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  1. I note the guy testing the Evija mule in the car park... 😉
  2. It's possibly drain from the evaporator, but not strictly only at ignition on. We need for info for this remote diagnostic! Dave
  3. How new is the car? Is it a final edition? But, it really shouldn't deposit any fluids (other than rain water), under normal circumstances. What is the fluid? Colour? Dave
  4. We've got 8 on the shelf... Dave
  5. I can't think of one that has been tested over the EX460 mark on the 63mm system. They are running on some cars with the 76mm system, but can't recall if any of those are modified beyond the 460 kits. Dave
  6. You can't go by the part numbers. As that makes 131 years ago on the 1ZZ Elise. For example, 132 was Evora, 138 was Exige V6, 147 was MY17.5 Elise. Parts with a 7 at the start originated in Lotus Motorsport (but may have ended up on production line). The part number breakdown is detailed in the Lotus parts lists. Dave
  7. The image of the exhaust fitted to the car? I don't mean the one posted by Colin.
  8. It is only the larger bore exhaust that has this problem. It is clearance to the gearbox that is the issue, rather than the sump. Not KT manifolds and Y-pipe in the images above - flat flanges with pressed gaskets rather than OE type machined flange with crush ring gaskets, suggests they are from Scotland. Dave
  9. It wasn't precautionary according to the invoices in the images. Also the dates for clutch parts look a bit weird - one in 2018 and another in 2020? Dave
  10. Yeah you need to be led by the code(s) in the first instance. It's worth having a simple code reader, as it can help in these circumstances to start the diagnostic process. You've had the brake light switch replaced already, from memory? Dave
  11. What does the code(s) say...? If it's wheel speed sensor or wiring, that could very much be affected by wet weather. Also the ABS controller connector lives out in the weather, if it's being particularly weird in terms of codes. Dave
  12. Remove front service panel - use the charge points there to charge the battery (not recommended to jump start from front due to length of positive cable run, but you could jump unlock), then unlock using central door locking. PS it's a 4mm allen key to get the service hatch undone in the centre, then pull each side. Dave
  13. B132E6500H is the part number for the S1 SC belt. Lotus supply a poly-v belt rather than a gator for the Evora (different to Exige due to power steering). Current retail at £51.74+tax. Dave
  14. Well you said you bought 'the more expensive one, the only one with DB readings'. If you mean this one, then that is OE Lotus.
  15. From our testing, it is around 94dB static at 4500rpm. OEM exhaust was 104db. Drive-by shouldn't be much more than 90dB. When we were testing the prototype on track, it was averaging 85dB at Brands Hatch, versus 97dB and a black flag for the stock 350 silencer. Which is the OE Lotus one. dB readings for ours are on the webshop here. We also have full E-type approval, so is fully road-legal throughout EU. Dave
  16. Yeah we keep bumping into each other in internet world! Ah OK, sorry I thought you meant interior vents. I'd get the arch liner out and have a look. With that off you might get a bit of a view across the rear undertray to see if there is any evidence there. Could be hose or clip where the hoses go through the sill, for the smell to be coming from there. Or there is a vent tube off the coolant bottle, but that should be on the engine bay - boot bulkhead near the battery box.
  17. Hi Al. Relatively easy to take arch liner out (save possible corroded mudflap brackets), and have a look. Front undertray if you can't see anything. If it's coming through the vents, that can often indicate heater matrix Dave
  18. Hi Matthew. Ensure your dealer has setup the switch correctly - it's all detailed in the service notes. If you don't get anywhere, I'd be happy to take a look for you. Dave
  19. This is probably your problem. As I've said many times, it is a two action switch, and to set it up properly you need to be using the diagnostic tool - anything else is fluke. Dave
  20. Does it come on with the first press of the brake pedal? If so, you've not setup the sensor correctly. A search will find you the answer to your next question... Dave
  21. It is down to the fitter, really. The guys who come here from Autoglass have been coming for years, so know what they are doing. Our friendly local independant is also really good. Dave No problem, I'm sure Shaun will look after you. We're not far if you ever need us in future 👍 Dave
  22. Thanks @Bibs @AlexUK It is typically about 2-3 hours each way for clam off and on, depending on whether any fasteners are seized. So at our current hourly rate, this would be ~£300+VAT. I believe that usually when we have done this job, the customer is able to claim back the cost against the windscreen repair - especially as their provider is insistent on it! The reason for releasing the clam is to ensure the screen is placed into the aperture correctly, and therefore seals correctly. Otherwise you have to drag the sealant to get the screen in, which inevitably ends up leaking. Dave
  23. It will be done on the rolling road before it hits the track. Dave
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