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  1. Those Silver and black BBS look great. Any close ups?
  2. MJK


  3. Hi guys, also interested but would need to buy a new set of tires as Ive already bought a set of different artwork from Tredware for my existing Pirellii 600's tires I have still to fit. How much is a new set of tires and whats the best brand to go for please? P600? Like what I already have on their. P.S - Obviously be careful of the insane daylight robbery UK import tax from buying goods from the US.
  4. Has anyone ever had a custum made Stainless Steal or Aluminium or Wood dashboard made for the S3? Whats the story with the 2 bubble holes left and right on the panel not used? (Not worried about my S3 Turbo being kept Factory) Not a fan of the plastic panel. Started by Arnaud Couturon, 7 Mar 2014
  5. Nice, and the new fuel tanks are Stainless Steel, What grade and thickness ? How will you repair the cut out you did to remove the corroded original ones ?
  6. Hi Guys, Happy New Year. What is the Best car cover for the outside for a 1984 S3 Esprit Turbo please? The car is going to live on my driveway. And Id like to protect the beast as best as possible from rain, cold and sun. James
  7. Hi guys, how do you tell if a fuel tank is on its way out on a 1977 S1 Esprit and on a 1984 S3 Esprit please?
  8. This Very Sexy number was up on Ebay last year in the US, some of you may have seen. 2 Owners garaged its entire life. And had very nice BBS, 'Red' powder coated inners and Polished metal rims. It went for very good money even by 2015 price increases from memory.
  9. Happy Christmas everyone. Another part of my 2015/16 Red 84 S3 Turbo Restoration is the Rear Bumper - Pimp Out! I like I'm sure many of us on this site am a fully paid long term member of the 'Roger Moore Appreciation Society'. So having a Red S3 with a mint condition rear fully black bumper was only going one way. Giving Steve & Ross @ SJ Sports the criteria, No details to be spared on the finishing and edging. (I have a long history in the restoration in listed Victorian buildings in London). Detail and finishing is everything. Lotus Monaco white being the colour of course. And Now !
  10. To start off my S3 Restoration I'm starting with the BBS wheels. Fortunately these were in great condition from go. (1 previous owner) and very well cared for by the looks of things. (Zero rimming) and little or no bubbling rust issues. Of course I would love to be able to get hold of some Dry Stump Gold Compomotives and be able to fit them onto this S3. However instead I've organized stripping back the outer rims to the bare metal and powder coating the center with Lotus Gold and replacing the wheel badges with new Silver Badges and new studs. Giving Steve @ SJ Sports the criteria NO compromise on strip back, finish and execution.
  11. 10/10 ! Who did the body work restoration! Wish goodyear still made those tyres! Any ideas where I could get a set of Compomotives wheels silver or gold for my 84 S3? Any ideas as to a cool white lettering tyre available on todays market for an S3?
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