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  1. Hi Matthew. Ensure your dealer has setup the switch correctly - it's all detailed in the service notes. If you don't get anywhere, I'd be happy to take a look for you. Dave
  2. This is probably your problem. As I've said many times, it is a two action switch, and to set it up properly you need to be using the diagnostic tool - anything else is fluke. Dave
  3. Does it come on with the first press of the brake pedal? If so, you've not setup the sensor correctly. A search will find you the answer to your next question... Dave
  4. It is down to the fitter, really. The guys who come here from Autoglass have been coming for years, so know what they are doing. Our friendly local independant is also really good. Dave No problem, I'm sure Shaun will look after you. We're not far if you ever need us in future 👍 Dave
  5. Thanks @Bibs @AlexUK It is typically about 2-3 hours each way for clam off and on, depending on whether any fasteners are seized. So at our current hourly rate, this would be ~£300+VAT. I believe that usually when we have done this job, the customer is able to claim back the cost against the windscreen repair - especially as their provider is insistent on it! The reason for releasing the clam is to ensure the screen is placed into the aperture correctly, and therefore seals correctly. Otherwise you have to drag the sealant to get the screen in, which inevitably ends up leaking. D
  6. It will be done on the rolling road before it hits the track. Dave
  7. Dan, I think that includes a programming lead also - I'll see what I can do for you - not had time today, sorry. Dave
  8. Have started work on this final edition... (OK, so it hasn't got the decals and the dash, but the dash is in a box next to it, and it came from a dealers FE allocation!)
  9. Worth decoding the VIN to see if it should have MY17.5 clamshell. Dave
  10. It's here now... Time to start getting my hands dirty on this project - though it's always nice to work on a clean one!
  11. From memory, Lotus retrospectively added it to the service schedule, once the 380 came off the production line with the Cup sump fitted. The Cup cars built by motorsport had a "service guide" which also didn't mention it, and was fairly intense in its intervals as it was intended for track cars, so it wasn't until the 380 and 311 came along that it became part of the usual schedule. The problem is that removing the "tin" sumps can be tricky to do without bending the sealing face. You're almost better off longer term fitting the Moroso sump as that is fit and forget (not rubber gate flap
  12. Lotus have reduced the pricing on many of the service consumables, hence the price drop seen. However, they don't seem to have included the NA part in this (at present). Dave
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