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  1. Hangar 111

    New clutch

    Put the 400 clutch in... can't remember off hand if it is extra even with the flywheel swap. Dave
  2. Hangar 111

    V6 Airbox restrictor?

    Yes where 7 joins on to 3, you can see the vacuum actuator which flips the flap. Taking the whole thing out of the car isn't too difficult providing the bolts holding part 3 to the bracket haven't seized. We are edging nearer to having our Exige demo car finished, at which point can do some video of the SC whine Dave
  3. Hangar 111

    V6 Airbox restrictor?

    This. It is a diffuser for the MAF, which is quite close to it. The flap is deleted on later cars - if you disable or remove it, you will need to retain the solenoid actuator (else MIL), and ensure you don't introduce any vacuum air leaks. Dave
  4. Hangar 111

    380 sport noise test

    Thanks. It still has a 'sporty note', but does the 'jet fighter effect' when the gas flow gets higher. There are CNC machined inserts in the exhaust tips too that look lovely. Your friend is a super nice chap too Dave
  5. Hangar 111

    380 sport noise test

    Ha... I'll ask the boss! It's at least worth cuppa Dave
  6. Hangar 111

    380 sport noise test

    It's not that far - and sunny Suffolk is a lovely place to visit, you get great brownie points Dave
  7. Hangar 111

    Sooty water dripping from under the exhaust

    Almost certainly coming out of the slip joint where the silencer joins the link pipe. Relatively common. Dave
  8. Was it polished or lacquered from new? The polished finish is just natural carbon that is polished, rather than with a high gloss lacquer applied like most other suppliers do. The lacquer will provide a small amount of additional UV protection, and hides imperfections in the carbon weave. Not everyone likes the high gloss finish, and don't opt for the lacquer. Dave
  9. Hangar 111

    410 questions

    Yes, just trying to get some desk time to finalise an estimate for you. Dave
  10. Hangar 111

    410 questions

    Final Drive upgrade. Dave
  11. Hangar 111

    410 questions

    Yes. Will speak to you on Monday, with, hopefully, correct pricing. Hi Jon. Not to any 4XX as yet, but we have done a few to Exiges, and I don't think the gearbox is any different? Dave
  12. Hangar 111

    Chair pull broken

    Hi Nathan. There was a Lotus service bulletin fix to strengthen this part. Depending on the age of your car, it may be eligible. Either way, these parts (should be!) available from Lotus. If I remember correctly, it is a bit fiddly, but not particularly complex to fit. Dave
  13. Hangar 111

    Exige 350sport

    Agreed. And welcome. We are not too far away if you need us... Dave
  14. Hangar 111

    MY18.5 350 Sport

    The new screen wash filler neck is a work of art! Time to make a carbon version Dave
  15. Hangar 111

    alexthewheelman’s Exige Cup 430

    Yep, Schroth Profi II-FE ASM is what you have Dave