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  1. Has it really been that long? Happy Birthday!
  2. Yes, battery day was a bit flat, didn't seem as charged as usual, missing that Tesla energy. With the current climate and the audience sat in their cars tooting their approval was all a bit weird, certainly awkward. I don't hear that many beeps unless the other half is driving.
  3. Tesla Battery Day live streams going right now. It'll be interesting what advancements they are proposing.
  4. @Barrykearley If you haven't already, download Google Earth Pro and navigate to your house, then use the historical imagery button and timeline to see most* if not all satellite images taken through the years. The online Google Earth doesn't have this feature (that I could find anyway). *Sometimes Bing and Apple have better more up to date scans.
  5. I didn't comment on my own post as I was still making my mind up on how I felt about it. Seems pretty convenient to use Covid as a vehicle to mass gather personal data for national security as surely the public would go batshit crazy if brought in any other way. At first innocently naive glance it seems a good idea, protect those that cause no harm, if you've done nothing wrong then you've nothing to hide. However there have been many travesties of injustice in this country where fingerprints were wrongly identified or DNA botched by poorly run forensic labs. As for deleting the data after the
  6. @Kevin Wheeler that looks remarkably like the Cromarty Firth, just "down the road" from me!
  8. If I had a spare ~£70k I'd be seriously looking at a Tesla CyberTruck, the Tri Motor AWD version of course - - 0-60 mph in <2.9 seconds - 500+ mile range - Looks like the offspring between Max Headroom and a Delorean, so ugly it's cool.
  9. A fine display of knob polishing sir. Is this service only open to members? Also, does your service extend to wooden chess sets?
  10. It's not a total immunity from liability... However, that'll be hard to prove in court when your dead or dying from unforeseen side effects. What I find interesting is the coupling of the flu vaccine. Convenient to administer it at the same time yes, but also commercialising for later. There's also this: What else are they expecting to happen in the future? Life gets a little more like Blade Runner and Deus Ex every day....
  11. @cweeden, looks like you got the amuse-bouche suspension set - like a posh sample but you got all four courses!
  12. Dave, when you say cut out a section and fit a matching section, is this from a donor car? Could you make up a matching piece from what you removed? Awesome stuff, jealous of being in that deep!
  13. Very much! Cheers Bibs
  14. Hermes are now looking to adopt what3words for deliveries. Source. Seems like a good idea, think of the prank potential - I can think of a few words I'd pick for Hermes in the past!
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