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  1. Yeah, I don't think Lotus is going to solve the dealer market by the Emira launch either, I'm just pointing out that its something that enters some US buyer's mind set when it comes to overall value/pricing... "What am I getting myself into at this price point". Its part of why I think Lotus also knows that their quality and fit and finish have to be much better right out of the gate to hopefully assuage those fears for buyers to take that leap.
  2. Not sure on the total number of deposits, but the amount req'd by many dealers for a deposit was $2500, others $5000, fully refundable. Most dealers are saying no additional dealer mark up. The pre-order slots I've seen in the US forum suggests that the original allocation of cars for the US Market would be spoken for IF all the deposit holders go through with the purchase. But many people, myself included, will pull their deposit and wait it out if the final car and pricing isn't inline with where the market value makes sense. In the US especially, owning a Lotus for many comes with some built in issues of dealer support. In my case I'm 3 hours away from the closest Lotus dealer, and unlike Porsche, there aren't a whole bunch of long standing independent shops for service that are closer. And I'm in one of the 25 largest metros in the country. As a brand, in the US market at least, I think Lotus has to account for that in making their product proposition (Pricing) better value than in the UK.
  3. This Exactly. I didn't end up with an Evora the 1st time around based on the fact that the dealer support/network was dodgy, at BEST, and the fit/finish for the price wasn't enough to sway me in the end. If Lotus want to change their sales figures in the US, they have to offer more for less than a Cayman GTS IMO. US market buyers are not going to be swayed out of a Porsche based solely on the "Yeah, but its British" sales pitch. If optioned up the Emira lands in the $110K range, I think many buyers will just get a 911 in its place. No, you won't get the same amount of kit at that price point in a 911, but Porsche doesn't have to offer MORE for the same money as Lotus. They already have the ownership experience and badge cache to offer less kit for equal money and win on that transaction. All that being said, I have my 991.2 911 GTS, and I have my deposit in for the Emira as well. Not sure if it will replace the 911 or be added to it... Wife has some thoughts on the matter 😉
  4. I'd intended to be a Lotus owner with the introduction of the Evora 400... had my order in, deposit in, and delivery of that car to the US was a disaster, so after 6 months of waiting with no real update or ETA from the dealership, I moved on to an Aston Martin Vantage S, and then a manual 991.2 911 GTS. My preference is to keep the 911 and ADD the Emira, and I've got a year or so based on the current production schedule to convince the wife that its a solid idea. Barring that, I suppose it will replace the 911 as my daily.
  5. Congrats David. I bailed on my pre-order mid last year and went a different route, but nice to see some US buyers hung in there. I just had these made for the car I did go with, and the maker can do custom mats for pretty much anything. Like Agentdr8 notes, just have to provide a template off of the stock floor mats. The one I used can be found here:
  6. From the limited dealer network in this part of the US, both dealers seem to have a couple cars, which they've had for a bit, and haven't yet sold. They were clearly wholesaled to the dealer, not actually "sold" to end customers. Maybe they had more stock that came in that had been preordered and were promptly picked up? I'm not on this or the US based Lotus forum much these days, but checking in this week, I haven't seen anyone in the US saying they've received their purchased 400. Take that for what its worth, I have no data to say how many potential 400 owners frequent this or the other most well known Lotus forum.
  7. From your lips to the ghost of Colin Chapman's ears
  8. yeah, I noticed that as well. I hope the 250 pre-order folks really wanted the exact same car as what was on sale in Europe for the past 12 months. While I still had my pre-order in, I actually inquired about getting carbon fiber bits on the 400 (given that the 410 debuted and it had the bits in question) and was told no, there was no time table or talk of when those would be made available. +1 for US sales guy Good news for folks that waited though, seems the 400 they can now spec and take delivery of early next year will have a fair bit more options to customize, and for Lotus to make a fair bit more coin on (which helps them as a company).
  9. base price according to this article is now 93,785, 4K more than when they first had US pricing sheets. Interesting that you can (if desired) spec the car with titanium exhaust and carbon fiber, etc I supposed on orders going in now? The 250 pre-orders will obviously have been spec'd without any of those options since they were unknown until these reviews.
