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  1. If you ever clean your vacuum cleaner then you are a vacuum cleaner.
  2. There goes MS OneDrive and my generated links. Let's see how long this one lasts. Sorry Gents!
  3. Here's an image from the archives taken quite some time ago on a tour of Scotland. So long ago I can't remember where in Scotland!
  4. Indeed Vanya, I still dream of having a garage big enough to work on the car in all weathers and do a complete strip down and rebuild. Lottery numbers anyone?!
  5. Cheers Bibs, you're a star! It'll take me a while to trawl for the useful posts and resto thread so I won't bother you too soon. Good luck with the Festival, sadly I can't make it due to babysitting and a poker final in Bristol this weekend ;-).
  6. Cheers for the quick reply Bibs. That's a shame but I understand the reason for it. I know it would be too big an ask to get a mod to alter the links for me as I think there are a lot of images missing! I'll have a look at some threads and see if it makes sense to put the images at the end.
  7. Is there any way to edit old posts, in some cases years old? I ask because a little while ago my ISP closed down their free webspace which means many of my posts now have missing images. I'd rather go back and update the image links than create new posts.
  8. This is a very old thread! Not sure how I missed the reference above at the time, but Mark was sadly right. I unknowingly bought a basket case from Kent Sportscars (affiliated with UK Sportscars) way back in the dim and distant past. This was over fifteen years ago so do bear that in mind. Blinded with an appetite for an Esprit Turbo SE in blue and with £14k burning a hole in my pocket I was destined to buy the first Esprit I saw. Unfortunately it was with them. The first thing I wanted done was a C service and the report from SJ Sportscars was horrific; engine leaks, water in the lights, duff clutch, broken wiperblade mech, engine mounts, leaking exhaust, vacuum leaks, the list was massive. The problems with it were well chronicled on my website (now gone sadly). In all fairness they did offer to buy the car back at what I'd paid for it, but that was after I'd had a lot of work done already which they wouldn't pay for. So I kept it back then and I still have it! I've worked on it most summers and it's now in better condition that it's been in 20 years :), albeit with 100k miles on it. It's been fun, I have enough tools to make Kwik-Fit jealous and I've learned and shared a lot with this fine community, so it's not all bad. It also taught me a lot about buying second hand cars and I've never bought a lemon since!
  9. Yeah, I didn't want to come around as so negative. It was just a bit of a shock to what I was used to! I'll have a play and see how I can tailor it to suit. The first issue I had was posting youtube videos, it kept jumping to youtube if I tried editing the link - and not in a new window either - but thankfully when I clicked back my typing was saved. I gave up in the end and left it as a link :(. No stopping progress!
  10. I don't like this new forum software :(. I realise and appreciate that a lot of work, time and effort has been put in to it, but I'm not getting along with it :(. Of course I'm not wanting anything done about it, just having a little moan!
  11. I pledged way back when I posted originally, but progress on it hasn't been as quick as hoped. Should be good when they finally get Squadron 42 out though. They have some good actors signed up now - Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson and Mark Hamill.
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