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  1. Gerry483


    Hiya, I bashed an alloy in a pothole at the weekend and it seems that it is beyond repair. Has anyone got a 16" BBS Elan M100 S2 alloy wheel needing a new home?Please email me cost - £ Or - does anyone know of a quality workshop that could repair mine? Thanks, Gerry
  2. Hiya, We did the NC500 last year in September and the weather was fantastic and not too busy. We went anti clockwise starting in Inverness and did a total of nearly 700 miles. There are lots of nooks and crannies you can choose to detour and whilst SatNav is great, I would recommend that you get the Ordnance Survey map OS Road No 1 - 'Northern Scotland; (Inc Orkney and Shetland - not that you will need this bit !!) see - -£6 . This is at 1:250,000 scale but gives you enough detail to plan your route. I have a marked up map which I am willing to lend you on the basis that you PROMISE to return it to me? As for accomodation, depends what you want to have as a budget. You will get B&B for £40 a night or good hotels for £120. We did not book in advance because we did not want to be tied to times and destinations but had no trouble getting a bed for the night. We also carried a wee tent - just in case - which we chose to use at Applecross. Scotland allows you to tent anywhere you like (except private garden/home ground) providing you treat the environment with care - 'Right to Roam' - it is a great Scottish thing and most locals will give you a water can/advice. We took 7 days, mostly topless!! As for 'must see' there are hundreds of sites just depends on how long you want to take and whether yuo are prepared to do a little walking as well. The roads are generally a match for lots of continental routes but obviously shorter. Here are a few which we would recommend. 1. Cromarty to Nigg Ferry it only takes 2 cars but at a push the 'captain will take 3 at a time 2. Castlecraig Quarry road - great views back over Cromarty Firth and maybe some dolphins 3.Portmahomack/Tarbet Ness 4. Dunnet Head - Brilliant views 5. Strathy Point 6. Tomisdale/Skarry loop - fantastic! 7. Bettyhill bay - definitely worth the walk!! 8. Cape Wrath - by boat!! 9. Kinlockbervie/Droman 10. Drumbeg/Balacrhditch loop down to Lochinver 11. Polbain/Polglass 12. Shieldaig/Applcross/Tornap - if you have CB - cos no phone signal!! - this road is a fantastic skite over the moor and down towards Locharron 13. Plo .ckton/Kyle of Lochalsh I would say that you don't want too big a group or you may annoy the locals but generally we got loads of waves etc and good natured banter with many locals and tourers alke. I hope you enjoy the roads and the countryside - it is different to other spectacular world sites but equally appealing. And to be honest I do not work for the Scottish Tourist Board. A few pics are attached ........ (Apologies for the MG tee hee!!) Please mail me if I can help you further. Regards Gerry
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  4. Hi Anthony, I would like to register for the event and do the hillclimb. Can you please let me know where I can find the application form and regs? Thanks, Gerry
  5. Hi Gordon, I will come along for both the static and track runs. Lotus Elan M100 S2 See you then, Gerry
  6. Thanks very much to the 'Three Lotuseers' for organising and managing yesterdays event. Especially the god like arrangement with the weather man. What a lovely and spectacular route with grand blethers at the stops and food was great as well; special thanks to the staff café at Rannoch Station for cultivating patience! This was our first LEGS outing having only got the car 2 months ago and spent a good bit of time that with my head underneath trying to track and sort the leaky bits. Yesterday was a very fine test for the machine which it has passed with flying colours - mostly Norfolk Mustard!! We will be back! Gerry & Susan
  7. Hi Ken, Excuse me for maybe being a wee bit thick BUT the 'pdf' itinerary says we are leaving hotel in Coupar Angus at 10.00am but the early forum posts say that we leave at 11.00am. Can you please clarify what time we are meeting for breakfast and departure time? Thanks, Gerry
  8. Hiya, Can we join the tour for the first part to Kinloch Rannoch and depending on weather, we may branch off to walk a wee hill? Gerry & Susan - Two for Breakfast
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