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  1. If it is rubbing, then it could be the cause - stuff something in there to eliminate it. The panel has no structural rigidity anyway, it's only held in by a few plastic fasteners. There are a number of other touch points in the area around your head that can make a noise. Principle one of these is the roof latch plates, that is fairly common, so I'd be checking those also. Dave
  2. Try wiggling the MAF sensor with the engine running for a reaction, and also have a look about for potential air leaks. Also, the spanner light indicates an electrical fault - there will be a code, but it can only be read by the Lotus diagnostic system. Likely that the two things are related. Dave
  3. I've not looked at the Toyota service bulletin, but the oil cooler hoses are flexible for a reason - they go between engine and chassis, which move relative to each other. From what I can see on the videos, that setup is different to the Lotus, that looks like a heat exchanger setup, whereas the Lotus have an air oil cooler at the front of the vehicle. I'd double-check what you've got, with what you've ordered there... I have never personally seen one fail on a Lotus (as yet). Dave
  4. That's not VVT pipe, it is one of the oil cooler pipes, so you're on your own with that. Be thankful it hasn't failed in spectacular fashion and cost you an engine. It goes over to a union at the RH sill, so not too hard to DIY, depending on how familiar you are with a spanner. Dave
  5. If that were me, and the car was outside in all that horrible weather, I'd be inspecting the wiring connector on the throttle body for moisture, make sure battery is well charged, clear the codes and see if it comes back. How did your road test go? The reason you get both lights on dash is that if the issue affects the stability/traction control system, it will default to off, and let you know this via the light. Dave
  6. Do you know what the fault code is/was?
  7. Have you tried putting the two bolts back in that join the two parts together, so threads are through but bolts not tightened, then give them a whack to drift the driveshaft. There's enough plunge in the joints to get things moving. Obviously you will need to reattach the mount to the engine block. After that, penetrating oil and heat, and keep working it. Dave
  8. Not particularly, as I assume it was full dealers only - we certainly weren't present! But Lotus are working on improving some of the issues that have been raised in recent times, i.e. reducing back orders, etc.
  9. You said it's a new belt? How so, your car isn't that old? Is it definitely belt slip, rather than a pulley? I fully understand, but if everyone goes elsewhere, there won't be any official outlets! Watch this space, however, as this situation with pricing should be improving soon. Dave
  10. Auto tensioner on the V6 engines. The newer cars with more open rear hatches can be more prone to water ingress. How long does it do it for? Dave
  11. How about your local friendly Lotus service centre?
  12. Colin, the ECU hardware is the same, but the firmware on it is _potentially_ different. This is not on a per-car basis, it is on a when-Lotus-made-a-revision basis. The per-car aspects are programmed in the ECU, and can easily be modified using Lotus diagnositic tool. This is no different on any 4x0 as it is on any Lotus for about the last 10 years. Once the firmware level is known, it is plain sailing - the firmware level can be discovered using the Lotus diagnostic tool. Dave
  13. @electro_boy Hi Jai. How did you get on with regards to your insurance, having non-OEM traction control? Had a customer asking me about this with regard to EMU, as his insurer politely declined once they knew it would no longer have the factory DPM system! Dave
  14. And 1st-2nd plane is OK? Does the car move when you engage reverse (clutch pedal down to floor)?
  15. Hi Mark. The reverse blocker plate adjustment does also affect the 1/2nd gear plane. Worth having a look at it to ensure it is adjusted correctly (not loose). Is the issue you have in the cross gate, or when you attempt to engage reverse (pushing the lever forwards once across the gate). Dave
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