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  1. Simple. It wouldn't (in the UK anyway). It does! The lambda and MAF sensors tell it. If you remove a blockage there is more going through the whole system. If there's more gas going out, there'll be more gas coming in. Engine is essentially an air pump after all. Dave
  2. You're a man of means Get it transported down here! Dave
  3. Everyone will have a different version for whatever product they are trying to sell you. The ECU does, like all modern vehicles, have long and short term fuel trims, up to, let's say +/- 20%. So a standard car lives somewhere in the middle of that scale. It's there to allow for different conditions, such as fuel quality, inlet temperatures (and therefore ambient temperatures), planting your foot down under load, etc. Put some dodgy fuel in, you might need, maybe 10%? Take it on track and show it a good time, another 10%? Now fit some new hardware. You're probably going to need some more fuel for all that extra air you are moving. So your new baseline now might be +10%. Now you've only got 10% left to play with. You might get lucky and the ECU can run things OK with less trim available. You might not. It might be fine until you do that hard drive on the hottest day of the year and you could only get standard unleaded fuel. Why wouldn't you remap to make the most of the expensive hardware you've just purchased for your expensive car? Or leave it luck. Just one of those things that only you can decide. We know that the upgrades that we sell are tested and proven. I don't know about any others. Dave Yep, that's a fine plan. I'd always recommend remapping, as per reasons above. Dave
  4. I think Lotus need to employ a proof reader 😆
  5. That's unburnt fuel in the exhaust - are you running a cat? If not, you'll probably have to live with it. If you are, then mapping, and your cat won't last. Dave
  6. Yep that would work, but isn't it more aggro than unlocking on the key and pulling the emergency cord? So main harness is down the middle, and I didn't scroll down the next section where it shows the battery cables separately (as seen in Keiths post).
  7. Well the diagram suggests it does, but the words suggest otherwise. Generally best to keep wiring inside, in the dry, and away from critters. I've never had to try, fortunately. Book says otherwise, but book isn't always right. I question why I bother to try to help, sometimes... Dave
  8. Main harness does come down the centre console, but splits out to each side, maybe under the front seats (never delved into it). Only the fuel pump wiring goes through that access hatch - which you can't get the pump out of, just get to the connections, tank has to come out to get pump out. Sounds like a bit unusual behaviour on your battery manager there. Dave
  9. I am told January. It has been tested on Exige V6 already (by Komo-Tec). Dave
  10. Really? I don't have any experience of the SCS, I'm sure there are pros and cons for both. The EMU Pro is due to be available in the new year, which will give control of all 4 camshafts. Dave
  11. Did they check in Vehicle Configuration? That is where the ECU is told if the exhaust button exists or not. It's possible Lotus have changed it so you can't add it, but I've done it on an earlier 430 Cup. Dave
  12. I think the point of "improving the safety" is that you are replacing the standard ceramic cats near head, which are known to be a bit fragile. With SC engines you can lose boost in the valve overlap if you free the exhaust too much - we have seen it back to back on the dyno. Dave
  13. 🤔 You only have to change one minor aspect of the chassis for it to be a different chassis. It's an evolution, not _all_ new. Same as there were evolutions between Elise to Exige V6, etc. I reckon sticking a bulkhead in the middle of the car should improve torsional stiffness. Slightly different thing, but the 111 chassis is quite floppy until you put the SBAF/roll over bar on it. Dave
  14. Correct. De-cat is not recommended on supercharged engines. Sports cat will work well. Dave
  15. Not quite accurate. Legally, there is a "Lotus Diagnostics Lite" which gives some limited functions - this is what some non-official outfits have, and is available to anyone who subscribes. The full Lotus diagnostic tool (it's called Lotus 20/20 as of a couple of years ago) is only available to official Lotus dealer / service centres. Dave
  16. The valve option is in the vehicle configuration, so anyone with dealer diagnostics should be able to enable it for you. Dave
  17. No. The white plastic adjusters have probably become disconnected or broken inside. An easy fix, in theory, less so in practice. Your headlamp alignment will be all over the place. Dave
  18. It sounds like it could be a small unmetered air leak that the ECU idle strategy is attempting to compensate. Check the vacuum hose to the airbox flap valve (deleted with TRD airbox) has been bunged up. Then check all the other vacuum hoses for leaks. Dave
  19. To be fair to the engine, user error, I think it was 5th to 2nd gear.
  20. Strictly speaking, no it shouldn't pass. In reality, you are at the mercy of your MOT tester. There is no reason that I can think of, why, given the correct diagnostics, the fault cannot be accurately diagnosed and repaired. As stated, ensure you declare your modifications to your insurer. Dave
  21. We've got the rubbers in stock, and the A-panel trims should be able to be removed without breaking, just need new tape to re-attach them. Had the guys here last week, they re-used the trims, so the new ones they brought with them are still in the Autoglass system somewhere! Dave
  22. It's the exhaust dripping condensation out of the slip joint. They all do it, some more than others, depending how decent the joint is. Dave
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