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  1. He was stopped because of a report of a weapon, hence the armed response but I see your point Barry. Many of the MSM that have shown the edited video have cropped out the officer who fired their weapon by accident. Why so? Why do certain media outlets decide to change or omit details yet in other cases they go full on the attack. It's difficult enough for the Police to police but what are the public meant to think when not presented with the full picture.
  2. How would you report the man getting shot by police in Worcester? The varying spins by different media outlets is surprising. The BBC approach - The Daily Fail approach - The full unedited video was posted on Reddit which has now been locked and the video deleted. The Worcester News has a slightly clearer video. If you look closely at the police officer on the left you'll see a muzzle flash and then that same officer scramble to help the shot man. I'm no expert (or are the many folk of Reddit) but it looks like negligent discharge to me. Okay, that's a pretty bad mistake to make and all that but where's the uproar against that police officer compared to the one in the the article posted by Bibs? Is a police officer who speeds chasing criminals that are on a moped any worse than someone that can't handle a loaded weapon in public properly? It's the lack of reporting consistency and heavy bias that's applied to stories by the media that shape the public to their conclusions and that's concerning.
  3. The bigger problem is that it's taken WhatsApp and Messenger down with it.
  4. Love that green Esprit, my 2nd favourite colour .
  5. That's a very good point, and if the tracker company can fit it without wrecking your car then the thieves can find it too. The Automatrics MTrack have a youtube channel that shows you the kinda thing that happens when tracking/recovering a vehicle. As said before, do you really want it back after it's been ragged or stripped?
  6. It's been ages since I posted pictures of my Esprit here and since I had got her out for a check over I thought why not. Then it started to rain of course!
  7. Mysterae


    Depends on what he's basing his prediction on. It could be a whale manipulation or another MSM self-fulfilling prophesy, one I'm sure many will make bank on.
  8. Simon's first and only post was over 7 years ago sadly. I would presume he gave up on the project. Technology has progressed leaps and bounds in those 7 years so I'd say it's even more feasible. Once I've restored my SE I think something like this would be next on my list :).
  9. I would think it's probably staged like a lot of what is filmed. It'll make great telly.
  10. I had an inkling that something wasn't right when they past me, gorilla type gawping out the open passenger window checking the occupants as much as the car itself, so I suppose I was ready for it. I knew my options were limited and if they were going to take me out, better to take the bastards with me rather than innocent drivers around me. Just gave them a wide berth after that because what else could I do? Idiots like that are looking for a reaction/fight, don't give them what they want. It was in the days before dashcams.
  11. I've had a white Escort type van try to run me off the road while I was gently cruising up the M5 with a lass onboard. It was busy on the motorway, I was enjoying the company and keeping things easy when these monkeys in their circus van decided to try and make me crash by moving to the outside lane, overtaking and then abruptly swerving in to me with intent. I didn't work as I was aware of my surroundings of being boxed in by traffic and them hitting me would have been the better outcome, rather than braking hard and getting rear ended or swerving and causing a pile up. As I was overtaking a civic or something I thought the chav in the back was giving me the universal coffee beans salute with his hand out the window, perhaps couldn't wait 'til he got home for a wank and was looking for assistance finding his knob. On second glance however he was giving me the OK hand signal indicating cool car, or perhaps trying to pass me a blunt at 70mph. It's definitely not just in the US it happens, insanity and jealousy are universal unfortunately.
  12. The latest rumour is a shortage of toys at Christmas. They'll be a shortage of houses if more people follow this madness:
  13. Ah the joys. I remember the iron filings in my eyes from replacing the exhaust manifold in-situ, the bruised chest from replacing the timing belt / water pump and the burnt legs from wearing shorts whilst lying under the car in 30c sun. Who knew tears and shouting F's & C's were such just great lubricators.
  14. At this rate folk will be sat on their dyno-bike peddling like billy-o to charge their cars to drive to work Or running a diesel generator at home...
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