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  1. Nice find! An automotive form of asthma?!
  2. Imagine if you had a dog or heaven forbid little child with you, they wouldn't stand a chance against 5 probably trained to be vicious scrotebags. Next time, call the police at the soonest opportunity. Hopefully they'll nuke them from orbit or at the very least make 2.5 pairs of slippers out of them. Harsh? I think not.
  3. I imagine the government is having a major debate round the table about how to plug the funding gap: - Mandatory of fitment of trackers to every vehicle, charge per mile, the amount dependant on the vehicle type, size, price, fuel and colour (x2 for red cars). - Mandatory fitment of smart EV chargers and apply an EV road tax for electric cars. - Whop up the tax on dinosaur fuels to make up the tax shortfall. - Make EVERY road a toll road with APNR everywhere. - Assign the car/driver to their mobile phone and track'n'tax them based on their journey, top-up as you drive. Don't
  4. I think I first saw her drive that Transit round the 'ring. Damn she could drive! RIP.
  5. That's quite awesome. If I ever have a garage with a sink in it, it'll be that type!
  6. You've a dirty mind @Sparky, it's such an innocent picture!
  7. Seems a bit odd to still have the census with covid still around as it's not a normal year is it? The data will have been skewed somewhat by the virus. They should have postponed it to next year like they have in Scotland.
  8. Outstanding stuff. I'll be in the market or both front and rear setups next year hopefully; Dave are you planning long term availability of your kit?
  9. That gold car is the new Pope-Mobile. It's hole'r than thou. Where as the driver of that snow covered car should be banned over winter if not longer.
  10. It turns out the makers of Gorilla Glue aren't being sued (I'm surprised!) and they reached out the the woman to offer advice. It could have been worse, she could have used some of this:
  11. Mysterae


    With money in the bank earning a paltry amount of interest I've been looking in to shares as well as crypto. Researching Dollar Cost Averaging albeit with pounds instead. However, the world government's money printer has got to stop printing at some point.
  12. @Kimbers That's an appalling treatment of NHS staff. In most (if not all?) professions the Health & Safety at Work regulations state that the businesses have a duty of care to their employees, so something is fundamentally wrong in the NHS, but how would you fix it. I recently read the book "This is going to hurt" by Adam Kay and although quite hilarious at times and sad at others, it did paint a poor picture of the NHS in their treatment of staff. By the way, if anyone is expecting a baby soon don't read that book!
  13. Your first word was "sorry" so I took it for what it was worth . I know your rant wasn't directly pointed at my other half as you don't know her (I can only presume!) but that's the problem with generalist comments, you colour everyone the same which isn't really fair. For instance, one person was caught shagging a sheep in Aberdeen and look what happened there.
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