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  1. The image above shows a LH side belt fitted in the RH side, which is incorrect for the reason you give. The shoulder straps are correctly fitted into the buckle. Swapping the shoulder straps over would also be incorrect. The belts are handed. Dave
  2. Make sure that it can hold a vacuum - if the diaphragm is knackered, that's a potential unmetered air leak which would upset the mixture. If it holds itself open at idle, that's a reasonable indication, but there is a decent chunk of vacuum at idle. If you can vacuum test it, that's a better test. If bypass is not operating correctly at low rpm then you will be getting boost when you shouldn't. Dave
  3. Is it a supercharged car? If so check the function and integrity of the bypass actuator. Dave
  4. That's a fairly old advert - I'm not sure what Joe is up to at present, but I thought he'd developed his car out of the ET regs now. There may well be some movement in our customers car. It's a nice car with a nice spec. Drop me an email if you want to discuss... Dave
  5. Buy this: And come and do Elise Trophy! Dave
  6. Ahem! I think the local friendly official service centre is the best bit, isn't it? Dave
  7. I'm sure @Cdm2018 can comiserate with you on that one. The sump pan is made from thin steel, and can get quite scabby with rust on the outside over time - especially cars that are used on salty roads over winter. Also because they are so thin, they are not really re-usable as they tend to distort when removing them. As annoying as it is, it's alot cheaper than a new engine if it suddenly fails! Dave
  8. Check the fuse first! (Fuse C35 3A middle of the bottom row?) Dave
  9. As standard there is a rubber edging on the leather seat cover, that pushes into a slot on the seat carcass. Unfortunately, in some areas of the seat, i.e. where you slide over the bolsters getting and out, this is not strong enough to hold it in place. Dave
  10. You'll need to bond it back in place, unfortunately. Literally just done one myself this morning - fingers crossed it holds it! Dave
  11. Sounds a bit odd. Has it been enabled (if required) in vehicle configuration? Dave
  12. Correct. And get it to stick any which way you can! Dave
  13. Oh yes, lots of "genuine" Bosch parts on eBay - use caution! Dave
  14. Just make sure the test is done with the cat properly hot. Dave
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