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  1. If I get a look in on my replacement car! Very pretty! Gm77 has other options as you all know. I can not wait to drive this new beauty. Xx
  2. Charlotte


  3. Me too Bibs, me too. Rhianna "shine bright like a diamond" and a lotus 400 don't mix! The sound of 5000 revs all the way through the dartford tunnel on the other hand.....???! Awesome!
  4. My husbands taste in music, not mine!! And who has an evora 400 and has kids in it?!?!?!
  5. My husband tells me that this has all be arrange as part of my birthday celebration. I therefore would like to thank everyone who is coming to my 'surprise' party on the 8th which I understand also includes a spa day! A special thanks to Bibs for organising and given his recent loss, I'd be happy to let him look at and listen to my 400 (but no touching) Charlotte.
  6. Yes I agree, from day one we've said no food or drink in the car but can't stop boots full of sand from pre school sandpit, trading cards that end up inaccessible places and general dirt from wet weather. Doesn't bother me too much as I do get to drive this car every day and it looks so awesome from the outside! Only issue I'm having are the husband is insistent he drives!!!!
  7. Ah yes, I remember my husband telling me about your conversation. Silly me, bell and colvill would be a little too far! unfortunately, if you are as obsessed as my husband, the videos and pictures won't stop after you actually get your own. good luck in getting yours, your 4 year old's friends will be so envious!
  8. Great choice! Your wife will be pleased to know that the ceiling of the car has a carpet finish too! It is black alcantara but looks fine. I can't believe you are having trouble ordering. We went to bell and colvill which are about 2 hours away from us. Speak to Jamie there or gm77 know a lot of people now. Or of course, Bibs who should know everyone! ? hope your wife is looking forward to you getting an Evora 400..... Is it for you or her???
  9. 185mph is for AFTER I've dropped them off......that's when the fun begins! Just noticed a stop clock on the dash......a challenge to beat the 0-62mph, I feel?!?! we had a red lotus elan when we were kids convertible 2 seater room for school run with 3 kids but fun!
  10. Thanks! Yes they do....every morning I get "are we going in the sports car today mummy?" "Horray!" When they hear yes. I hope my account of use it as a family car is helping some people to convince other halves with kids that it is an awesome idea. I did find out yesterday that my husbands plan had backfired.......he was secretly hoping I wouldn't like it with all the hassles of kids and boot space ( no hassles at all!) that I would go back to using my Honda CRV and he'd get to use it on a daily basis. Ha ha ha! No chance. ?
  11. More pictures for you in full sun. It looks amazing! I assumed it would look lighter in colour but actually looks darker. Glad we went for red leather rather than red alcantara. The alcantara is ok in black but looks old before its time in red. IMOmy favourite pic as it looks black but won't flip round the right way. couple more in early morning sun
  12. Wow how exciting, can't wait to hear what you choose. We went to the factory at hethel as we wanted to see the colours in different lights too. We thought we knew what we wanted but ended up changing our minds and so glad we did. We had set on silver wheels, black alcantara and possibly silver. Then thought about black wheels and red alcantara but so happy with Our colour combo. the red leather with the grey is perfect with the red callipers. This colour looks so mean in low light I love it. I've tried to capture the light of dawn and the dew on the car as it looks like a Matt finish. Will add more today for you but hope these help.
  13. So, the 'Lucky lady' has her car back and what a lovely sunny day to enjoy my fabulous car! My day started with an awesome compliment. Quote of the day from a man in the preschool car park who came over to tell me...."THAT has to be the BEST 'mum's car' ever! it's so rock and roll."I was positively proud. After dropping off my daughter I then pushed my "make my car louder button" that opens up the exhaust baffles. what a lovely rush you get from the growls and purrs that vibrate through the car. Oh how I've missed my car. My daughter made me laugh a lot by waving at all the pedestrians passing by. They did a Double take when they saw a small person in the back. I believe that parking in the toddler/baby bays at the supermarket may get some remarks as they'll believe an idiot has parked there so they don't get their doors hit by other cars, instead of actually having to get kids out of the car! Feel I need a sign "kids on board!" Please let me know what picture you want me to post.
