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  1. It will be a sensor issue, so read the code(s), follow the diagnostic path, and all will be revealed, no doubt. Dave
  2. Intelligent Programmable Shift - it's a sort of semi-auto-mechanised version of a traditional auto. Temperature is really the problem. The TCU will tell the ECU to back off the power if it gets too much for the torque converter. There's a guy on here who has done some mods to his IPS, not sure what power he is running... also can't remember his name at present! (sorry) Generally with the KT kits, I think you'd get 410-430bhp ish for a while, until it gets hot. Dave
  3. Buy a spare nose and get it modified in advance. Your profile says AT - automatic transmission? If so, you won't get all the power anyway. Dave
  4. This! Read the manual through a few times, then give it a go. I've done loads and it generally takes about 5-10 minutes. Dave
  5. To add to the fun, looking at another car I have here, there is a difference between ECU and IP... I'll do some more research, but it's not going to be imminent, got lots and lots of paying work to do! (And yes, in this instance, road testing a V6 Cup EX460 is work! ) Dave
  6. Not sure that is even possible... Edit to add: But congratulations on your new purchase Dave
  7. Yes, in theory they would be 65 plates.
  8. S Cup itself only lived for about 3 months before it became 220 Cup. Not sure if the lairy bodykit was changed for MY16 (when Sport 220 appeared) or slightly later (when Cup 250 first appeared)... I think it might be the latter, but pre MY17.5. Dave
  9. Did you respond to the questions they asked?
  10. Buy it then! An example sample of one car here - ECU data matches IP.
  11. IP = Instrument Pack I might be getting my revs mixed up with the Elise rev limit!
  12. Has the IP been replaced? The mileage on the IP can be set within the first 50 miles of use - after that it cannot be changed. The max RPM probably wouldn't worry me too much, as they look like rev limiter, rather than over rev. Standing starts show some disregard for mechanical sympathy, as there are not really many scenarios where you would do that. I can check some cars here for correlation in mileage. Have to admit, I've never checked before! Dave
  13. The plastic elbow is part of the installation. It should be tucked into the end of the sill to prevent the problem you have experienced - if it's not correctly positioned, the wishbone can impact it against the chassis, which will cause it to fracture. Dave
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