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  1. The i4 will definitely need more room than the v6 hence the bulk head moving into the cabin space relative to Evora. Also the i4 box is heavier than the v6 box so the overall weight difference is not much I believe.
  2. bosshog

    Lotus Emira

    I think thats wishful thinking on the LE. Perhaps later down the road they might up it to GT430 level but thats hardly much difference.
  3. bosshog

    Lotus Emira

    Who told you that? Don’t think the box can handler much more torque reliably. Evora in GT430 is only marginally more (325vs306). It would be great it was 370 or more.
  4. bosshog

    Lotus Emira

    I’m with you on this point. I was definitely underwhelmed when the Emira was launched. Let’s not kid ourselves here it’s basically an Evora done ‘right’ for mass market appeal. Having had 2x Evora’s I was really hoping there was also going to move the performance game on, as well as the interior/build quality. I expected in reality it was going to be the old V6 but it would of been great to breath more life into it and have a better box that could handle some more torque . I do have deposit but I’m really on the fence as it’s not the ‘last ever ICE car’ I was hoping for. It’s great looking car and the interior is leagues ahead from the 4xx by the look of it. But I can’t see it being much different from a 4xx in terms of driving enjoyment and whilst that’s no bad thing - as it’s got to be one of the best driving GT sports cars full stop - it would of been killer if they have upped the performance (I’m basically talking torque rather than bhp) purely from my personal perspective to differentiate it enough from the Evora’s. Currently I’m not sure it does.
  5. I dunno - can’t see how Lotus can really control a different commercial entity and tell them how to behave. The revenue generated at this stage is just not big enough. Maybe in 5-10 years time but definitely not now. It does make a difference how you are treated from a dealer so I get it, but I think it’s unfair to moan at Lotus directly.
  6. Good job I’m in the Emira forum and not the Evora one then 😀
  7. Get used to it. This little Lotus club is no more, the masses are arriving 😁
  8. All this talk of 360 vs 400 vs more bhp makes me smile somewhat. The difference between 360 and say 430 will just not be discernible on the public road at all. Is the torque figures (and gear ratios) that matter and makes a car fell 'fast' on public roads acceleration wise. There's been zero talk of this.
  9. Not thought about that. Pretty sure switchable is not allowed anymore. The v6 sport exhaust would be tiresome very quickly if thats the case unless it toned down a lot.
  10. Reading across all the forums there’s definitely more people leaning towards the i4 I’d say.
  11. bosshog

    Lotus Emira

    To what and why? Can you share what they are?
  12. @DaveC72 Clearly you boot it around harder than me 😄 . In the S I never ever got more than 22mpg no matter how hard I tried. When I'm out for a (CAD) blast around Norfolk its 22mpg, however on the long trips to the Alps etc with lots of 'spirited' drving I average 27mpg. If I'm just commuting to somewhere on the A roads I hit around 32-34mpg so big improvement there for me.
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