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  1. Funnily enough I received a rear wing but both end plates are for the same side. Wing looks well made though. I think I should be getting my remaining items sent out today 🙂
  2. That purple is well nice! Did you lacquer the 3d printed parts? printed nylon is porous so might be worth getting them lacquered to seal them up from the elements.
  3. I don't have access to a trickle charger either so I used to remove the battery and charge it in the house every 6 weeks which is a faff. Got one of these now If the battery is a bit flat then this fires the car straight up. I looked into helmets, they are all the same thickness between head and roof. As someone said you need to tilt the seat or replace it. I spent a while making some brackets to tilt the standard seats here: A few guys on here use them and may be a cheaper solution than getting a whole new seat.
  4. Thanks for taking these photos 👍 I'm good with the measurements for now. I just wanted to see what it bolts too, I'll have another look at mine at some point. Think I'll try and get some of these brackets before mounting a big wing.
  5. Xpel and Hexis seem to be the biggest PPF manufacturers. Put up your location and I'm sure people will reccommend an installer local to you.
  6. Would someone with a 430 cup be so kind to post up some photos of these reinforcement brackets fitted in the car. I have managed to find one photo but it isn't super clear.
  7. Yep, got a pressure bleeder, a vacuum bleeder, and the AP racing instruction book. I'm not sure if I will be able to tell when the new fluid comes through so plan on winding the pistons back and drawing through at least 300mm from each caliper. I would have thought that should be enough to flush the lines through.
  8. Ha you would have thought so, It was a new car to him and first time driving it, it actually was an ex bedford car. But yeah it had a small coolent leak, he got it fixed in the end at 2pm so his day was'nt a total loss. I have 2 litres of castrols finest turning up today so I have a busy weekend planned changing fluid and pads out, got Oulton next week so hopefully I do a good job haha.
  9. Was good meeting you and seeing the car, its awesome, definitely going to get that subwoofer! It was a great day out and was the first time for me at that track and also my friend with an Atom which unfortunately was the offending vehicle at the start of the day 🙈 I was hoping to keep up but was no where near 🤣. I think I need to do a few more trackdays there before i'm anywhere near your pace of driving. It's some track, I managed to boil the brake fluid on the previous session and I think I only made it worse attempting to keep up with you! The drive home was interesting!
  10. Yea I think you have assumed correctly, It should be identical. I thought you may have been trying to go for the Cup 430 look with the horizontal strap, but if you're happy with the vertical look then no issues. I would like the horizontal one though, guess I'll have to contact them and ask nicely. Thanks for the link I'll definitely get a cheaper strap when I get around to it.
  11. Would it not be 2a, 3, 4 and 5? thats for the cup 380/430. Think there was another thread on here somewhere and they also talked about getting the correct rear diffuser grille B138U0271F although for the price you could probably just take a dremel to your existing one.
  12. Depending on the type of seat brackets you have you can get a product called tall rails for the older style. I make some rails for the newer seats that help with headroom by tilting the seat back. However they won't help with your shoulder room issue so a tillet may be your best bet, I think they do extra wide seats.
  13. I'm starting to think the majority of exige owners are half deaf... or soon will be 😂
  14. I don't know if it's because I have a soft top but mine is loud even with the noise insulation. I wear ear plugs when I drive mine all the time. Cruise control is useful but not exactly the smoothest implementation. You can feel the car surging forward and then letting off to maintain the correct speed. I wonder if you could retrofit it. Alcantara protection: I know detailers offer products for this maybe worth talking to some. I find with the brakes you need to get some heat into them and then they work great, they also seem to last a long time. I'll be sticking with the standard pads long term.
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