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  1. Sport 350 : Best Bang for the Buck ?

    This in spades, I think. Dave
  2. The CNC inlet manifold would be disproportionately expensive, it's a chunk of the cost of the EX460 kit. If you were doing the manifold you might as well do the rest of the chargecooler. Dave
  3. 6th gear is dead

    Is it greater than zero miles of devastation?! Dave
  4. 6th gear is dead

    Hi Simon. I've not seen your enquiry, but I'll ask and see if I can locate it. It sounds like you continued to drive the car despite some bad sounding noises? With regard to the Exige clutch, you can just about get the 'box off the Exige with the engine in - this is not possible on the Evora, rear clam off and the whole lot has to come out. Dave
  5. evora serviced with trans oil change

    Sorry to miss you on both drop-off and collection - glad you got sorted out OK. Dave
  6. Supercharger belt replacement?

    Don't forget your local-ish friendly independant is an official service centre and can do all service, warranty, recall work... Dave
  7. Multiple Cylinder Misfires

    Interesting. Haven't seen the cam or crank errors before. Crank position sensor could well be the culprit... that's a bit of a pig to change as it is buried in the vee of the engine. Dave
  8. Multiple Cylinder Misfires

    O2 sensors would be my first port of call, though that usually throws a code to help. The car is individual coil per cylinder, so very unlikely to be that. Dave
  9. The two trim panels are affixed by screws up from underneath the clam. Got the same job to do here, but haven't looked at it yet, I remain hopeful that they can be got at via wheel arches, otherwise just loosen the clam off a bit. Dave
  10. Multiple Cylinder Misfires

    Presumably that was diagnosed from a fault code? Was the misfire only for the first 30 seconds, or after, or both? Dave
  11. Info I have from Lotus is that the Cup R adjustable is same as standard on it's middle setting, so you have one position either way stiffer or softer. I'd be interested to see some comparison data between the bars. Dave
  12. Lotus Exige Sport 380

    All KT upgrade kits, fit with any silencer (whether it then makes the power or not, is a different question, based on our experience!). Although it does sound like there are some interesting differences on the 380. Dave
  13. Phil, drop me a line if our QT trackday friendly exhaust might be of interest... Dave
  14. Lotus Exige Sport 380

    It is Evora 400 style. You could fit the KT Y-pipe and use a 350 exhaust? Dave
  15. Lotus Exige Sport 380