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  1. Hangar 111

    KT460 tune error on US car

    Not something I have seen previously either. I assume they have tried again from the start, being careful to follow the correct sequence? The 460 for the 400 is headers, Y-pipe (incorporating sports cat), panel filter, and remap. Really gives the car a hike up in mid-range torque, it just feels much freer revving, and goes really well. Dave
  2. Hangar 111

    Elise Engine conversion options

    Note that this power can also be achieved from the OEM Toyota 2ZZ engine, if you wanted to avoid all the extra hassle of an engine swap. We've just finished building and mapping one with a big charger that has a silly torque curve. Dave
  3. Hangar 111

    Snetterton, Sunday 10 March - Javelin

    Yes. Drop me a line to arrange... Dave
  4. Hangar 111

    V6S Clutch handle?

    Sounds like a perfectly reasonable plan. If you ping me an email a bit nearer the time, I can give you accurate prices. The 460 is merely for demonstrating some of our products... Dave
  5. Hangar 111

    V6S Clutch handle?

    Hi Joe. Standard clutch should be fine - plenty of cars out there running standard clutch with that level of power, including EX460s. Yes it may not last as long, but it's not going to suddenly give up unless there is a pre-existing issue. Come over and have a go in our 460 demo car 😈 Dave
  6. Hangar 111

    Swapped my 350 for a 410

    Yep in engine bay, LH side, at the top, small black bottle with screw top. Level should be around half way with pump running (ignition on). Dave
  7. IPS should be OK, but you won't get the full power, the TCU will back it off. CupR geo requires machining front and rear, and they run Ohlins, not Nitrons. Sounds like a good project, @geartox Dave
  8. Hangar 111

    Swapped my 350 for a 410

    Check the level in the chargecooler reservoir. Dave
  9. Hangar 111

    Hangar 111/KT EX370

    OEM ECU, no. Aftermarket ECU, yes. Dave
  10. Hangar 111

    Hangar 111/KT EX370

    We'll be mapping the EMU on our test mule, in our dyno, as soon as we get a bit of time... We will also be developing bespoke traction control programmes at a certain test track in next month or two, in conjunction with an industry test driver, a race driver, and RRR. Dave
  11. @Kimbers, if you get stuck, give me a shout and I will help if I can. Dave
  12. Hangar 111

    2zz ecu tuning anyone done it?

    We have two flavours of 5700. One is just the cam switch lower, the idea of which is that you stay on the cam between gear changes. Second one has some fuel and ignition adjustments for cars with induction and exhaust manifold changes (as well as cam switch), which should release a little extra power. Dave
  13. Hangar 111

    2zz ecu tuning anyone done it?

    Peter, RRR were at our workshop today helping with some mapping on the EMU, so I asked about the NA. On an otherwise standard car there is about 15bhp in the mid -range (mainly from playing with cam switch mapping), and very little to had at the top end due to intake limitation. With induction and exhaust, plus probably bigger TB, you can get more at the top. Dave
  14. Hangar 111

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    This. The KT kit is developed as a kit. Nothing to prevent you deviating from that, but would be deviating from it. Like making a Delia recipe and using different ingredients. Dave