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  1. I paid £1.80 a litre for diesel the other day there. I swear this is the petrochem companies making up for the lack of fuel used during the pandemic when (almost) everyone was at home. It's a scandal.
  2. That exhaust looks lovely. Always toyed with making my SE dual exhaust and despite having a decat pipe already fitted, putting a cat back in. Hope you find the reason for the problems.
  3. Yes, @Jacques I refurbed my header tanks years ago but as you say it's the insides that are rusty and not worth salvaging anymore.
  4. Cheers guys, I'll give PNM a call in the morning. I'll ask if they do the twin header tank too, SJ's version is £195 ex vat.
  5. I need a new electric chargecooler pump, does anybody sell a kit including the pump and blanking plug? I thought PNM did but can't find it on their website. I need some piping for it too. A new chargecooler twin header tank would be a good idea too.
  6. When are you getting one @Bibs? Tempted to sell my mini 2 and get this; the screen on the controller, obstacle avoidance and the increased gimble upwards pitch would be worth it to me.
  7. It's escalating if true... (Can't post twitter pics correctly ??)
  8. Go left if you need it, go right if you want to change it.
  9. The old WWII adage comes to mind, "loose lips sink ships".
  10. Lovely colour that Steel Blue. @Sparky, you got off lightly with that bolt I wasn't so lucky... had to call in a mobile welder to glue it back on!
  11. God pete, toilet paper is really expensive round your way!
  12. You think Barry? Hard to tell sarcasm on here. I think the video is half woke art class 101 and half motoring beauty. I did like the yellow lightning strike though!
  13. @windymiller a few months back I had it the other way round, the actuator for hot water tank circuit failed open circuit so every time the home heating was on heat would be pumped to the hot water tank if it was calling for it or not. Plus the biomass boiler was running at this time and you can't stop it immediately like you can with a conventional boiler. Hot water at +80C at the tap isn't as much fun as you'd think! Plus the amount of energy that was wasted and it had been like this for a while. No surprises that I had to change a failed central heating pump last month too.
  14. The longest trip I've done in my Esprit was from Swindon to pitching a tent in Glen Etive (before it became famous for James Bond Skyfall), which was around 450 miles there, then the same again few days later. Altogether that weekend I think it was a total of 1,200 miles and the Esprit handled it perfectly.
  15. I like the looks, the name not so much - arguments over is it pronounced Eletreeee or Eletraaaa. Anyway, not that I'll be able to afford one :(. I suspect this will turn out to be the new Chelsea tractor, or Chelsea milk float as it were. Not that that's a bad thing, it'll make the roads much more interesting and the soccer moms can run over even more cyclists in their silent running SUVs. This sounds like a bit of a negative post, it's not meant to be and I do hope it's a positive runaway success for Lotus.
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