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  1. Very sad news. First saw the mighty Quo back in 1973 at the Rainbow London and been a fan of the Frantic Four ever since. I too saw them at Wembley in 1974, but had a seat right near the back, however as the lights went down, I got over every barrier and ended up not far from the front. Great concert. I believe however that Montrose were the support act in 1974 and The Pretty Things in 1975. RIP Rick and thanks for the music.
  2. JeffK


  3. Excellent. You can add me to the list. GTE No.13. Obviously I will have to inform you of the exact car details and the artwork must include the tri-stripes and the third brake light that I have, as well as the positioning of the GTE logo that I have on the rear. Jeff
  4. Thanks. If I have an engine upgrade, can I have the revised details engraved, rather than all the standard ones?
  5. Could be interested. Exactly what material is it being engraved onto and how thick is it?
  6. Come in car No. 13........ Car No.13 has an IPS gearbox and registration J 1000
  7. Please alter the spec of my GTE No.13 to Black/Alcantara
  8. Hi, My name is Jeff and I am based in London and I am the very proud owner of GTE No.13 The specification is:- RHD - Military Grey - 2+0 - Black interior - IPS Date of first registration:- 1st September 2015 The photo was taken near the end of a great blast round the A39, under 'running in' conditions though!!
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