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  1. @DaveC72 Clearly you boot it around harder than me 😄 . In the S I never ever got more than 22mpg no matter how hard I tried. When I'm out for a (CAD) blast around Norfolk its 22mpg, however on the long trips to the Alps etc with lots of 'spirited' drving I average 27mpg. If I'm just commuting to somewhere on the A roads I hit around 32-34mpg so big improvement there for me.
  2. Something else to consider thats not been mentioned: On the road there is nothing between a NA and a 410 at road legal limits The 4xx feels much faster though (at least compared to the S I had before) 4xx cars are much more easy to get in and out of with the lower sills and this does make a difference in car parks/walls etc There is more foot well space (for those with larger feet) The gear change in the 4xx are lovely , the S/NA not so good in comparison for me and also depends on the state of the cables. 4xx sounds amazing out of the box without 3rd part
  3. Yes. Ive done it. They just drop into the same holes. Lotus has even left the wiring in for the heating elements. I got a quote of around 700 to update the dash and wire up fully, but never bothered as I don't drive the car in the winter. 1 hour job. Mine You do however sit higher up which is a shame, and you're not as 'connected' to the car. But they are way more comfortable for me.
  4. I get why one might use 4S over the Cups (hence why I'm asking), I'd just like to know if any 410 owners have actually done it and can compare accurately.
  5. Personally I don;t think the cost is much of a factor at all, given what the car costs to run, insure, service, depreciation etc. For me it all about putting a smile on my face. Its only the rears what wear for me at a set a year which is about £450 per year which I can live with. Fronts wear very slowely for me.
  6. Who has switch from Cup 2 to Pilot sport 4S? Is there much difference? I fear changing would loose a lot of the character the 410 has over the 400 in regard to that razor sharp steering and gip.
  7. Given the impending global economic depression, what are peoples best guess on how it will effect the Evora market in the coming 12 to 24 months?
  8. Can say I’ve had any interior issues whatsoever in both my Evoras (2011, 2016)
  9. My MY16 Evora developed a crack in the fuel tank itself. Replaced under warranty but it seems it can happen in a rare location.
  10. Elise is the perfect car for you as I’m sure you already know
  11. All in one dash, nav, touchscreen, apple/android play/connect Windows that close and seal correctly/tight when door closed, and loose the crappy rubber seal replacing with proper recessed area. Auto wipers, and lights Doors that don't rattle when shutting, better designed to stop water/mud ingress into sill area and water pooling in door handle. Boot mechanism that reliability works and does take multiple presses of the key or jamming up and down the lid. A gas strut would be nice as well rather than balancing on my head all the time. A key that not from the 80's
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