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  1. Was good meeting you and seeing the car, its awesome, definitely going to get that subwoofer! It was a great day out and was the first time for me at that track and also my friend with an Atom which unfortunately was the offending vehicle at the start of the day 🙈 I was hoping to keep up but was no where near 🤣. I think I need to do a few more trackdays there before i'm anywhere near your pace of driving. It's some track, I managed to boil the brake fluid on the previous session and I think I only made it worse attempting to keep up with you! The drive home was interesting!
  2. Yea I think you have assumed correctly, It should be identical. I thought you may have been trying to go for the Cup 430 look with the horizontal strap, but if you're happy with the vertical look then no issues. I would like the horizontal one though, guess I'll have to contact them and ask nicely. Thanks for the link I'll definitely get a cheaper strap when I get around to it.
  3. Would it not be 2a, 3, 4 and 5? thats for the cup 380/430. Think there was another thread on here somewhere and they also talked about getting the correct rear diffuser grille B138U0271F although for the price you could probably just take a dremel to your existing one.
  4. Depending on the type of seat brackets you have you can get a product called tall rails for the older style. I make some rails for the newer seats that help with headroom by tilting the seat back. However they won't help with your shoulder room issue so a tillet may be your best bet, I think they do extra wide seats.
  5. I'm starting to think the majority of exige owners are half deaf... or soon will be 😂
  6. I don't know if it's because I have a soft top but mine is loud even with the noise insulation. I wear ear plugs when I drive mine all the time. Cruise control is useful but not exactly the smoothest implementation. You can feel the car surging forward and then letting off to maintain the correct speed. I wonder if you could retrofit it. Alcantara protection: I know detailers offer products for this maybe worth talking to some. I find with the brakes you need to get some heat into them and then they work great, they also seem to last a long time. I'll be sticking with the standard pads long term.
  7. I am looking at purchasing some of this oil. However what grade should we be using for track? I see Lotus used to reccomend 10w60 for track use but now the instructions say 0w-40. I have searched the forums and read some other threads and i'm still non the wiser of choosing a difinitive grade.
  8. Hope you're getting the ones with the armrests too! I guess if the seat did actually fit then you would want to modify one of their existing seat rails for fitment, looks like MO or YZ are the low profile ones but the holes do not match the lotus holes. Maybe someone has made up an adapter plate for a lotus.
  9. Thanks, Just done some quick excel formulas: Looks like I need to swap my tyres left to right! If anyone wants this basic excel sheet then just let me know.
  10. Is 5/5.5mm brand new tyre depth? I'm just trying to workout how much potential life I have left in mine.
  11. Hi Jason, Thanks for personally replying, I'll probably look at ordering something towards the end of the month. I'm also looking at a big wing. I'll send you an email at some point, I have a few questions about various products and whether you can do custom items.
  12. Anyone used this place for lotus parts? are they legit? They don't seem very forthcoming about where they are based but maybe in Hong Kong. I quite like the look of their carbon side scoops and things look reasonably priced unless you end up getting reamed on postage. Thanks
  13. Hey Alistair, Yes I have a few fixed sets left. Not sure on the brackets that bolt to the existing lotus rails. But being 6'4 you'll probably need the fixed ones anyway. I'm back home this weekend so will see what I have left and I'll PM you. Its quite hard to find the post but it's here: You will most likely need to raise the wheel when fitting the brackets. A wheel spacer may also be needed. Just ensure that your existing seat brackets are part number A147V0029J. On this link: The older cars with the older style seat brackets have different bolt positions and thus are not compatible. Best regards
  14. Hi Paul, Im looking at doing the stud conversion the same as you, do you have a link to the taper nuts you used? Are they these ones on the TRS shop? : Thanks
  15. Mine was also fitted for free. That dealer quoting 5k is on another planet. I'll do you a deal... Supply and fit it you for 4k 😏
  16. I had mine set up similar to this guys: I would agree with tex that it wasn't night and day different but certainly better and I would say a lot more progressive on the limit. I found with the standard set up that if the rear let go it LET GO, whereas now it slides quite controllably. Getting some professional training was the transformation for me, I'm no driving god at all but I had 20 minutes with a chap called Howard Hunt at Croft (brilliant track for the exige) and he managed to change my life that day and made me one of the fastest cars 😎 He's getting on a bit now but he's got plenty of experience and I will certainly be using him again on future track days. The main thing he taught was trail braking to the apex and getting progressively on the power and what a difference it made.
  17. You should confirm with hexis if the pattern is available. My detailer used the older 350 sport patterns but enlarged them slightly before cutting to size on the car. Obtaining the xpel patterns from an xpel detailer may be another option. My car was done March 2021.
  18. I did and it's still in the delivery box, I need to get the PPF removed under the splitter so it adheres correctly. If you have bought the sliplo then that's probably a better solution. Nope, That entire blue region is covered with factory PPF and it looks like fairly thick stuff so I wouldn't worry to much about having it double PPF'd. Seems an okay price for the amount of work being done and it's one less thing to worry about 🙂
  19. Mine came with the later steering wheel, probably just put the parts on that they had lying around at the time!
  20. Interesting mod for the taller driver and something I may look into, My biggest issue is that I can't twist my foot so I'm braking with my big toe and blipping the throttle with my little pinky toe! How much wider is that new pedal compared to the standard one?
  21. I don't think it was removed, I'd have to have a closer look next time its out. I think you would be better getting the 430 cup rubber seal thing for the underside of the carbon lip, I managed to catch the carbon lip on a steep car park entry literally the day after having it wrapped 😡. part 2a Light Blue area is standard factory PPF, Red areas are what I had done. One thing I would say is that Hexis did not have the latest PPF shape patterns for the 2018+ models and neither for the carbon bonnet hatch. The detailer I used had to oversize the patterns by 25% and cut to size. However the job turned out amazing and certainly better than some dealer applied PPF I have seen. The carbon bonnet hatch I had some issue with however, The pattern on file was for the standard bonnet hatch so some PPF was missed at the front of the hatch and of course sods law happened and a stone got stuck between the hatch and the front clam that caused damage to the carbon bonnet hatch. This will get rectified next time the car goes in for a proper clean. I have seen cars without PPF with 10k miles and not a stone chip in sight however if you track it then it is definitely worthwhile, The PPF has already saved a few stone chips on the front of mine. The ceramic for me is for the easier cleaning more than anything, I need to wash it after every use for the car cover and ceramic makes it far easier and quicker. The front clam Is made up of several PPF shapes, I don't think it can be done in one go. However a decent application can make the joins not noticeable unless you look for them. The sills and on top of the sills are definitely worth while wrapping, they get hammered with dirt. I paid 2k for what I had, It would have been 3k for the full car. Its expensive and I certainly wouldn't bother on a normal everyday car but I'm happy that it is done.
  22. Fitting the button for the exhaust is a 15min job, if you can wield a screwdriver then you'll be fine! If anyone is unsure if their car is compatible then you can simple remove the steering column cover, have the car started, locate the exhaust flap plug and touch the two pins together with a screwdriver or something conductive to simulate a button press. I tested mine before ordering the button.
  23. The guy I bought mine from did a beddington 88db day with it, they are super quiet to the point you can hardly hear the exhaust, great for track, bit boring for day to day driving.
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