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  1. Mine approx 65-66mm diameter...and yes, they're larger than the stock Lotus ones 🙄
  2. 4wd dyno should comparatively read slightly lower than 2wd dyno (all conditions being the same), but you also need to remember that there are drivetrain losses...hence the lower figure than your (engine) power.
  3. I got mine from Silverstone a while back. Looks good, and it came with black bolts too, but I stayed with silver for contrast.
  4. I have some RS42 17x8 +20 and 18x10 + 30. All fits fine...but I have standard suspension
  5. Out of curiosity, what minimum thickness should the rotors get to before considering replacement? I think from new the fronts are 32mm, and rears 26mm. Thanks!
  6. Saw a recent Mr JWW YouTube vid where he was in Dubai driving around....and there was so much sand on the streets!!! He got his PPF done by some mob in Dubai, and I reckon it’d be a good idea for some added protection for your car too.
  7. This may help:
  8. Nice write up mate! However, your article has convinced me not to do the swap...looks like a real headache (literally!!!) Well done on persevering though, and much kudos for the job. I guess I’ll have to look at other options to change the pedal setup- I find the brake pedal too high for h&t (and maybe the throttle bit too far away).
  9. Based on my experience, the leading edge of soft top should be quite hard to move/lift when installed. To adjust, you’ll need two small spanners (not sure on size sorry), to loosen one nut, which will then allow you to adjust the length of the cable with the other nut. Once done, tighten first nut hard up against second one. There are some pics floating around somewhere on the forum I think...
  10. Well done! Looks very neat. Check the adjustment cable to make sure it’s a tight fit, as you don’t want water making its way in (though i don’t imagine you’d get much rain in the UAE!) As it’s so hot in your area, are you only going to take the roof off at night?!? ?
  11. Short answer is yes, you can adjust the beam height (cog behind headlight) Long answer is that it’s a wheel off, arch liner off, PITA to do! If you’re going to do it, consider a bulb upgrade too, as the stock output is dim. Good luck!
  12. Doesn't sound right. However, brake light sensor has adjustment where you can push/pull to alter the brake pedal contact.
  13. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I guess a fresh sample from a paint shop would be best!
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