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  1. Thanks mate, thought it would be the case (never used one). I may need one soon.
  2. For those with outdoor covers - I'm presuming you need to clean them each time otherwise with the wind etc the paint gets scratched/swirled from the dirt??
  3. Same! In France as well. Perhaps its a global Nissan dealers must - I had to get mine off with a hairdryer
  4. It might be the new seats in my car, but I'm sure I'm getting a petrol smell in the cabin after leaving the car overnight. Anyone else had this??
  5. It does take a long time as its really hard to get too, mine took most of the day so not far off. Its much quicker if the cam is off obviously. IIRC they have to half work through the wheel area.
  6. What exactly do you mean by 'runs like a dog'?
  7. This the aux belt? Mine snapped on my old S but was brand new and basically had not been put on right. Didn't cause and problems.
  8. Not too keen on painting them, though I might if it becomes a ball ache. Need to look at Jimbos to see how they look
  9. So my rear hub are starting to rust, wish Lotus made them out of the same stuff as the fronts. What can I use to remove the rust? Would a standard rust remover be ok? cheers
  10. Looks lovely. Enjoy.
  11. Well he loved it. He's totally right about the interior.
  12. I dunno, I'd be surprised if you'd notice much difference going from 400 to 430 all in the top end. Can't be much in it at all. Without a torque increase I can't it making hardly any difference on a give stretch of public road?
  13. So I just committed blasphemy and put some Sparco seats in my 410. Lotus kindly left the wiring in for the heated seats it seems. I just need to figure out the other end. Firstly where would the switch normally be? I need to see whats missing and hoping is just the switch.
  14. 911 for fun, but way too unreliable (in 997 form anyhow) and expensive to maintain
  15. I think the owner must be in his 70's pr 80's now. I don't think you'll find him at the dealership anymore day to day at least. I had a really good chat with one of the service guys and it was very interesting indeed. I have a new respect for them and what they can do. Very talented lot there, with some serious depth of knowledge (especially around Aston Martin).
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