  10. Centenary Edition is a 2014 Model year. They only made 100 examples, so its a numbered car (for what that's worth). Its a special gradient grey paint scheme, some other nice touches (solid silver emblems that are hand painted, etc). Only 2700 miles on it, got an extended warranty on it to cover the scary BIG stuff that could go wrong. Maintenance on avg through a dealer is $1500 a year (not counting tires), but I have a specialist shop near me run by a former Aston master mechanic, so it will be less than that. Back on topic, I hope the US buyers with the car on order receive it soon and enjoy the he!! out of it
  11. Centenary edition Aston Vantage V8S. 6 speed manual with super low miles. I tried to keep my choice within the small, hand made British sports car family
  12. Well, hopefully there will be many happy US owners of the 400 soon (Brian, I'm sure the dark blue one will be the first into the container ). Sadly I will not be one of them at this point, but I'll still be cheering for Lotus to succeed over here. Maybe a few years down the line after they've been back in the market and they get their dealership communications sorted I'll find my way into whatever the latest iteration is. Speaking of which, any US soon to be owners need a very nice TLF indoor car cover for the 400?
  13. and a happy fat [email protected] you must be! My intent for the 400 has always been as my daily driver, at 10K miles per year on average. So "little" niggles are not so little if you are faced with them twice a day, every day. I know every car manufacturer will have some issues on new cars, no one is totally bullet proof, but some are definitely worse than others. Lotus being very small, its also a very small sample size to judge on, but I'd hoped that with the reintroduction of the car being a year ago, brand new 400's would not be showing up with similar issues that folks had 10 months ago. The US cars are supposed to start rolling out here a full year after the UK cars... its damn near the 2nd model year of the car. I'd imagine improvements would have been made at this stage.
  14. I'd like to believe that, but that conjecture. Unfortunately info out of Lotus as we've all come to know, is pretty bad about sharing. And even a company that communicates very well probably aren't going to tell you what they are or are not doing to fix common issues on a new car.
  15. That's disconcerting, sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed your issue is isolated. I've been informed my car is nearing the end of production and due to ship out beginning of August. I'd like to think a creaking, or prematurely aging seat is not an issue I'd have 2 months down the line in a brand new car.
  16. JayEmm, did this seat creaking get resolved once and for all? Curious if any other more recent 400 owners have seen some of these "niggles" in their brand new cars.
  17. Any update before the weekend Bibs?
  18. So Bibs, did the factory provide any update? I understand the US press launch is "imminent", but I'm more interested in if the cars have passed all the homo ligation and when they will actually start shipping customer pre-orders. I know you guys in the UK feel supported by Lotus, having far more dealers within proximity and the production in country, but I can tell you as a prospective US customer, the total lack of communication out of Lotus HQ is troubling when I'm still trying to give them my money. What is the ownership experience going to be if something does go wrong with the car after I'm in for the 110K? My dealer can only be as good as their ability to get answers and support from Lotus and my experience so far is not good.
  19. Thanks Bibs. Yes, noticed that mystery page is now missing
  20. Yeah, i've been told an actual number, 6th car inline bound for US for what that's worth. Similarly, if I get some update, i'll let you know. I hope your presumption of 100's of cars being needed to ship out is not accurate... Must be SOMETHING else being exported out of the UK that can fill those other containers
  21. Funny, but I find myself in a very similar situation. Being surprised with a 112K US (after tax) car showing up with little notice would not be that great a surprise I'm afraid. Mortgage lenders financing a portion of an investment property are not huge fans of those kinds of surprises mid transaction... go figure.
  22. Yeah. Honestly, I can't blame my dealership, as all 3 I've dealt with in the order saga had trouble getting info from Lotus, not sure why. But that having been said, IF the homo-ligation is all done, then Lotus HQ must be able to give dealers/ customers with pre-orders a delivery ETA. Makes no sense to me that some dealers are telling people the cars are built and on the boat already, while others apparently haven't heard a peep. I asked my dealer to inquire again, because if the late August date that they were last given is still based in SOME amount of reality, then they have to have a delivery eta by now. How could a dealer network and a car manufacturer function without communicating where product is in the production/delivery cycle? Maybe the obvious answer is someone's dealership is talking Shyte, and HQ hasn't said anything because the cars still can't be exported to the US..
  23. Bibs, Any word on the US spec cars making land fall? US based forum has some people reporting that their dealer told them the cars are on a boat, which I find suspect, since my dealer apparently still can't get an ETA for delivery.
  24. Bibs, after selecting US as the market: Yup. I'm excited as hell to get my 400 (have been since placing the order last year), but that website does more to hurt Lotus's reputation in the US then help, that's what I find frustrating as a newly converted Lotus fan. You hate to see a company you like and respect for what they actually produce shoot themselves in the foot over something so basic in today's day an age as online marketing. ESPECIALLY a small brand that is not going to have the marketing dollars to go out and recruit. For christ sake, have something decent when someone has gone through the effort of seeking you out and landing on your page. Hell, even Spyker has a far better web presence than Lotus, and they don't sell a fraction of the cars Lotus does, went through bankruptcy, made a huge Saab mistake, etc. And even they can get their Sh*t together on a website by comparison. I rant because I love...
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