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  1. Not much to say really. Dealer did the big cover off unveil and after an initial wow ... suddenly it was "what are those big trails in the paint down the roof, why is every panel swirled and scratched, why are there big dull dry spots in the paint on the front clam?" Dealer says ... oh this is about normal for cars coming to us from Lotus. I was shocked that it came from the Factory with such flaws and not be picked up in QA and rectified. To be fair the Dealer was very quick to rectify it, got a warranty claim raised with Lotus and off to a reputable paint specialist to sort out the main issues. I did get the feeling that these final cars needed to get out the door. Others in the same batch seemed to be very good - TonyKL's, etc. Your experience was shocking. To steal a tyre from a customer's car and then have such little respect for the way it is handled while in their care. They are only sorry because they got caught.
  2. Some of you will have seen and know of the issues I had when going to pick mine up ... very poor paint from the Factory to the extent that the front needed a full wet sand and polish and the roof needed taking back to base coat and then clear coating afresh. Lotus do not do themselves any favours poor QA, poor communications and making decisions on the fly. It comes across as non-professional and so I think the Dealers act the same. You don't buy one of these cars because they make sense, so the Factory and the Dealers take liberties. If they don't up their collective game then Geely better have deep pockets for all the warranty claims against the Emira.
  3. Looking great, I do like a yellow Elise ... good to see some starting to hit the roads. Enjoy!
  4. I think the configurator maybe wrong it seems to be showing the 2016 weight ... I found this in a recent Evo regarding the 2017 250 CUP which is the same as the FE specification: "As is the way with Lotus, the car’s weight is very important. Generous use of carbonfibre, plastic and aluminium has reduced the Cup 250’s weight to 917kg, 14kg lighter than previous model. As standard, the hardcore Elise gets carbonfibre seats, forged alloy wheels, a lithium-ion battery and a polycarbonate rear screen."
  5. I was surprised as I thought the final run was supposed to be complete by autumn so Lotus could reconfigure for the 131 production start. Still I was happy to find a dealer stock car which I was able to configure. There is one other dealer stock car that I know of but that was spec locked. None of the other main Southern dealers had stock 250 cars coming only 240s.
  6. I am in for a long wait ... quoted Wk 47 but might come earlier. It will probably be one of the last off the line, I hope they order enough bits! A shame that I will not be out and about this summer in it. I could have had a similar spec non-FE Cup from dealer stock but wanted an FE.
  7. I know I started a recent thread talking about Evora 410s ... well it turns out I really wanted another Elise. Who knew. So, Cup 250 FE is now locked. Spec: Daytona Blue Black pack Carbon aero kit Hard top Black wheels Red calipers Silver interior Aircon Stereo Sound insulation, carpets & mats I thought it particularly odd that black interior & stitching was another £2200. I tried to get some photos from the Factory of the silver but with working from home rules it was not easy to get photos from the trim shop apparently. I got told it is more toward silver rather than graphite.
  8. Thanks Dean, very helpful. I am looking at the 400 / GT410 Sport but it sounds like the latter may be too much. I don't want a daily but equally if it is too physical I know from experience that it will not get used too much. I had a 135R which was too much with the LSS and then I made it worse on the road by fitting Nitrons - it was superb on track though.
  9. Hi John, that's very interesting thanks for your insight. I know the Mezger really needs to be at the top rev range to feel special. Just waiting for B&C to re-open now that it feels spring is on the way.
  10. Hi Both, Good to know that general reliability is ok. I hadn't really picked up on the GT410 / GT410 Sport variations. But now I see there was two distinct flavours. "How Many Left" doesn't have it as a discrete model, probably Lotus not wanting to go through the paperwork, was it just a 'Touring' option package? I've not seen many advertised and only the GT410 Sport is listed on the Lotus website now. With regards battery, I've had a few Porsche 987s and they are notorious for battery drain. After a few days the car goes into sleep mode and if you are not careful the battery dies and then it is a real faff to get to the battery under the front boot or even the ignition key out of the barrel.
  11. Hi John, I've heard many people say the 6.2 GT3 is very stiff as standard but the engine, brakes and general build quality are much better than the slightly softer 6.1. It's interesting that you went to the 400 and found it more refined. How does the Evora engine stack up against the Mezger?
  12. Hi Justin, Thats interesting to know. I've only driven an early Evora, but many years ago and from memory I thought it was a little soft but that may have been in comparison to my Elise at the time. I guess I need to do some research but has the 400 turned out to be reliable, well other than the niggles and back-ordered parts?
  13. Hi All, Over the years I have had a string of Elises but I have been been Lotus-less for the last few while I dabbled with Porsches. I miss having a Lotus and I have been considering an Evora off and on since the launch event I went to at Bell & Colvill back in 2009 and I think it may be about time to scratch that itch. However, I have also always wanted a GT3 and with the baffling current marketplace the prices of 996 / 997 era cars seem to be rising to the point where they are the same as a (nearly) new GT410 Sport. So, who has come from a 996/7 era GT3 to an Evora, why and how have you found it? Is the GT410 the one to have? I prefer the look of the revised styling, but should I also consider the 400? Hopefully as we come out of lockdown I will be able to get some test drives organised.
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