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  1. As I said, you might get lucky, I've seen it work, and I've seen it not work. Nothing to do with taking anything, it's a two stage switch, which must trigger the ECU before the lights. VAGCOM is an aftermarket developed tool. TechCentre is a manufacturer tool. Although only for about two weeks, as it has been replaced by Lotus. Service centres have to pay quite alot of money to Lotus for the diagnostic tools. Dave
  2. Hi Nathan. The brake light switch is a two-stage affair, and it should be setup using TechCentre, otherwise you may experience the issue you are experiencing. You might get lucky and it works fine, you might not. Dave
  3. "The SRS is designed to operate when the vehicle is involved in a frontal, or near frontal collision, and the impact (rate of deceleration) as detected by a vehicle mounted sensor, is sufficient to warrant airbag and seat belt tensioning protection to both occupants." The sensor is within the SRS module, hence it's specific mounting requirements. Dave
  4. That is a process that happens automatically at Lotus After Sales. @trcm it might be worth your dealer contacting some of the other (bigger) dealers to see if anyone has one in stock they are willing to part with. I have checked, and unfortunately we do not have one in at present. Central Lotus would be worth a shout, or maybe B&C. Dave
  5. Bit late to the thread... I have recovered an ECU that was giving the comms error, there is a specific method to rewrite the CRP file to the ECU. This did have to be done using TechCentre on the vehicle, though I'd _guess_ it might be possible on a different vehicle (it need a willing similar donor vehicle though!), or off vehicle at Lotus HQ. For the variant code, from memory, I got it from factory records and set it once I had a communicating ECU with valid CRP file on it. Dave
  6. Was that the day that we were also there? ISTR the link pipe had separated itself from the Y-pipe, rather than a problem with the silencer itself? We've never exceeded 90dB drive-by on a number of days at Brands GP with a few EX460 cars with the QT on it. Dave
  7. Yep we have seen the car a couple of times, once with each of its owners. Dave
  8. Have sent you a private message... Dave
  9. We have a customers EX460 coming up for sale if you are looking for one... Dave
  10. @jonnyboy recently had one repaired, I think? May be able to point you in a direction. They are hard to get hold of used! Many people go aftermarket with a programmable ECU such as Emerald. Dave
  11. Have retro-fitted to a couple of cars converted to race cars. You have to cut some bodywork to do it. As you say, without knowing the structural specification (I've not checked the material thicknesses vs weight), there is little point, unless you are going to fit some (i.e. A frame) or all of the rest of the roll cage Dave
  12. Not required for belt change, that can be done through combination of RH wheel arch and from above & below. But by all means go have a look - it's not hugely exciting! Dave
  13. Not had any problems with KT mapped cars beyond the initial closed loop running - and have seen that same behaviour on standard cars anyway. The two RRR mapped cars we have are not great on cold start, but they are race cars on a control map. The 2ZZs we have mapped on the EMU are as good as stock, if not better. Dave
  14. No, it's done through the engine bay access panel inside the car (behind rear seats, if you have them). Dave
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