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  1. @KAS-118 his current Leaf is fine for his under 40 miles round commute - unless he gets to the North Kessock bridge and finds it shut - then he has to go back home to charge some more! He'd love to replace his Leaf with a newer fresher model (he is quite pro-EV) but it's the cost of a replacement that's prohibitive to him, understandably. I'd want 500+ range from an EV so I could do all but the most critical of charging at home at 12p per kWh or less with an overnight tariff. I don't want to be waiting around a forecourt for however long and paying 60p per kWh.
  2. I'll give an example of a real life situation that happened the a colleague of mine. He drives a Nissan Leaf and has for years and loves it. But the battery has decayed so much that it's real world mileage is around 60 miles, depending on the driving conditions. One day he forgot to charge it overnight. This could happen to anyone; distracted, family life, things on your mind etc. He drove to work early in the cold morning fine, but on the journey back home later that's when it dawned on him he didn't have enough power to get him there. He stopped at a shop and kindly asked if he could have some power and would of course pay for it. The shopkeeper kindly obliged, but then he discovered that his 240v charging lead was plugged in at home.... So he had to call his wife, who had to pack up the kids (and the charger lead) in to her petrol powered car and drive to the rescue. Then he had to sit for over an hour to charge the car enough to get him home. A journey that should have taken 25 - 30 minutes took him over 3 hours. An extreme example I know but it shows you it's not as easy as stopping at the nearest petrol station. Similarly, a journey we have both done frequently is Inverness to Glasgow, at around 150 miles. I can do that trip in around 3 to 3.5 hours depending on traffic. It takes him 5 to 6 hours because of 3 stops he has to make to recharge. I just don't have the patience for that! I could do two such round trips in my 600+ miles to the tank full diesel. I think it's fine charging at home but I just wouldn't want to charge for any length of time at a service station forecourt. I never buy service station fuel due to the price and when I do stop it's because I need a piss, a stretch of the legs and a fresh cup of coffee - then I'm on the road again.
  3. ^^ and waste the rest! That roof mounted stereo is awesome! How much is discounted from the price after the discovery of Thatcher's dusty arse crack being on the seat?!
  4. If you can't think of a good SSID for your wireless router at home, may I suggest....
  5. Yes Barry, there's a little more to it. There was a bit of a fatberg that he had to backflush out and it looks like a tree close to the port has moved a pipe of the soak away. The manhole cover is the type that looks like an engine mount only bigger and smellier. I sense I've got some repair to the soakaway to do in the future.
  6. Today was a shit day, literally. The previous owner of the house we moved in to last September lied about when the septic tank was last emptied; last year my poopchute. The sewage was backed up all the way from the tank to the drain covers of the house. So I bucketed a lot of it in to a rainwater butt (near enough filled it) just to make enough "space" to see us through a few days. Thankfully I managed to get a company on short notice to empty it, the bloke was excellent and really knew his shit. Despite stripping down, clothes in the washing machine and a deep clean shower, I can still smell it in my nostrils . Nor did I find my broken tooth .
  7. This is interesting:
  8. Back in March I had a hole appear in one of my back teeth which was subsequently filled. That failed a few weeks later and I went back to the dentist to get it repaired only for the appointment to be cancelled because of the lockdown. Tonight whilst eating dinner that hole has now resulted in the tooth splitting in half and me swallowing the other half of it. That's going to bite me in the arse later .
  9. Very impressive indeed! When I watched him on the news yesterday he had just passed £5m. To have reached £14m is awesome and I think he'll pass even more than that.
  10. Who doesn't love a good conspiracy. Grab some of your favourite beverage and a ton of popcorn and watch this. Tin foil hat optional. China's Chernobyl?
  11. Feasible, considering the amount of urns that have been bought and the number of mobile phone accounts that have since been deactivated in China. They won't be able to hide the truth forever.
  12. This virus and it's effects are beginning to bring out the worst in good people, rightly or wrongly. People being dobbed in for the most innocent of things such as visiting friends and family. This may be justified but it's beginning to tear the social fabric of being human. I wonder how much longer the masses can take before it breaks apart; 2 months, 4 months? I may wonder but don't actually want to find out. Yeah, I shouldn't have watched Contagion tonight. It's on Netflix now if anyone wants to share in the misery!
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