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  1. You think that too expensive?
  2. Hi all, going to sell my 410 , I was thinking about 60K for it (13K miles), it has the Sparco seats, all options. Do you think people would buy private at this sort of price bracket or am I gonna take the 3K (ish) hit for SOR? Any experience welcome. thanks
  3. So turns out there was a leak in the petrol tank - one of the spot welds was not good/broken/cracked and it was weeping out and soaking in to some insulation foam. Quite a job to get it replaced.
  4. My car is at Strattons getting some warranty work done and petrol smell investigation. My boot release in my opinion has not been working correctly for some time. It takes at least 3 presses of the boot release to get the mechanism to fire. Then once fired quite often it simply will not lift up without a quick push down and up. However Stratton tell me its normal it always takes 3 pushes. My Evora S was nothing like that, and I know it never behaved like this in the past. Just wondering how many presses it takes for you and the behaviour you get with the carbon lidded versions?
  5. So which way did you go in the end?? Personally I think the Cups2 is what makes the 410 feel like the 410. Just love them. But they are totally crap below 8 degrees. If you have the money keep Cup2 for the summer and then get some proper winter tyres for the cold part of the year - that would be my choice. Winter tyres are so much better than summer tyres (PS4, etc)
  6. Think you all too focused on the looks/association of these doors. When done correctly it make ingress/egress so much better in tight spaces.
  7. On the S1 scissor doors would be great IMO if done correctly. This implementation it seems you need to open the door quite a lot sideways before it hinges up. Car parks are tight in the Evora getting in and out - if Lotus engineered this properly I'd be a fan.
  8. Thanks mate, thought it would be the case (never used one). I may need one soon.
  9. For those with outdoor covers - I'm presuming you need to clean them each time otherwise with the wind etc the paint gets scratched/swirled from the dirt??
  10. Same! In France as well. Perhaps its a global Nissan dealers must - I had to get mine off with a hairdryer
  11. It might be the new seats in my car, but I'm sure I'm getting a petrol smell in the cabin after leaving the car overnight. Anyone else had this??
  12. It does take a long time as its really hard to get too, mine took most of the day so not far off. Its much quicker if the cam is off obviously. IIRC they have to half work through the wheel area.
  13. What exactly do you mean by 'runs like a dog'?
  14. This the aux belt? Mine snapped on my old S but was brand new and basically had not been put on right. Didn't cause and problems.
  15. Not too keen on painting them, though I might if it becomes a ball ache. Need to look at Jimbos to see how they look
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