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  1. I tried daily my Evora 410 for a while but I found it wasn’t really up to the job for myself. Negatives were: - Self conscience turning up to screw fix/ builders yard/ tescos/ etc - difficult getting out in tight car park spaces - boot taking multiple attempts to open (dealer tried 3x to fix) - Just feeling the car was getting spoilt in the winter grime - odd bit of water ingress around window seal occasionally and just a general feeling after a while it just wasn’t up to the job. Positives: - every drive was epic. Plenty people do daily though. I was pretty much at the front of the queue for a LE but I’ve just put it back to base edition as I’m using the back seats a fair bit these days and already have a weekend car so not sure how an Emira fits into my life at the moment.
  2. Having had both Evora S and an Evora 410 sport I wonder if: Touring = NA/S setup Touring = 400 Sport = 400 Sport = 410 Having driven all those there are all quite different. Personally I think they will go with NA/S for touring and 410 for sport. But it just a guess. I’d be happy with either. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. However I’ll be ordering the touring for my needs. not saying they will be the exact same geo etc, but broadly speaking in terms of feel
  3. Yes I think its called spice not solar on recollection.
  4. The non yellow still comes up good mind if you look after it. Here are a couple of high res photos of my old 410 in the sun. If you download to your computer and look it should give you a very good idea of what will be like.
  5. I believe 'Solar' yellow on the Exige is only metalic yellow ever done by Lotus recently.
  6. I didn't know that. Is there some terms and conditions somewhere I can read to fully understand? Though I'd rather not waste Lotus's time (or mine).
  7. Right, I need to decide whether to go for the LE before Friday. I did see a Sales PDF floating around at some point with all the costs of the options after LE. I can't find it now. Anyone have one they can share with me?
  8. Ha ha ooops. I agree - it did - yellows really suits the car. Just a shame it wasn't metalic to give it the pop and shine to show the curves off more. Its a really flat yellow. Draws a lot of attention though.
  9. I had that yellow on my Evora 410. It’s ok but I never was blown away with it being a flat colour. Metallic looks much better IMO in the right colour. Yellow really suits the car though. Maybe they will do the solar yellow again down the road buts it’s a difficult one to spray.
  10. @Bibs I take these will be at the factory from today for viewing?
  11. Bit disappointed to find out today that my priority position is only placed once you have paid the second deposit . I made my initial deposit the morning after the launch so would of been pretty near the front. Finally had the call from Lotus today (I missed the call first time around over a month or so ago) and she said I would be added to the back of the LE queue if I placed the second deposit or back of the i4 queue, or back of the non-LE queue once I made my mind up. Having not seen the car (will see it this weekend at the factory) I had yet to make my mind up. Bit annoying but the only silver lining will be possibly better build quality I suppose and less pressure to get a LE/i4 as I'll be at the back so might as well wait for more colours etc.
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