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  1. Thanks Ian, glad to hear it all went to plan and you can exploit the car to the full on the track without worrying about the noise - car looks good Dave
  2. Canyon Red Exige V6 Cup

    I've just washed it - it looks great Dave
  3. Lir racing power upgrade kit

    That's fine, I am just trying to help with clarifying things from the KT perspective. Look forward to seeing how you get on - make sure you do correct before and after comparison, that is what counts after all. Dave
  4. Lir racing power upgrade kit

    The reason for this is purely to do with the way the kits were developed chronologically. I think perhaps what you mean is that on LIRs dyno you won't get 430... The point of the KT dealer network is that your local dealer takes the load off everything going direct to KT. Dave
  5. Lir racing power upgrade kit

    I can. £699 is excluding the map, if you select the option in the drop-down it will update the price. I have reversed the option in the webshop so the default price includes the remap. Dave
  6. Lir racing power upgrade kit

    We've never fitted a 430 kit to a Cup R. It rather sounds like they may have an issue running the cars on the dyno. Their dyno graphs are so heavily smoothed, they don't really show what is going on in detail. Dave
  7. dead battery

    It's the same as connecting jump leads, just be extra careful about connecting your positive so as not to short, and always ensure you connect the terminals the correct way around! Dave
  8. dead battery

    Undertray off, jump leads onto positive post of starter motor and negative on the block, hope there is enough battery life to fire the locks. Good luck. Dave
  9. Fire Eater! Anyone Interested

    Key difference is that a plumbed-in extinguishers first job is to buy you time to get out of the car, they aren't very good at putting fire out. You really don't want to be in the car when one of those gas things go off. Dave
  10. Forgot about this thread. You are right, the economics is half of the battle, as not many people want to put harnesses in an Evora. The other half is the abject lack of sane pickup points in the Evora. The Elise/Exige seatbelt frame was always designed to take harness bar / A-frame, and so has bosses in sensible positions - this is not so in the Evora. I wouldn't want to put harness loads into the seatbelt mounts, it's simply not designed to do that (same with the old V-Force harness bar). Dave
  11. Can a CupR be converted to Road Legal?

    Once per season of racing mileage is painful enough! And that's if you can get any help from Xtrac - right now they don't seem too interested in helping us. Dave
  12. To be honest it tends to come out at about 11 hours in reality - need to beat the technicians a bit harder! Dave
  13. Back in a exige

    Thanks Olivier - I was thinking of your spec when advising Darren on his upgrade path. Dave
  14. 3-Eleven Picture & Video Thread

    The 311 is sporting a novice cross, and I'd guess from the helmet design, that the Radical driver knows the car quite well. The 311 with 475 and the close ratio box (and some decent suspension) is a _very_ quick car. Dave
  15. If you can change the clutch, you can change the flywheel. A few grazed knuckles is all in a days work! The selector fork mod, we have done a few for KT. Dave