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  1. I have never ever had anyone pick over service book entries when selling a car. However, by not sticking to the schedule you always give someone an option to do this in future. I wouldn't skip a service myself but stretching out to 18 months because of COVID is a very valid reason for doing this. Given you have only covered 500 miles I think you are OK doing this. Just my personal opinion though.
  2. Brake pedal switch is fitted behind the brake pedal. It is a pain to get at. It basically unplugs and you need to plug a new one back in. I did mine earlier in the year. I bought mine from SJ sportscars Took about 10 minutes to do. If you are tall or have big hands it might be difficult to get at!
  3. My Evora S Sports Racer needs a new home. ***Please advertise it, for free, on***
  4. There is a chance I may be selling my Evora soon. Still not decided yet. It is a Sports Racer Supercharged S manual It has Paint protection film 2015 White with Venom Red seats and Grey Suedex (Alcantara) Dash. Only done 18500 miles with full Lotus service history. It is in really super condition.
  5. Lotus Silverstone are good. They look after my Evora and never had an issues there.
  6. Thanks Bibs, I will keep this in mind. Looking to move house with a double garage. But if it doesn't work out then this may be backup option.
  7. Yeah, Don't think the wife will like the pop up car port. But thanks for your experience of the cover.
  8. I am sure it has been asked before. I have an Evora and a 1986 Esprit. Esprit is in storage and Evora in my single garage. I was pondering bringing the Esprit home and keeping Evora on my driveway. I would be looking to put a cover on it. But.. the question is, Is this good for the paintwork. Being GRP body would I be increasing chance of micro blisters etc.. Car is in immaculate condition and I don't want this to change. But trying to save on storage costs and get access to Esprit more often. Other option is to sell Evora, which is not my preference.
  9. i have been admiring that as well. so not on your own!
  10. Lotus did have a habit of using up older parts on models. So possibly the case with US spec cars. Not too sure. I do notice that the badge on front of car is round. It should be a lozenge shaped badge, same as one on steering wheel. People often change these though. The engine is a HC engine. red cam covers and oil filler on right end of cam cover. LC engines had oil filler on cam belt end of cam cover. Looks a nice car though Peter
  11. i have an 86 turbo. one of the last of the LC cars. Some observations. The bumpers should be same colour as car. I think you could spec black as an option though.I am not sure the seats are correct.These are the same padding and style as my car. But HC cars should have been slightly different. The centre pad is contact for a 86 onwards car. Front spoiler is correct for a HC car. Decals and stripes are missing. Maybe been painted at some point. This is a HC car. note different seats
  12. to be fair the advert says it's been re-commissioned. You need to enquire as to what has been done. It might have had all new bushes etc....... Go and see it. See whats its like. I really don't know why everyone tries to talk down prices of our cars. Just be aware it will require a budget for on-going maintenance. Good luck with search
  13. Update... Finally got round to getting this sorted. It was a worn out spigot bearing. Causing the input shaft to be loose and float around. Luckily I got it sorted in time. Thanks to advice on here I didn't't drive it and totally destroy it. Needs a new input shaft fitting. Not cheap, but probably could have been worse
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