  14. Yes, apologies for that picture, I am new to the Lotus forum and didn't think about the negativity it may create. I just thought being Lotus owners, people would like to know what happened. Lotus were excellent in sorting out the problem and I now have her back and thoroughly enjoying driving my car again. I agree that if you buy a brand new car from the first batch, you are bound to have issues, which I am totally fine with. I love Lotus for being British, and have such dedicated followers and such friendly owners. I am proud to finally own one myself and will continue to buy Lotus rather than anything else. We test drove Aston, Maserati, Jaguar, you name it, we tried it and this was the Evora 400 was the best drive out of the lots. I have faith that if there are any other problems, the dedicated Lotus team will sort it out. Thank you Lotus.
  15. Welcome to the Evora 400 owners club! We picked our one up few days before you from Bell and Colvill and agreed, Jamie was brilliant. we had an issue with our alarm going off, which so far, seems to not be an issue anymore after they had it back for a few days. I now have it back and the car is my daily, family car. My 5 year old son is loving the attention. Not to mention my 2 year old daughter who waves repeatedly at pedestrians. Funny as they are not expecting a child to be in the back! we went for the metallic grey with red leather and red callipers. see Luck lady thread in introductions) I do agree with others on I hate auto wipers.. they always come on at the wrong time and smear your screen! My husbands Elise S club racer doesn't have power steering, electric doors or mirrors which I like as it feels old school. hope you continue to enjoy it as much as I do. Quote of the day: '' That has to be THE BEST mums car ever!'' ''It is so rock and roll!'' a man said this too me while dropping my girl off at pre school. Made my day.....
  16. Yes, I must admit that lotus were quick to try to sort the problem sending out someone within the hours and it is now hopefully being fixed and I won't have to wait too long to get it back. Bye bye.......
  17. Not so "lucky lady" anymore...... they are taking my car back on a trailer today...... immobiliser siren wouldn't stop after the school run. I even had to drive home with it going off! I thought I was getting enough attention in my new Evora 400 but this was too much attention! Apparently it's a software issue but they don't know how to fix it yet. Kids won't be happy seeing me pick them up in the Honda, I suspect they refuse to get in and walk home. I will keep you posted though.
  18. Yes, colour combo looks amazing in all aspects of light, especially under the street lighting just as you unlock an illuminate the red leather glow from the interior light. Will try and get a pic.
  19. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Here's a sneak peek with more to follow.
  20. So, here goes, I am not used to writing on forum about cars but I am now the proud owner of the new Evora 400. "Lucky Lady" is my husbands new name for me......cheeky, as he is the owner of an Elise S club racer as well as the Evora 400...... Lucky guy! It is my daily run around.....ok, lucky lady indeed! I took it out for the school run this morning for the first time. Incredible! My 5 year old was so proud! If you are looking for a fun car for the kids, this is it! I can't begin to tell you how easy it is to get the kids in and out. Strapping my 2 year old in her car seat couldn't be easier. She steps in over the wide doorsill, stopping sometimes to sit on it and swing her legs over and once in I can then perch on the doorsill to conveniently strap her in without stretching, bending and struggling. A very elegant experience I must say. After the drop off, my daughter and I went for a spin down some local country roads I know well. Wow, this car makes you feel like you know what you are doing! It grips the road effortlessly and you long for the next bend to literally be around the next corner. Be warned though, this car is difficult to do 30 mph in. You look at your speedo and realise you are travelling a lot faster. A nice surprise when you realise you just took that bend at super-speeds and it was effortless. Pure confidence this car is capable of amazing things. I feel my conversations with my husband of "what did you do today...?" Just got a whole lot more interesting!
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