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  1. I think the point of "improving the safety" is that you are replacing the standard ceramic cats near head, which are known to be a bit fragile. With SC engines you can lose boost in the valve overlap if you free the exhaust too much - we have seen it back to back on the dyno. Dave
  2. 🤔 You only have to change one minor aspect of the chassis for it to be a different chassis. It's an evolution, not _all_ new. Same as there were evolutions between Elise to Exige V6, etc. I reckon sticking a bulkhead in the middle of the car should improve torsional stiffness. Slightly different thing, but the 111 chassis is quite floppy until you put the SBAF/roll over bar on it. Dave
  3. Correct. De-cat is not recommended on supercharged engines. Sports cat will work well. Dave
  4. Not quite accurate. Legally, there is a "Lotus Diagnostics Lite" which gives some limited functions - this is what some non-official outfits have, and is available to anyone who subscribes. The full Lotus diagnostic tool (it's called Lotus 20/20 as of a couple of years ago) is only available to official Lotus dealer / service centres. Dave
  5. The valve option is in the vehicle configuration, so anyone with dealer diagnostics should be able to enable it for you. Dave
  6. No. The white plastic adjusters have probably become disconnected or broken inside. An easy fix, in theory, less so in practice. Your headlamp alignment will be all over the place. Dave
  7. It sounds like it could be a small unmetered air leak that the ECU idle strategy is attempting to compensate. Check the vacuum hose to the airbox flap valve (deleted with TRD airbox) has been bunged up. Then check all the other vacuum hoses for leaks. Dave
  8. To be fair to the engine, user error, I think it was 5th to 2nd gear.
  9. Strictly speaking, no it shouldn't pass. In reality, you are at the mercy of your MOT tester. There is no reason that I can think of, why, given the correct diagnostics, the fault cannot be accurately diagnosed and repaired. As stated, ensure you declare your modifications to your insurer. Dave
  10. We've got the rubbers in stock, and the A-panel trims should be able to be removed without breaking, just need new tape to re-attach them. Had the guys here last week, they re-used the trims, so the new ones they brought with them are still in the Autoglass system somewhere! Dave
  11. It's the exhaust dripping condensation out of the slip joint. They all do it, some more than others, depending how decent the joint is. Dave
  12. I've never done it, and the service manual doesn't look too helpful either. However the labour time guide says 0.3hrs to replace, which means they must just pull out, but (disclaimer) I'm not 100% having not tried it myself. Dave
  13. The ducts behind are fixed rather than flexible, so just make sure it's aligned, then give it a decent shove to clip it in the last bit. Dave
  14. They just pull out and push back in. Sometimes need a tease with something to get them out. Dave
  15. Yes, we have a 350 type QT exhaust in stock. Dave
  16. It would. We have also modified the cat that comes in the KT kit to adapt to the 2bular V-band, for previous customers, it's not that difficult a leap really. Dave
  17. Oh yeah, I've re-read what you wrote now... 🙃
  18. For 10k, I'll do you 475 and get it collected/delivered. Deal? Dave
  19. Lee at Apex Car Transport has done a lot of transportations for us - highly recommended. He's based roughly in the middle of your two locations, so that might work well. Dave
  20. Sorry I thought you had MIL on - I must read properly! You should be able to observe the O2 sensors activity using a generic OBD reader via live data. They should be "switching" between 0.1 and 0.8 volts on a steady throttle. Post-cat sensors can be a bit "laggy" compared to the primary sensors. The ECU is generally pretty good at spotting a failed O2 sensor and giving codes - less so a failing sensor. With external breathers, I wouldn't expect too much bother with the MAF sensor or grime accumulation in the intake. Sounds like a bit of an odd situation you experienced. Dave
  21. O2 sensors on track cars, yes, not uncommon, they get a very hard time. Also seen issues with non-geniune (though appearing to be genuine) sensors - we always use genuine Bosch, and verify them via the Bosch system. MAF sensors, if your filter or breather system is allowing dirt or heavy breathing into the intake, then possible, yes. Breathers on track cars can cause problems. Surprised you got MIL with no codes, never seen that. Have seen them clear themselves with ignition cycles (as designed). Were the ABS codes checked? Dave
  22. Thanks chaps. It's not really going to change much for us. Gives us a bit of freedom back with options for our customers - those who want genuine parts, fixed servicing schedules, etc can still have it, but we can also offer alternatives where appropriate.
  23. For those interested, our position is explained here: Dave
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