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  1. It's the inside of the windscreen that gets particularly dirty and awkward to clean. I use Chris Fix's method (magic eraser etc) but I'd be willing to try this Valet Pro stuff too.
  2. I wonder why as I'm sure he's not short of a few bob. Perhaps to make space.
  3. I wonder how that "law" would work in this scenario - I wanted the transmission oil in my 640d replaced. The EXACT SAME ZF pan filter oil kit supplied from ZF was around £300 but the BMW mark-up if they supplied it was £1,200. That didn't include fitting. I know they make money on parts but that's taking the pi$$. If I bought the parts and they fitted them which they said they would do, but wouldn't guarantee the parts for the job. The exact same parts from ZF.
  4. Due to the increasing costs of materials, most notably steel, I've made the decision to postpone my garage build until next year. All the suppliers that I have contacted for quotes have emailed to say they have put their prices up by 20% which is bad enough, but since the erection costs are a percentage of the build that cost goes up by 20% too. Looking at a price jump of £5k, and that's not including any increase in the cost of concrete and other bits. Hopefully prices will go back to something resembling normality Q2 next year but I hear it'll take longer, if ever.
  5. I definitely learned something about carburetors from that, thankfully never needed to set one up. Isn't youtube great?!
  6. Looking good Barry. Are you thinking of taking some trees down to open up the view?
  7. Mysterae

    Lotus Emira

    I'm seeing both the Evora and Evija in the Emira depending one where I'm looking, such a nice blend. I can see why they didn't want to call it the Esprit reborn.
  8. Well done to Lotus for a great launch event, really enjoyed that.
  9. Even god was appreciative, rainbow in the background! I want one.
  10. To those of the 131 that are using their Lotus as their backdrop, I salute you!
  11. I don't think I've been this excited for a car launch! Even though I doubt I'm in the market for one, unless bitcoin goes to the moon
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