) in putting 195s on please ? Cheers...any help would be gratefully received.
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