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  1. I'm jealous Barry, I've been itching to work on my Esprit but don't have the necessary garage space yet. Need to build that first.
  2. Mysterae


    Volatile is certainly right, it even hit a high of £34.7k yesterday. It's now being seen more as a 'store of value' rather than the currency it was first envisioned as, a bit like gold but in reverse, although that is conjecture. I got caught up in the BTC craze back in '17 the last time things were on the up, using my gaming pc to mine and even building my own mining rig Then the arse fell off most if not all crypto and it was no longer profitable (mining was costing £100 a month on electricity), I've been hodling (sic) ever since.
  3. I hadn't heard about that that, do you know where? Nvm, found it. Madness!
  4. Keep it, you can use it again in 2029.
  5. In a contrast to the way an artist has a blank canvas to express themselves, driving has become like painting by numbers. "Sporty" driving is being culled through population density, control and as @C8RKH very eloquently put it, by conformity. Dumbing it down to the lowest common denominator. The more common that denominator becomes the less societally acceptable sports cars themselves will become. That will be a goddamn shame.
  6. Happy New Year everyone, hope we all have more Lotus powered miles under our feet!
  7. Mysterae


    Ah, keep your gold and franki-nonsense , the crypto markets are on the surge. Did I say $19,500 at the beginning of December? It's been skirting around $29,000 today and may hit $30k by the end of the year. Or it could pop and tank to nothing such as it's volatility.
  8. And the quickest way to spread the new strain to the rest of the country, just like how the virus spread in Italy. This attempt to isolate the virus has probably backfired in a spectacularly way.
  9. Only just 3 days ago Bojo said it would be inhuman to cancel Christmas and he's just gone and cancelled it for millions of Britons. Well that proves one thing then. It's a tough call to make and to be brave enough to make it but their approach is wrong from the start. A complete shambles of a situation to put it mildly. It'll be sadly ironic if these virus vaccines are ineffective to the new virus strain propagating in the southeast. All that time, money and hope would all be for nothing. I expect another national lockdown from mid to late January lasting 6 months as it's the only t
  10. Does that mean there's some jelly going spare Sparky?!
  11. You're welcome Neil, glad to have helped. The manly tool collection has only just started for you then, it's infectious! That's the thing working on cars, the learned knowledge of the job and confidence in yourself, you can do anything and quicker the second time. I even changed my timing belt, something I thought I'd never do due to the cost of getting it wrong.
  12. Mysterae


    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Bitcoin and other crypto assets. Not really shares are such but similar. Back in March this year Bitcoin was around $4,500 and today it's nigh on $19,500. I don't like to think that back in 2015 it was around $200, even less going further back.
  13. I'll echo what @Bravo73 says about the Yamaha soundbar, I bought a Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400 and it's spectacularly shit. The sub is good and the MusicCast 20 wireless speakers (for rear sound) are okay, but the soundbar is a major disappointment coming from a 5.1 AV setup (my previous AV amp slowly degraded and all digital inputs failed). What was so bad with the soundbar? The sound stage was so narrow, muffled and no real volume to it at all. I'm putting up with it until I get another AV amp later.
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