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  1. There are two coolant temperature sensors - one to ECU, one to dash. Which one did they replace? A specialist would have the correct diagnostic tool to plug in and identify if they were working correctly or not in no time at all... Dave
  2. This. Definitely worth checking you are all plugged in to the correct places. If you get the banks mixed up, they run like a bag of spanners, but if you get pre and post cat sensors wrong on the same bank, it will run but not correctly. The silencer should not be a problem providing it is not damaged/blocked. Do you have the actual error codes, rather than description... Dave
  3. It does have an O ring, but a light smear of sealant would be belt and braces. Dave
  4. The EA60 gearbox is a 3 shaft box that has effectively two final drives, one for 1st-4th, and one for 5th-6th. This allows you to bring 5th-6th closer to the others, reducing the big gap between them. So you aren't simply one gear higher than previously. Of course, it depends on the track(s) as to how much of an advantage it is. Also a gearbox is a torque multiplier, so you may well find you have more real world usable power as long as you are interested in changing gear Dave
  5. Hi Matthew. That's not strictly correct - we have installed 2bular parts for customers on several occasions. We can't say whether you will get away without a remap and not cause MIL (given that you already have an EX370 map). We know that to get the very best out of the whole setup, the aftermarket ECU like those we offer with custom mapping (which we do in-house) is giving good and safe results, and this allows any configuation of hardware fitted the car to be optimised. If KT are saying they don't have a suitable map "off-the-shelf", then obviously that would be our response also as UK KT dealer. Dave
  6. We've done a few of the KT kits into Exiges. Not aware of any issues with regard to the DPM, and certainly not anything MIL related. I've driven a couple of them, a 460 in particular, and it makes a rocket ship even quicker. It reduces the big gearing gap into 5th, and brings 6th in to play on some tracks. It feels more like an S2 Exige with a decent power upgrade, where you are pulling the next gear very soon after changing - you almost can't change gear quick enough! Obviously the downside is the increased RPM at road cruising speeds, so it depends on what your personal preference. Dave
  7. It was rhetorical, but they have sent through two with identical damage where parts have been stacked up on top of each other, confirmed by ASO
  8. Not bad from Lotus, the part is £101+VAT. But I believe whilst they are in stock, they are all damaged... ask me how I know! Dave
  9. If you have a lithium battery, then the manager has probably tripped at 10v to save the battery. Once you get in you will need to reset the battery manager using the button on top of it. I think your only way in is to try to life the pin, which is tricky with a hard top on, or to gain access to the boot. Lithium batteries really aren't worth the maintenance overhead on anything other than a race car. Dave
  10. Sounds like you need to get it vacuum tested for leaks, and then re-gassed. If it has suddenly stopped, then it probably has a leak somewhere... Dave
  11. I'm definitely not the top. I must apologise to anyone who has been messaging me, it has been insanely busy at the workshop this year. As a for instance, we are currently scheduling about 6 weeks ahead. I am aware there are a few people waiting for pricing on the KT kits for 4x0 cars, which I do now have, and want to get all the info onto the website to save repeating myself in emails etc. I've only got two days at the workshop this week coming, so will try my best to do something, and respond to some of the messages. After easter things look like they might get a bit easier, and I hope to get some desk time back to catch up with my backlog, rather than getting my hands dirty with spanners. Dave
  12. You are most welcome. If you're ever over this way, you can take me for a spin, given that I never got in it with it's previous owner! Dave
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