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  1. Silverstone GP - 26th November 17

    We'll be there with a customer shaking down a new race car, but please come and find us to say hello I'll bring a couple of QT exhausts... Dave
  2. Driving lamps on Elise are operated with main beam. This style switch panel was only introduced to the Elise in MY17.5. Heated seats appears to be the option on the button panel in the V6 parts catalogue. And you'll all be pleased to hear that each button is not available separately (at present), just the entire switch panel. HTH Dave
  3. 410 Exhaust for road and track?

    @Gunner44 The silencer has been flowbench tested against OEM and other silencers and is proven to flow well enough on the EX460 cars, so should not cause you any issues in that regard. It does not have a valve, so is not switchable. It is designed to be a quiet exhaust to get you onto the quiet trackdays, which it has so far proven more than capable of doing (i.e. <85dB drive-by at Brands on EX460). The issue you have is that the amount of packaging space available for the exhaust is limited, once you add valves you have less room for silencing, so you can't make a properly quiet silencer that is also loud (but not too loud) when you feel like it... and durable, and cheap, and quiet, and loud, and... etc. Dave
  4. 410 Exhaust for road and track?

    Thanks @Bravo73, Paul called yesterday. We are awaiting the first production batch of '400' fitment (380/400/410/430) QT silencers from our manufacturer - hopefully soon! Dave
  5. Anyone know what this is?

    Hi Martin. Agree with the identification - it's not that uncommon, unfortunately. Give us a call if you want to get the car over to us Dave
  6. Exige S2 - front clam

    I think that is a DIY effort. It is a MY10 clamshell, with the indicators smoothed over and then LED indicators fitted in the (bolt-on) 'bars' in the front side intakes. Dave
  7. Hangar 111Signature Exhaust

    OK, so exhausts and noise is a fairly subjective thing, but the QT system isn't completely silent it does have a sporty note to it. However, at higher engine (exhaust gas) speeds, it quietens down a lot. From the pit wall, listening to a car passing on full chat, there is no exhaust tone, just an aerodynamic 'jet fighter' type sound. There are couple of videos on our FB page that try to capture it. A couple of forum frequenters are now running them, so they may be able to offer an impartial view? @Dunc1 @MartynB Dave
  8. Hangar 111Signature Exhaust

    Hi Wayne. Are you referring to the V6 QT exhaust silencer? Dave
  9. GFWilliams Liquid Yellow Exige S

    Double-check what was done there - Lotus issued an ECU update that was related to the AC compressor lock out, but remember you have a remap so it MUST NOT be updated or overwritten. Dave
  10. Exige IPS with komo tec kit

    I think EX370 + EX390 is a sweet spot if you don't want to go chasing the big power / chargecooler. Dave
  11. Exige IPS with komo tec kit

    Hi Francesco. You should have no problems at all with EX390 on IPS, you should get the full power as long as your car has the OEM gearbox cooling configuration. I believe @French Frie got good dyno figures from his... or maybe he just had EX370 (can't remember)? Dave
  12. Hello from Suffolk, England

    Welcome Tim. Sounds like you are relatively local to us, so feel free to call in and say hello sometime Dave
  13. I don't believe the seat belt frame has changed, so anything that fits an S2 Elise will fit - straight bar may require fettling on the interior trim panel, but do use the correct mounting points. Dave
  14. It is a strengthening plate to attach to the lever on certain 2017 VINs. Dave
  15. This is a service bulletin applicable to 2017 cars with the newer release lever/handle arrangement. Dave