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  1. to be fair the advert says it's been re-commissioned. You need to enquire as to what has been done. It might have had all new bushes etc....... Go and see it. See whats its like. I really don't know why everyone tries to talk down prices of our cars. Just be aware it will require a budget for on-going maintenance. Good luck with search
  2. Update... Finally got round to getting this sorted. It was a worn out spigot bearing. Causing the input shaft to be loose and float around. Luckily I got it sorted in time. Thanks to advice on here I didn't't drive it and totally destroy it. Needs a new input shaft fitting. Not cheap, but probably could have been worse
  3. Nello, Im in Balsall Common, just outside Solihull. My Esprit has been off the road for a while. Just had it painted and putting it back together. It's at Paul Matty's at the moment having gearbox looked at. Look out for me in a White Evora S sports racer. I'm more like to be in that!
  4. The Red G turbo at Stocks looks quite a bargain. Why don't you make them an offer. At the end of the day market demands determine the price of a product. Fact is most G turbos are around 20k ish and upwards. I think you'll be waiting for a very long time to get one below 20k and it will need to be restored and painted etc.... Its about time the Esprit was appreciated for the amazing car it is. Higher prices will mean more cars are restored and cared for. Long may it continue.
  5. Try Lotusbits. I'm pretty sure they make them to order. Or used to.
  6. ok, thanks mate. I'll not be driving it much until i get it looked at.
  7. sparky, rocket63, What exactly was the issue you had. Was it clutch or gearbox. My noise/viration happens with or without gear selected. So i presume it's not gearbox. I know i need to get gearbox off to inspect. Just suprised about possible crankshaft off?
  8. ok thanks guys. I'll get it down to a specialist to take a look at. better get saving!
  9. I don't know to be honest. I had an engine out service 3 years ago and the clutch was inspected and passed as OK to leave in place. The friction material was definately deemed to have loads of life left. Only done about 500 miles since..
  10. I'm hoping someone can help me out with a clutch issue. I have a 1986 Esprit turbo. Not been used a lot recently as I am putting it back together after a re-spray. I took it out yesterday and noticed a worrying vibration/noise from the clutch. When I press clutch pedal and then raise the pedal slightly it causes massive vibrations and grating type noise. It does this whether it is in gear or not. Once moving it all feels fine. Any ideas. release mechanism possible? Peter
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